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14+ Coming Soon Website Templates

You are excited to open up a new business but some things have not fallen into place yet. So, while your designers are still busy constructing your website,  how do you build up your online presence or keep your prospective customers on their toes? Put up a Coming Soon page to inform netizens and citizens alike what they should be watching out for.

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Below is a collection of Coming Soon templates you can use for your company which is fresh and trendy for the year 2017. Feel free to browse through these templates and we guarantee you to find one that is perfect for your business.

HTML ~ $7

This rather dark template features minimalist ghost buttons and labels. Opekkha also offers you different choices of moving backgrounds from raindrops to the Milky Way. The counter at the center of the page is a great way to provide your audience an idea on the exact date when your website is going live.

The filtered background on this template creates a beautiful backdrop to the elements found on this page such as the moving clock at the center. Skyline also features a simple yet interesting font which is great for effortless website design.

Sssoon is a website template for your company that allows you to choose the color of the filter to use on the page which makes it very interesting. It lets you adjust the tone and feel you prefer for your landing page that would correlate well on the website you’re about to present.


You might find this Zoon simple but what is great about this is it is a responsive website template . It means that you can view the whole page on whatever device you are using. Also, it features a clean and crisp layout with a hint of adventure which is great for any type of website.

Creative ~ $12

LiveSoon features a very simple design which is appropriate to use in business consulting websites that offer professional help and sevices. It also lets you choose the type of background you want to use and an option to put a stopwatch.

This template is describes as minimalistic because it starts off with a black background. Over a very short period of time, moving images which you can modify, replaces the rather simple backdrop. This template is great for production design or photography websites.

A neat but mysterious template that says “Under Construction” is a witty way to generate curiosity from your potential audience. Although this website template features a single page, it is all that you need for your Coming Soon page.

Marketing Inc. is another minimalist website template which features a single static image as a background. A couple of texts are added in the center which you can change to your company name or to whatever message you want to send across. I could perfectly serve as a markeing tool.

Natural ~ $7

With a choice of backgrounds depicting nature, Earthquake is a landing page template that is perfect for websites that requires earthy themes such as businesses selling organic products or outdoor equipments. An interesting feature is when the words “Coming Soon” comes together at the center of the page.

Featuring a high definition image as a web page background and a complimentary font color, Fashion template is highly recommended for artistic websites like that of fashion or fine art. It also features a section to write down your business address and a web form for visitors to send messages or inquiries.

Well Crafted

Advent is a template that boasts the presence of every design element necessary for a web page design. The black and yellow combination is perfect for businesses or organizations which seeks to express competence and sophistication.


Dex Templates showcases an interesting countdown timer by using bright and vibrant colors against a dark or light background. It also enables you to choose from different types of backgrounds such as plain, animated or video.


A larger countdown timer is what makes the Khronos template different form other Coming Soon landing page templates found on this page. It highlights three background styles which you can choose from, namely, static, slideshow, and particle.


Pixly is an online application rather than a template which you can use to generate your own Coming Soon page or any one page landing page. It has a vast amount of tools on the page where you can tweak or edit every element according to your preferences and needs.

All the website templates that you can see in this post are guaranteed to provide you with the best Coming Soon website pages that your audience will definitely love and root for. It just a matter of finding the perfect template for the kind of website you’re putting out there. So, make sure to choose one of these templates and have fun counting the days when your website is finally on the roll.

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