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8+ Advertising Consultant Website Themes & Templates

Every day, a new advertisement pops up and convinces us to buy the product. Every single ad is unique in its own right. Some rely on punchlines, while others are flashy and catchy in nature. Before an ad is released to the public, it goes through the hands of the advertising consultant. They examine the ad for technical inconsistencies and approve it after. You may also see branding consultant website themes.

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Advertising consultants also need websites so they can attract potential clients. These people want to have their ads scrutinized by a legal ad consultant. Our collection of templates comes with the best ones if you plan on designing a website template for advertising consultants. You may also see business consulting websites.

Responsive HTML5 Template

Business Bootstrap Website Template

Multipurpose Business Agency Portfolio HTML Template

Duties of an Advertising Consultant

Aside from being immersed into dealing with all kinds of advertisement, an advertising consultant has a string of duties to fulfill. These are some of the duties of advertising consultants:

1. Prepare the advertising campaign and promotional materials

Advertising consultants are tasked to prepare the promotional materials and advertising campaigns of the brand. Depending on the medium and the type of product to be endorsed, they have to be flexible in creating content of any kind. The preparation phase takes so much time, brainstorming and revisions so the advertisement comes out clean and good. You may also see WP consulting templates.

2. Address customer questions

When an ad is put out in the public, some customers would ask more about the product or address their concern on the matter. Advertising consultants answer and address these questions in the quickest way possible. There are no delays when it comes to answering questions. These questions have to be addressed immediately no matter what the subject matter is. You may also see WIX themes.

3. Develop advertising strategies

It is an advertising consultant’s job to develop advertising strategies for the brand to get more recognition. Good content and marketing skills matter in this part of the job. The creatives must come up with a memorable advertisement that is witty, heart-wrenching, or thought-provoking. It all depends on the concept and how the product can be fit into an advertisement. Every strategy must be in line with the business objectives of the company. You may also see journal website themes.

4. Go to industry meetings and marketing events

Advertising does not just mean making ads and other promotional materials. People in ad agencies also attend industry meetings to further hone their craft. In addition to that, marketing events also help ad creatives to be better at making ads. Advertising consultants also attend these events as well.

5. Obtain advertising cost and resolve related issues

The advertising consultants are tasked to get the advertising cost and use it to make ads in the future. If related issues come out after the making of the ad, they are also tasked to answer every single question. Advertising consultants are under the constant stress of having to deal with the results of the scrutiny the advertisement gets when it is released to the public. Issues have to be dealt with right away and there’s no room for procrastination. You may also see blog style website themes.

6. Manage retail rates of products

This task is added to the belt of advertising consultants. They have the power to decide on the prices of the products. They must know how to put the right price on the products and avoid loss of profit and revenue to its makers. When products are priced reasonably, more people can afford it and consume it on a timely basis. You may also see metro style website themes.

7. Review and approve the distribution of promotional materials

All advertisements are made by the creatives, but it is the advertising consultant’s job to review and approve the material before its scheduled release. It is important for the ad to be reviewed to check if there are inconsistencies in crafting the message and if it offends a group of people. Once the materials are approved, it is ready for release. You may also see free business website themes.

Creative Agency & Portfolio

Creative Advertising Agency Website Template

HTML5 Bootstrap Template for Agency Website

Digital Marketing Agency Template

The Convincing Power of Advertising

Have you ever wondered how a simple 30-second to 1-minute advertisement makes us buy products at once? Advertisers are cunning in making the perfect ad that will make us take out our wallet and give their product a try. They use these following elements to convince the masses:

1. Emotions.

Some people are easily moved by a tear-jerking advertisement. Emotional advertisements that tackle family, romantic relationships, chance encounters and friendships are popular these days. These kinds of advertisements are commonly seen in Asia and has the power to amass a huge following and revenue when it is written and executed well. Humans tend to decide based on emotions than logic most of the time, and that is what advertisers are hitting so they can sell their product. You may also see electrician website themes.

2. Insecurities.

Beauty and weight loss products often make advertisements that target the human’s deepest insecurities, especially among women. The extra flabs and dark skin are the subject of such scrutiny, and usually deviates real beauty according to society’s standards. Insecurities drive people to become better, thus looking for products which can help them get rid of the things that they are not confident about. You may also see single page website themes.

3. Instinct.

Some people do things by instinct. Every recognizable little thing is given a lot of premium by advertisers. For example, if a company sells cologne, they provide a distinct smell to the product so people would recognize it immediately. Colors, comparisons, sex and choices also contribute to the instinctive nature of people when they purchase products. You may also see studio website themes.

4. Planning.

Advertisers see to it that their products get seen at first sight. They plan on how to arrange their products in department stores and groceries, so it can catch the attention of the buyers. The more we see products, the higher the chances of us buying more items to take home. You may also see free website themes.

HTML Template for Creative Bloggers

Marketing Agency Responsive Multipage Website Template

How Advertising Works

Advertising does not work without the factors that make it work. It is the ultimate goal of business owners to improve and make the lives of their customers easier. In making advertising work, these factors are always present:

1. Responsibility.

Advertisers have to be responsible of the content they make when they advertise a product. They have to take cultural sensitivity into account so they would not offend any race, religion and minorities. Crafting the message is very important in advertising. A simple glitch would lead to misunderstanding, which can also lead to a huge drop in the sales of the product. You may also see bookstore website themes.

2. Area.

The area in which your business falls in is one good factor for making an advertising campaign. People would know that your product or service exists and they would eventually give it a try. With that, they won’t have to go to another area just to find what they are looking for. You may also see gift store website themes.

3. Persuasion.

The end goal of advertising is to make people buy what you offer. This is done through persuasion, which is tightly woven in your promotional material. Persuasion is an effective tool to make people buy your product, and you have to know how to do it in more ways than one. You may also see one page website themes.

4. Emotions.

Everyone loves a story that tugs at their heartstrings. Good storytelling is something that advertisers are good at so customers will buy their product. It has to be well-written and effective at evoking emotions, as well as its relatability to a huge percentage of audience. Emotions are the best target when advertisers convince their customers to buy their newest product. A strong sense of urge to buy and try the product soon comes after seeing the ad. You may also see the best charity website themes.

5. Research purposes.

Your ad gets to be used for research when you make an informative content about anything. Travel ads are the most popular kind of advertisements that people eventually use for research. Taking a break from life’s daily grind takes courage, money and careful planning. You may also see family website themes.


Advertising consultants have so much to do on their plate. They are tasked to do more than one job to make sure that every ad is well-made and avoids any issues. Moreover, the fate of the advertisement always depends on their decisions. You may also see non-profit website themes.

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