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The advent of the Internet has brought with it numerous marketing strategies. These techniques and strategies are very efficient and even cost-effective. It also creates for new and unique ways of marketing. In fact, it’s internet campaign was one of the reasons why the Blair Witch Project was so successful.

Websites and web pages are the building blocks of this campaigns. You can consider a webpage as a canvass wherein you can paint a marketing style for a product you would want to advertise. This product could be anything too. One way of painting this so-called canvas it by making it into a coming soon website. Coming soon websites are simple websites that usually have just a few elements that indicate that the product advertised is “coming soon” or that is under development. These websites are usually developed to drum up interest and generate leads.

Though it might seem contradictory and redundant, mobile applications that are still under construction can benefit from having a dedicated coming soon webpages.

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Coming Soon Responsive Website Template

coming soon responsive website template

Multipurpose Coming Soon Template

multipurpose coming soon template

Coming Soon HTML5 Template

coming soon html5 template

Benefits of a Coming Soon Website in App Development

The end goal of app development is its release and to be downloaded once it has released. A coming soon website can drum up interest in your mobile up. This interest can be then turned into leads that can, in turn, be converted to downloads. You might think that the website will be obsolete once the mobile app has been launched. Isn’t that a waste? Well, the website’s life may not end that way.

One of the best characteristics of a website is that it is flexible. Once the app goes live, the coming soon website can then be turned into a proper website dedicated to the app. The new mobile application website can become a place to upload support contacts, changelogs, and a developer blog as the application is being updated. The possibilities are endless and your mind is really the only limit.

Coming Soon HTML5 Website Theme

coming soon html5 website theme

Coming Soon Website Theme Example

coming soon website theme example

Coming Soon Website Template

coming soon website template

Mobile App Coming Soon Responsive Template

mobile app coming soon responsive template

Should You Make a Coming Soon Website?

Let’s face it, not all products, mobile applications, in this case, will need a website. If you do not think things through and just jump into and try any and all kinds of marketing techniques, chances are you would be hurting your profits more than helping them. Yes, your enthusiasm is admirable but your resources, especially your funds, will be deplorable. You may also see creative coming soon bootstrap themes.

Before doing anything, think things through, create a marketing plan and evaluate if having a coming soon website is worth it. It would be wise to focus your enthusiasm and your funds instead of having a spread out approach that could potentially turn them to garbage. As such, here are a few guidelines to take note of when deciding if you do need a coming soon website for your mobile app.

1. You want to lead people to a crowdfunding or pre-release campaigns, such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, before making your product available. You may also see HTML5 website coming soon page templates.

2. You have a full launch timeline but need to create buzz before the website is ready.

3. You want to establish a collection of related keywords and search content related to your brand and mobile application.

4. You want to collect information or generate leads like collecting emails for a mailing list.

5. You want to be promoted through linked websites and social media networks.

If you think that yes to all of this, then yes, your mobile application can indeed benefit from having its own website. You may also see coming soon landing page templates.

Perfect Mobile App Coming Soon Landing Theme

perfect mobile app coming soon landing theme

Under Construction Coming Soon Website

under construction coming soon website

Material Design Coming Soon Template

material design coming soon template

Content in your Coming Soon Website

A coming soon website is just a teaser site. It is understandable if this website will look barren. A page that carries a background related to your brand with the words “Coming Soon” will do. However, such website design will not help you generate leads or accomplish the other goals mentioned in the guideline. That being said, it is also not advisable to add too many things for users to do in your coming soon website. Design your website in a way that the site’s visitors have at least one but only one course of action.

You can also think about putting informative design elements in your coming soon websites. One element that may entertain users and pique their interest would be to include a countdown timer. A countdown timer builds anticipation and in turn, this anticipation can turn to engagement. Just make sure that you do launch when the timer reaches nil.

Other things you can include in your coming soon website would be a pre-order or preregistration form. These will be most effective if you add an incentive for early signup. If your mobile application is a game, these incentives can take the form of a bonus in-game currency, exclusive items or skins, and bonus power-ups. Pre-order and preregistration forms are usually good ways to gather information, like emails for building your mailing list. Alternatively, you can just create a registration form to ask your users if they want to sign up for a mailing list.

Responsive Coming Soon Website Template

responsive coming soon website template

Gimmicks you can Consider Adding in Your Coming Soon Website

1. Use the website to introduce yourself

More often than not, the audience would love to know who is developing the site that is about to launch. You can use the website to introduce yourself. You may also see top-class website themes & templates.

2. Offer an Incentive

As mentioned above, incentives can drive up interest and can be a good way to collect information.

3. Spark engagement

Aside from getting information, you can use alternate methods to keep your site visitors engaged. Videos, demos, and pictures can be these alternatives. You may also see the best one-page website templates.

4. Maximize the use of color and branding

Youtube has red, Twitter has blue, and Android has green. Colors and brand work hand in hand. Use your website to establish what color your brand is. You may also see free bootstrap themes.

5. Sell the benefits

You can outline the benefits, functions, and purpose of your app through your coming soon website.

6. Deliver a consistent message

Consistency and repetition is key to good memorization. Deliver your message consistently, deliver your brand consistently, deliver it to the point of absurdity to ensure that it sticks to your audience’s head, mind, and brain. You may also see multipurpose HTML5/CSS3 templates.

7. Build a tight community

Some mobile applications depend on a community. If the app you are developing is one such thing, you can use your coming soon website to sow the seed of a great community. You may also see one page HTML templates.

8. Emphasize the message

Aside from consistency on your message, the emphasis is also one way to make your message stick.

9. Focus on your main selling point

After all, a coming soon website is still a marketing tool. You can use your website to highlight its unique features.

10. Get to know your audience and earn their trust early

Just as with building a community among your users, you can also use your websites to build trust between developers and the audience. You may also see construction website templates.

11. Keep it simple

Coming soon websites are just teaser websites. Keep the complexity for when you launch the full-fledged website.

12. Give your audience no choice but to sign up

If your aim is to collect a mailing list. Try to keep your website’s call to action with just mailing list registrations.

13. Promote the visual aspect of your branding

Your visual identity is one of the key components to make your application memorable. You can use your website to introduce your brand as well as its logo. You may also see free HTML themes.

14. Give your audience an insight into your process

A timeline and a countdown can drum up excitement. Apply one to your coming soon website if you want.

Coming Soon Website Teaser Theme

coming soon website teaser theme

Minimalistic Coming Soon Template

minimalistic coming soon template

Coming Soon Startup Website Template

coming soon startup website template


Coming soon websites are simple websites that are used to drum up buzz for an upcoming product which can include mobile apps. Coming soon websites for mobile applications are not permanent websites and can become obsolete after the mobile app goes live. You may also see a landing page templates.

This fact may make it seem that coming soon websites are not worth the effort of paying for a domain name and the whole shebang of making a website, however, a coming soon website can be turned into a proper website for the mobile app. That being said, no one should jump blindly to developing a coming soon website. Evaluation should be made if such marketing tool would be of great use to their under construction mobile application. You may also see business consulting websites.

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