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13+ Fitness Coach Website Themes & Templates

By now, we are well aware of the importance of doing regular exercises and how beneficial it is to our health. When we exercise regularly, we are not only helping our bodies to get in good shape but also our minds, which may seem ironic but exercising can actually help in relieving stress. There are various exercise regimens that people can adapt, with each of them having their own set of health benefits. You may also see personal trainer WP themes.

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For people who wish to lose weight or to increase their body’s oxygen intake, they usually do cardio exercises such as running, dancing, or engaging in any martial arts training sessions. On the other hand, for people who are looking forward to losing fat and building muscles, the weight or resistance training regimens are the ideal exercises for them. But there are also other exercises that people can practice which are just as beneficial, and these include yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Zumba, to name a few. You may also see coaching WP themes.

Whether your purpose for becoming a personal fitness trainer is to help people gain muscles or to lose weight, the bottom line would still be to promote a healthy body. Reach out to people through the use of the internet, we have a collection of fitness website templates that you can download and use to make your own sample website. If you are uncertain about which template to use, you can always preview them by clicking on the demo button.

Yoga Gym Website Template

Many people get the wrong impression that yoga is for women only and is unable to strengthen muscles, when in fact, it requires a lot of muscle strength to be able to do the moves. Yoga can not only strengthen muscles, but can also relieve stress, promote flexibility, and improve one’s inner balance. If you wish to promote the benefits of yoga, feel free to download and use the yoga website template above.

Personal Fitness Trainer Website Template

Gym Fitness Trainer Website Template

What Are Some of the Most Popular Website Building Tools?

1. WordPress

Considered as one of the most popular website building platforms available, this is the website builder of choice for over 30% of the internet’s websites. The best thing about WordPress is that it is free as well as open source, which means that even though the tool is used for building websites, you still have full control over your website as opposed to other builders. The downside with WordPress is that unlike other builders, you will first need to register for a WordPress hosting account. You may also see free personal website themes.

2. Wix

Here is another highly popular website building platform which focuses on a cloud-based system. The interface of Wix is considered to be very user-friendly and also powerful, with a set of tools that are more than enough to be able to build a high quality and impressive website. The advantage of using Wix is that it is fully hosted and it is fully free, there are over a hundred templates that you can choose from for your website, with each template being fully editable and intuitive. You may also see personal website templates.

3. BoldGrid

This website builder is built on top of WordPress and is available either as a fully hosted website or as a plugin for WordPress. The advantage of using BoldGrid is that it gives you full advantage of WordPress with a slightly different user experience. This builder allows users to choose from among professionally-designed templates from a built-in gallery. You may also see personal website themes.

4. Weebly

If you are looking for a website builder that is very easy to understand and use, Weebly may be one of the best choices. Aside from being user-friendly, this website builder offers tons of great designs and a page builder that lets you create awesome websites without having to learn any coding skills. Weebly is fully-hosted and does not require you to install any software. You may also see yoga WP themes.

5. Squarespace

The reason why Squarespace made it into this list is that aside from being very easy to use, it also offers a lot of beautiful designs that you can choose from. Squarespace makes use of an enterprise-grade infrastructure for hosting the website which allows users to focus more on the development of the website and not on the hosting. The adding of content is also straightforward with Squarespace, you can do it by simply clicking and typing, and by dragging and dropping. You may also see personal portfolio website themes.


To those who are running either small businesses or personal websites, you might want to consider using Webs for building your website. Webs is a very simple website builder with a lot of powerful tools which you can use, as well as some pre-made website designs. This, too, doesn’t require you to install a software or worry about updates and backups, and this is because Webs is a fully hosted platform. Even though Webs is a free-to-use website builder, you can also enjoy your own fully customizable domain name if you avail of their paid version.

Fitness & SportsMuse Theme

Fitness Coach WordPress Theme

Fitness Personal Trainer WordPress Theme

Multipurpose Personal Fitness Website Template

Responsive Personal Fitness Trainer Website Template

A responsive website is only one of the many factors to get your site the traffic it needs, other factors are mostly related to its design and content. With the business website template above, you don’t have to worry about the responsiveness since it is already built in, you can focus more on how to make your website look great and also relevant.

Gym Fitness Website Template

Printable Gym Fitness Website Template

Body Building Website Template

What Are the Skills Needed to Become an Effective Fitness Trainer?

1. Social Skills

Being a personal trainer means that you will need to interact with people, you will need to communicate with the person whom you are training, the people who you wish to train, or other trainers. People enjoy it and are even more motivated to work out if their trainer is able to socialize with them very well. On the other hand, nobody would want to continue exercising if their client feels psychologically absent even though they are physically present. Also, with good social skills, the trainer can easily win the trust of their clients.

2. Creativity

Conventional exercises may be effective but can get boring easily, which is why trainers should be creative enough and know how to put a little fun twist into their routines to get their clients engaged without getting bored. But aside from just the risk of getting fed up with the routine, there is also the risk of the “plateau phase”, which is when the body has already built a tolerance to the workout making it no longer effective. You may also see personal Joomla themes.

3. Patience

There is always the risk of those clients who say “I can’t do it” or “That’s impossible” when it comes to working out, and while it’s always not advisable to simply let them give up and proceed to another routine, you can always modify it for them and make it easier. Eventually, they will be able to build the endurance and strength needed to do those things that seem impossible at first, but it will require a lot of patience for both the trainer and the trainee. In the end, the client will say “I can do it” and “Nothing’s impossible”. You may also see new html5 templates.

4. Professionalism

As a trainer, you are considered as the leader or the role model of your trainee, which is why you should also dress and act the part, you should always be professional with how you present yourself. Projecting professionalism towards your clients, fellow trainers, and other people can help in making you worth trusting. You may also see personal blog WP themes.

Personal Fitness Website Template

Yoga Oriented Fitness Website Template

Personal Crossfit Trainer Website Template

Many people work out not just to look good, but to feel good as well. Exercising can be healthy for both the body and mind, which makes it even more important for people to do it religiously no matter how simple the routine is. Telling people the benefits of exercising may already be convincing enough, but you might want to show them the possible outcomes as well. This way, they’ll be more than just convinced to start working out. Check out the cool website template above for an example on how you can pull it off.

Personal Fitness Trainer Website Template

What Are the Health Benefits from a Fitness Trainer’s Exercise?

1. Regular exercise can help people control their weight, and this is one of the most common reasons why people exercise in the first place. One of the reasons behind aside from being able to burn calories is because exercising can stimulate your metabolic levels. But for some people, exercising alone is not enough for a person to be able to lose some pounds, they will need to accompany it with a healthy diet. You may also see fitness WP themes.

2. Whether you are doing cardio, running, weight training or even yoga, regular exercise can help in building strong muscles, joints, and bones. However, if you really want to bulk up and gain muscles, you might as well pair it with an adequate amount of protein on your diet, or with some protein supplements. You may also see fitness websites.

3. Obvious enough, if you exercise regularly, your energy levels can also increase making you less prone to fatigue and even injuries. According to studies, exercising is seen to be much more effective at treating chronic fatigue syndrome than any other treatment method. You may also see responsive fitness WP themes.

4. Most people suffering from mental illness such as schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease are those that have lived a stagnant lifestyle for some time. Also, aging can cause changes in both brain structure and function, which is another cause of mental illnesses. With exercise, it keeps them thinking and focused, which is great for promoting a good mental health and combating mental illness caused by aging.

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