17+ Online Food Ordering & Delivery Website Templates

With the popularity of online food services, everyone who owns a food business desires for an online presence. It helps the business grow popular in a shorter span of time and creates a wide visibility for the food business. With templates and WordPress themes it has become all the more easy to create any website of your choice. The same can be said for food delivery website templates. The given online food ordering and delivery website templates help you in creating a restaurant and food delivery website. You can edit these templates and make all kinds of changes to present your food in the best manner possible. These templates are easy to use and do not require any professional help.

Food Ordering & Delivery Service Website Theme


This restaurant HTML5 template is perfect for creating a website for food ordering and online food delivery services. The template has a collection of pre-designed elements and pages that can be useful for any restaurant. However, you can always edit the file and replace the objects like texts and images with objects and elements of your choice.

Joomla Website Template for Online Food Business


This Joomla file is called Yummy and as you guessed it correct, it is a template that lets you create a food delivery website. You can display your menu in the stylish layout that comes with a bundle of 6 preset colors so you can customize the template to your desire. You also get a video tutorial with the file that can help you and make your task easier.

Meal Ordering Website Theme Design


Premium Online Restaurant Template


This is a premium food delivery resturant template that lets you create a responsive website for your resturant. With a responsive website your webpage gets flexible and can adapt to all kinds of devices, screens and size. It supports 4 color styles and works with strong framework, powerful shortcodes, unlimited module positions and easy to drag-drop layout content. Moreover, it comes with flexible homepage which includes boxed and full width layout.

Food Delivery Service WordPress Theme


Responsive Online Restaurant Website


The template given here makes it easy to showcase and update your important information about restaurant’s food. You can create a fantastic website with the help of the clean and stylish layout provided in the template file. It is build with latest Bootstrap CSS Framework, Support Font Awesome and K2 extended style.

Online Restaurant Website Template


Download the template and create a tempting food website where you can show a wide range of food variety that you have to offer in your online service menu. There are various styles of menu that you get with the template, you can choose any menu of your choice. The images are not provided with the file and you have to contribute your own images to create the website.

Website Template for Online Food Ordering


Online Food Ordering & Delivery WordPress Template


This template makes it easy to showcase and update your important information about restaurant’s foods. If you like your website to be colorful and bright, we have a good news for you, it supports 4 color styles. It also works with strong framework, powerful shortcodes, unlimited module positions and easy to drag-drop layout content.

HTML5 Online Food Business Website


Food Court Online Website Template


If you run a restaurant you must be aware of the important role that online presence has in making your restaurant popular. If you have been waiting for professional help, let’s tell you that you can create a website without any kind of professional help. Just download the given food delivery template and all your problems should be solved.

Simple Food Delivery Website Template


Online Food Delivery Website


Website Template for Fast Food Orders & Delivery


Online Food Restaurant Business Website Theme


Online Order of Meals PrestaShop Theme


Creative Food Delivery Website Design


With the given food website theme you can create a website for your restaurant, cafeteria, pizzerias, fast food center or any kind of food and deivery buisness. The WordPress themes makes website designing and developing much simpler for you.

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