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12+ Event Management Website Themes & Templates

Whether it be a festival, concert, or social gathering, it is never easy to make any kind of event jump to life. From the program and entertainment to the venue and theme, all these aspects must be carefully and logically planned. These large-scale events are made by studying the brand, making a concept, and ironing out the technical aspects prior to the event launch. It needs a good team to pull off a successful event. You may also like event management Joomla templates.

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Every events company should have a website of their own. This is where they can give updates and an overview of their services. If you are an event manager and in need of a good website, check out our collection of templates for some excellent ideas.

Event & Meetup HTML Template

Event Management Bootstrap in PSD

Conference and Event HTML Template

Basics of Event Management

Managing an event is not as easy as what people think. Sure, event managers wear formal clothes and just go around talking to people, but it’s more than that. Event managers do some of these basics when it comes to handling an event.

1. Good Communication Skills

Event managers have the ability to communicate with the people they tapped on in planning and managing the event. Communication is needed in case something goes wrong and everybody wants to coordinate with one another. With this, the event becomes more successful. You may also like event HTML5 themes.

2. Quick Thinking

This is one ability event managers should possess. In times of trouble and minor problems during the event, he/she has to quickly think of a solution so that the event goes on. Troubleshooting is needed especially in times like this. We never know what might happen in an ongoing event. You may also like event themes.

3. Ability to Lead

Event managers should have the ability to lead a whole team to make the event successful. He/she has to listen to his/her people and find ways when one aspect of the event runs short or something is lacking. He/she should have a clear sense of how to handle the event and achieve its goals in the end. You may also like event bootstrap themes.

Conference & Event Management WordPress Theme

Responsive Event Joomla Template

Responsive Event WordPress Theme

Management Conference Website

Sample Event WordPress Theme

4. Grace Under Pressure

Even when faced with sudden pressure, event managers should not buckle and learn to face the problem calmly. Being nervous in these kinds of situations won’t do anyone good. Event managers should be as poised as they can be when thinking of solutions, without sacrificing the momentum the event is having. You may also like event PHP themes.

5. Being a “People Person”

Event managers have to listen to their people in building up an event. He/she should welcome everybody’s suggestions and help when the need arises. Along with that, he/she should be able to empathize with what his/her employees and clients have to say. He/she should also be considerate of their situation and feelings. You may also like event WP themes.

6. Flexibility

At times, event managers and planners have to work more than their usual number of work hours. They have to go the extra mile when working and covering shifts for others when the need arises. Flexibility in working long hours and doing tasks other than managing is what they need in this industry. You may also see event landing pages.

Conference HTML Template

Elegant Event HTML Template

Creative Event HTML Template

How to Plan an Event

No event comes to life without proper planning. Otherwise, it would fail on its own and cause much trouble to the visitors. To start off with your event planning, get to know some of the basics that will surely help you out.

1. Make a Goal

Determine the goal of your event – why you are holding it and what do you plan to achieve by the end of it. This goal should be your driving force in planning the event. The goal will also help you craft a plan for the event as you begin conceptualizing everything.

2. Build a Team

Find people who can do the logistics for the event. Assign people who will coordinate with the speakers, conceptualize entertainment segments, handle the publicity, and find the sponsors. Although disagreements can’t be avoided sometimes, make it a point that your team coordinates smoothly with one another. You may also like event WordPress themes.

3. Set the Date

Set a date for your event. If it is a one-time event, it’s best if you have it in on weekends. If it is a recurring one, the dates are already set and you just have to allow how many days in a week it would go. Be careful of holidays and special nationwide events. Moreover, the planning of your event should be done at least 4 to 6 months prior to the event date. This will give you more time to prepare well. You may also like event planning templates.

4. Create a Theme and Brand for the Event

Come up with a theme and brand for the event, depending on what kind of event it is. Of course, you want your event to stand out. To do that, you need to come up with a catchy name for the event. Include a slogan that would make the event memorable to the audiences even after it ends. A logo is also a good way to have an impact on your target market. It can be used for promotions and be selling merchandises in the event. You may also like event planner WP themes.

5. Make the Plan

Start planning the event after coming up with the theme. This should include all aspects of the event such as the speakers, promotions, logistics, venue reservation, negotiations with the catering services, and other matters. The plan must be done by the people assigned to a certain aspect of the party. Learn to coordinate with each other if something goes wrong. You can help each other out in the process.

6. Keep Track of the Plan

You should make it a point to follow up the progress of your plans every now and then. It is important to reach out to your contacts on how the plan is going. That way, they will know what else needs to be done for the plan to be complete. If you tapped outside resources to help you in the event, get them to aid you as well. In case something goes wrong in the planning process, you can easily find a replacement or an alternative solution. You may also like event production schedules.

7. Identify Partners and Sponsors

An event does not survive without sponsors and partners. Identify and contact them early on to gain funding for your event. Funding is important to get some things done. You can contact those you know and negotiate a deal with them. You can tap corporate companies to fund a fraction of your event. They might offer prizes up for raffles if you decide to have one.

8. Make the Budget

Your simple budget should cover all the costs of your event. It should not exceed and if it does, make the necessary adjustments. Try to get the best deals possible without getting short of cash to pay.

9. Promote the Event

Create some gimmick in promoting your event. You can shoot a one to two-minute promo ad for it or print some flyer designs to attract a bigger audience. Using social media is a good way to promote your event as most people use them on a day-to-day basis. It reaches a wider audience.

10. Evaluate the Level of Success

After the event is done, measure its level of success. Is it measured by the number of attendees? Is it determined by how the event was pulled off? Or is it based on the reactions of the audience? These are some of the subjective factors that determine the success of an event. Others measure the success of the event by how memorable it was and its lifelong impact on the people. You may also see event planning tools.

Conference & Meetup WordPress Theme

HTML Template for Conference and Event

Why is Event Promotion Important?

Promoting an event increases the chances of having a bigger audience. It can be promoted through several ways such as an advertisement in television, radio, and internet, a small space of printed and on newspapers, printing flyers, and social media. There is a growing number of tools in which events can be promoted.

Event promotion is also a way to gather people of the same interest and share it with others. It is an opportunity to build connections with people. When an event becomes successful, people will remember it really well. You may also like event PSD themes.

Event management is no easy task. Pressure is always there, but what’s more important is how you handle it and what you will learn from it. It’s always satisfying to see people enjoying the event you worked so hard in organizing day and night.

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