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17+ Trucking Logistics Website Themes & Templates

When documents and other compact items are being transported from one place to another, you will often seek the services of postal services or couriers. While there are some courier services that have a limitation to the size of their items, there are also those that specialize in the transport of large goods. Most people refer to these companies as logistics firms, and if you are managing one, you may have landed in the perfect place. You may also see best transportation WP themes.

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If you’re looking forward to promoting your firm and the services that you are offering, you can choose between the traditional or the modern method. While the former method refers to flyer designs and brochures, the latter one refers to websites. Here, we have a collection of templates that you can download and use to make your own logistics website, there is also a demo button for each website template to give you a chance to preview the design.

Trucking Logistics Website Template

Trucking Logistics Website Theme

Simple Logistics Services Website Template

What Is a Logistics Company?

The term logistics is generally defined as an organization that implements various complex operations. In businesses, logistics refers to the management of the transfer of things from a point of origin to a point of destination, which is a requirement to meet the demands of clients. Most resources managed by logistics businesses include physical items such as food, machinery, and even animals; and intangible items such as time and information. You may also see transportation templates.

However, according to military science, logistics refers to the maintenance of army supply lines in order to gain a defensive advantage over the enemy. Military logistics has been practiced since the ancient times, but the implementation has become more and more advanced to keep up with the modern military today. Just like the management of items in logistics businesses, military logistics also involves the management of available resources. You may also see corporate website themes.

The management of logistics is the component of the supply chain management that takes care of the planning, implementation, and control of the forward and reverse flow of goods and services from one point to another. Its complexity can be modeled, analyzed, visualized, and optimized with the use of a simulation program. Professionals working under a logistics company is referred to as a logistician. You may also see portfolio website themes.

Trucky Logistics Services Website Template

Logistics Services Website Template

Responsive Logistics Website Template

What are the Two Processes in Logistics?

1. Inbound Logistics

This is one of the main processes of logistics that focuses on the purchase and arrangement of the inbound movement of items from suppliers to manufacturing facilities, warehouses, or retail stores. You may also see bootstrap websites.

2. Outbound Logistics

This process in logistics refers to the storage and movement of the finished products and its corresponding information flows from the last area of the production line to the consumers or end users. You may also see new HTML templates.

Logistics Services Website Theme

Transport Service Website Example

Logistics Services Website Sample

What Are Some of the Different Activities and Fields in Logistics

1. Procurement Logistics

This involves market research, planning of requirements, supplier management, and order controlling. The goal here is to maximize efficiency by focusing on core competencies, while at the same time minimizing procurement costs with the supply process.

2. Advance Logistics

This refers to activities needed to set up or establish a plan for implementation of logistics activities.

3. Distribution Logistics

This field is specifically responsible for the delivery of the finished products to the end users. This consists of the processing of orders, warehousing, and the transportation of goods. You may also see travel website themes.

4. Disposal Logistics

Its main role is to reduce the costs of logistics while enhancing the quality of the services related to the disposal of the waste products from the operation of a business.

5. Reverse Logistics

The opposite of forwarding logistics, this involves the management of surplus stocks and the return of goods from the buyers to the sellers. In other words, reverse logistics is the process of moving items from their usual endpoints for the purpose of proper disposal. You may also see travel website themes & templates.

6. Green Logistics

This refers to the attempts made in measuring and minimizing the impact of logistics activities towards the ecosystem. Included here are all activities of both the forward and reverse logistics. You may also see tours & travels website themes.

7. RAM Logistics

Considered as a combination of business and military logistics wherein it is concerned with highly complex technological systems. You may also see traveling WP themes.

8. Asset Control Logistics

Companies under this are those in the retail channels that are tasked with the deployment of assets needed for the display, preservation, and promotion of goods. You may also see travel PSD themes.

9. Humanitarian or Emergency Logistics

This field of logistics refers to the representation of specific time-critical modes of transport for moving goods in the fastest time possible in the event of an emergency. The reason for this includes a delay in production on an urgent need for specialized equipment to prevent delays. You may also see travel WP themes.

10. Production Logistics

The goal of this field in logistics is to ensure that each machine or workstation is able to receive the correct product in the right quantity at the precise time. They also provide the means in which customer response and capital efficiency can be achieved. You may also see travel Joomla themes.

11. Construction Logistics

Considered as an essential part of the construction, this field attempts at building the best possible works of construction for living and protection purposes. You may also see drupal travel themes.

12. Digital Logistics

A more modern field in logistics that is internet-based and makes use of logistics applications that enable collaboration and optimization. You may also see travel blog themes.

Global Logistics Company Website Template

Creative Trucking Logistics Website Template

Logistics Quality Service Website Template

Worldwide Logistics Website Template

Logistics Transportation Website Template

Best Tools to Use for Building a Website

1. Joomla

A well-known tool in the world of CMS website building. While not as popular when compared to other tools such as WordPress or Weebly, this tool is able to offer a huge range of themes and extensions and has an online building feature that is perfect for inexperienced web builders. Joomla offers two options for building websites, you may either build it using its web application and have it hosted by their dedicated servers, or you may also download the software and host the website yourself.

2. Incomedia Website X5

If you’re a TechRadar reader, then this tool is perfect for you since it is free exclusively for TechRadar readers. This tool features a very easy to learn drag-and-drop UI and highly flexible editing capabilities. One of the best things about Incomedia is its offline editing feature, which allows users to freely edit the design of their website to make it look exactly how they want it. You may also see travel agency WP themes.

3. WordPress

One of the most recognized tools for building websites, this one is perfect for creating static sites, blogs, online stores, and portfolios. Some of the best features in WordPress include its user-friendly web-based editor and the various themes being offered. To clear up any confusion, there are actually two versions of WordPress. You may also see booking templates.

Users who prefer to make their own website using the hosted version can use, which gives them access to a large number of templates. However, users can also use the more complex version by downloading the tool from, which requires them to upload the created website to a web space. Once uploaded, they can then edit the website further and incorporate add-ons to finalize the design. You may also see Joomla travel agency themes.

4. Weebly

Just like WordPress, Weebly also offers two options for building the website, but both options here involve building the site online. The easier option gives users access to a basic editor builder which gathers information from the user before automatically creating a draft website design. But for users who prefer a more hands-on approach can also use the tool’s standard editor, which gives them access to hundreds of awesome templates. You may also see free responsive HTML5 themes.

Elegant Trucking Logistics Website Template

Transport Logistics Joomla Website Template

Simple Logistics Company Website Template

Before we start to conclude this article, were you able to find a specific website template that works perfectly for you? For one thing, every single one of these templates were made by highly creative web designers who have had a lot of experience in this field. Aside from just being visually appealing, these company website templates are also highly functional, responsive, and editable.

Additionally, these website templates offer a wide range of features that you can use for creating your website including multiple high-quality pages, free fonts, and many others for a very reasonable price. If you are unsure of how the website might turn out, you can always check out a preview by clicking the DEMO button. If everything turns out fine, then you can proceed to click the DOWNLOAD button. You may also see Google website themes.

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