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It is hard to imagine that places of worship, like the temple, can merge with technology. To most, temples are low-tech structures that serve as a place to practice religion. A lot of people think that religion and technology cannot and should not mix. That thinking would be false. Religion is run by the people. People create and consume technology. It should be no surprise that religion or religious people can use technology too, and they should. Nobody should be barred from using technology. Afterall, it is by mankind for the benefit of mankind.

One way for temples to utilize technology is through websites. At the end of the day, temples, or the person practicing worship inside them, is still an organization. Different organizations make use of websites as a tool for recruiting new members and disseminating news and other information to its members. These are things that a temple can use websites for.

Hinduism Responsive Website Template

hinduism responsive website template


Who should be the target audience of your temple website?

Temple, church, and mosque websites are the same that they are all kinds of religious websites. These websites don’t usually get much traffic and therefore they must refine their focus to make the best of their home page on the Internet. There are two main audiences for religious websites and it should be the website’s main purpose to serve these two groups of people the information that they need. A temple website should expect these two groups of people which are:


Peace – Church / Muslims / Temple HTML Template

peace church or muslims or temple html template


Content on Your Temple Website

Religious websites, temple websites included, do not have too much traffic. Their audience is pretty limited and, as mentioned above, it is for the best interest of a temple website to focus on these audiences and cater their content to their needs. Here are some must-have contents that temple website should have. Note that there a lot more content that your church website can have aside from the ones listed below:


Hindu Temple Website Template

hindu temple website template


Hinduism Responsive Joomla Template

hinduism responsive joomla template


Hinduism Responsive WordPress Theme

hinduism responsive wordpress theme


Religion is one of those subjects that you should never ever bring in front of the dinner table. In fact, it should never go near to any dinner table. That does not mean however that we should avoid talking about it. Far from it, we should talk about religion. It has been and still is an important facet of our human existence. Being able to create a website that can direct people to a place where they can talk about religion and practice their faith is a great idea and to help you implement that idea, feel free to use these website templates that are provided on the page.

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