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Planning to build a website for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency? Great. Here, we will help provide you with what you need for a highly reasonable price. It might sound a little ironic to think of getting something so inexpensive, but it’s actually true. Nobody needs to spend an excessive amount of money for their business, otherwise, they’ll hardly make a profit out of what they’re doing.

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In the world of marketing and businesses, SEO is a type of discipline which focuses on increasing the level of exposure and visibility in search engine results. Its main goal is to gain control over both the technical and creative elements that are needed for the improvement of rankings, to drive traffic, and to increase awareness in search engines. In other words, SEOs make sure that the website is structured in such a way that search engines can easily interpret.

Now that you know how important SEOs are, let’s get directly to the point of this article. We’ve got a collection of website themes and templates below to help you out in making an SEO agency website. There are over ten visually stunning website templates that you can choose from, and you are free to check them out below.

Marketo SEO Agency Website Template

marketo seo agency website template

If you’re looking for a template that will allow you to make a website for multiple agencies, then the one above would be the best choice. Marketo’s SEO agency HTML website template offers up to six versions of the design so you could make each and every website distinguishable with every agency, while still retaining the tone. For only $18.00, you get to use up to 42 high-quality and responsive HTML pages and premium icons to add to your website, and you are even allowed to use fonts provided by Google.

Ekram might sound like a funny name to represent an SEO agency but don’t the name fool you, this template might actually be what you need to make your internet marketing and SEO page website. This template offers fully responsive HTML pages that look great not only on computers and laptops but also on tablets and mobile devices. Plus, this template can be downloaded for as low as $12.00, so why hesitate? Download this now.

SEOMarket Digital Agency Website Template

seomarket digital agency website template

If you’re looking for something more modern or trendy, then you might want to consider using SEOMarket’s fresh and clean HTML5 website template. With over 35 high-quality and responsive web pages, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. Other than the tons of pages that you can use from this template, it also offers you up to four layouts for your blog page complete with a Google Map section and PSD-based images. Lastly, this template also offers assistance all day and all week with its 24/7 customer support. Now tell me, don’t you think those features are a little more considering that you will only be paying $72.00 for the entire template?

Timisoara SEO Digital Agency Website

timisoara seo digital agency website

Are you familiar with the parallax effect on graphic designs? Parallax effect—or parallax scrolling—refers to the effect in which the elements that “closer” to the camera move at a slower rate than those in the background. In other words, the scrolling of the page makes the image look three-dimensional and resembling how things appear in real life. Now that you know what a parallax effect is, you might want to use download this template because it makes use of that kind of effect. With Timisoara’s website template, you can choose between two designs for the home page and you can add over 18 sub-pages for your SEO content.

Score SEO Agency Website Template

score seo agency website template

Score’s website template is not only perfect for making SEO agency websites, but also for other types of websites that deal with businesses. This easy to use, multipurpose website template offers more than you can think of, and you can download this for only $17.00. In addition, this template also allows you to incorporate awesome slides with their Revolution Slider feature, which is actually worth $14.00 but you can enjoy for no additional charge.

SEOLab Agency HTML Website Template

seolab agency html website template

Are you looking for a website template that’s jam-packed with features, you’ll be getting more than what you’ve bargained for? But seriously, if you are, then why don’t you consider downloading and using the website template shown above. SEOLab’s website template offers tons of features which include two layouts for the home page, over 33 pre-built pages, two layouts for the About page, another two for the Contacts page, and four for the Portfolios page. But those aren’t the features that you will get for the $72.00 that you will be paying, those layouts mentioned above are all 100% responsive, and speaking of responsive, the customer support system assigned for this template are just as alert and dedicated to take your calls. If those aren’t enough to get you to download this template, then we don’t know what will.

Radium SEO Agency Website Template

radium seo agency website template

Here is another user-friendly template that you might want to use to create your own professional-looking SEO agency website. This template has been built with the latest version of Bootstrap, which means you can already guarantee yourself to a visually stunning, highly editable, and super responsive website. Considering that this template was designed specifically for the purpose of representing SEO agencies, you don’t have to worry about any irrelevant element since every single one here have their own purpose. And lastly, this Bootstrap website template allows you to choose from over four unique design variations for the home page, so what’s more to ask?

SEO, Digital Marketing Agency WP Theme with Shop

seo digital marketing agency wp theme with shop

Here’s a simple yet functional template for those who are planning to make a website for their SEO or marketing agency. One of the best features of this template is that it is really aimed to captivate clients with its theme in order to gain their trust easily. There are actually two variations of this template, the one-page version and the multi-page one that is commonly used for corporate websites. But even with this template’s simplistic design, it has powerful call-to-action elements to really help in converting prospects to clients, hence the name Converty.

SEOLab Agency Joomla Website Template

seolab agency joomla website template

Do you prefer to use Joomla for building your website? Then don’t fret because we’ve got a website template specially designed for you. This clean, colorful, modern, and responsive template is perfect for making not only websites for SEO agencies, but also for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing), digital marketing, finance and business agencies, and even personal websites. We did mention that this template is colorful, and you can actually choose from among 9 color presets for your website. This template also gives you access to various tools including the SP Page Builder, Unite Responsive Slider, and CL Responsive Pricing Table—all-in-all worth $91.00—for no additional cost, how amazing is that?

Tropica SEO Agency Website Template

tropica seo agency website template

Here is the website template that you definitely need for your SEO agency, it’s got everything you need to be able to make a highly functional website. From the landing page itself, you’ll be able to deliver your message to your target clients that will get them to convert. The reason why we’re certain that this template is the solution to your SEO agency concerns is because this was designed based on actual market and client research. For only $18.00, you will also be given access to premium tools for free, saving you up to $64.00.

SEOSight Marketing Agency Website Template

seosight marketing agency website template

Looking for a bargain? Here’s one for you. SEOSight was originally priced at $24.00, you can now download this website template for only $18.00 saving you $6.00. What’s great is that for such a reasonable price, you will be getting tons of features including over 35 carefully-coded and easy-to-edit pages complete with stunning animations. Also included in this template are custom-made SVG icons to give users a unique experience that can keep them engaged.

Whatever tool you prefer to use for making your website, we guarantee that have the website template you need for your SEO agency, and these templates are guaranteed to help you build a professional-looking and responsive website. In terms of quality, rest assured that every single one of these website templates are exceptionally high in quality judging from the fact that they we created by experienced web designers.

There are multiple formats here that you can choose from, and these are all fully editable as long as you use the appropriate builder. In addition to that, every element on these website templates are editable, from the font down to the color scheme, while still retaining the overall tone of the theme and its responsiveness. After all, the responsiveness of the website is more important that how it looks, so make sure to make that a priority feature.

And as you have seen from the templates above, some are actually cheaper than the others, though it doesn’t mean they are less relevant as the more expensive ones, it only means that the latter offers a lot more features. So if you want to have more for your website, simply invest on it. There is a demo button for each website template to let you check how the website looks, and if you like what you see, simply click on the download button beside it.

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