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35+ Boutique Website Themes & Templates

Boutiques seem to be on the rise now, especially with the emergence of the start-up culture. More and more people are realizing their calling as entrepreneurs and want to pursue their passions. Boutiques are of different types, it could be for designer clothes or even for shoes and other merchandise. Boutiques, in fact, seem to cater to those who prefer a luxurious lifestyle. All kinds of luxury goods are available at boutiques. But unlike other stores, boutiques need to make their presence felt. They need to make sure that their target audience finds out about them, otherwise there would be no point in investing such large sums of money. You May also See Jewelry Bootstrap Templates.

Kinder Boutique Magento Website Theme $179

kinder boutique magento website theme

Get the Kinder Magento Theme to make designs for fashion stores, apparel ecommerce sites, fashion blogs, etc. it is aided with:

Magento Theme Multistyles Boutique Website $84

magento theme multistyles boutique website

Create unique, flat, material design with Glory theme for the fashion bloggers and professional fashion ecommerce developers. Of the many features, some of the major ones are: Bootstrap 3, SASS/SCSS, W3C HTML5, CSS3

Wedding Boutique WordPress Website Theme $75

wedding boutique wordpress website theme

To create a designer quality, gorgeous website for eCommerce, portfolio, recipes, blogs etc. get HelloDarling Genesis. It has features like:

Traditional Boutique Website Theme

traditional boutique website theme

Ideal for small stores or boutiques, Boutique is widely used by designers, bloggers, and fashion store owners. It features:

Fashion Boutique Moto CMS Ecommerce Website Template $199

fashion boutique moto cms ecommerce website template

To create designs for boutique shops, fashion stores or any other ecommerce store, MotoCMS is a trusted choice with features such as:

Boutique WooCommerce WordPress Website Theme $59

boutique woocommerce wordpress website theme

A modern, clean and professional WooCommerce theme can be created with Boutique – Kute and it has all the modern features such as:

Feminine Boutique WordPress Website Theme $75

feminine boutique wordpress website theme

Planning to create websites for portfolio, recipes, blogs, eCommerce stores etc.? Get the Sassafras theme which comes with premium features such as:

Joomla Boutique Fashion Store Website Template

joomla boutique fashion store website template

For revamping your existing ecommerce websites or for developing any new designs for ecommerce stores for fashion, watches, jewellert etc. get OT Boutique Box which has:

Boutique Children Clothing Website Template

boutique children clothing website template

Exclusive designs can be created with Shoeless designs for children’s clothing site or girls’ boutique estore. Some additional features include:

Free Stylish Boutique Website Template

free stylish boutique website template

Easy to setup and stunningly flexible responsive theme has been widely acclaimed by ecommerce developers, Stylish Boutique is featured with:

Kids Boutique Website PrestaShop Theme $139

kids boutique website prestashop theme

Ideal for creating the infant website’s designs pertaining to fashion, watches, and stationery etc., the Infant PrestaShop Theme is a loved choice.

Boutique eCommerce & Corporate Website Theme $64

boutique ecommerce corporate website theme

A clean, feature full theme can be created with Une Boutique for practically any ecommerce store. Its major features include:

Fashion Boutique Magento Website Theme $49

fashion boutique magento website theme

To design something out of the box, specially for fashion, corporate, watches, portfolios etc. Titany is a trusted theme. It has:

Amazing Boutique Website Theme

amazing boutique website theme

Use Amazon to create unique, clean and fresh designs for online boutique stores for any age. It can so be used for portfolio, blogs, fashion etc. because of its:

Jewelry, Boutique Website Theme

jewelry boutique website theme

The Simplistic five is a premade template meant for the e-commerce sites. It is extremely clean and professional and is generally meant for the photography, fashion jewelries and the furniture sites. The added features of the site are as follows:

This template can do wonders for the fashion e-commerce business.

Stunning Boutique WordPress Website Theme $70

stunning boutique wordpress website theme 70

The The Meadowbrook Boutique WordPress Theme can be very much touched by the feministic aspect. This feature is one of the many that defines it. The design is extremely flexible and also very simple by nature to be used for blogs, websites of even online stores. One can also enjoy the various controls like that of colour control and the typographic control along with the following rest of the features:

The theme is unique in design and is extremely easy to use.

Kids Clothes PrestaShop Website Theme $139

kids clothes prestashop website theme

The Infant Clothes PrestaShop Theme is one of the cutest themes that one would see around. It comes with awesome fonts which are integrated in it. The theme is designed for online stores for infant clothing. This also supports locality or mobile translation. The few other features of the theme are as follows:

This theme can be very well used for any successful e-commerce site.

Boutique Fashion Shop WordPress WooCommerce Website Theme $59

boutique fashion shop wordpress woocommerce website theme

The Click Boutique – Fashion Shop WordPress WooCommerce Theme is very much based on the bootstraps. There are many options of size and colour customization and various selections of fonts available in the site. The few other notable features of this site are:

This theme also has the feature of the video tutorials. Also helps in content building.

Big eCommerce Boutique Website Theme $49

big ecommerce boutique website theme

The Oulu Big Cartel Theme is probably one of the finest for the various boutique stores. It is meant for the people having minimal knowledge of the HTML and the CSS. It features the following features:

This theme can be called as one of the most businesses minded one.

Wedding Boutique Website Theme $85

wedding boutique website theme

Owning a boutique business demands a great looking template and the Amelia Mobile Responsive Web Design Template can be one of the most suitable one. This design has the following interesting features:

This template can create wonders if chosen and used properly.

Beautiful Boutique Website Theme $44

beautiful boutique website theme

This particular “Boutique Theme” theme represents sophistication at its epitome. The personality is great and suits the restaurant as well as the wellness business. The below mentioned are the few interesting features that it owns:

The theme is unique in design and is extremely easy to use.

Men’s Clothing Boutique Style Magento Website Theme

mens clothing boutique style magento website theme

The Men’s Clothing Style Magento Theme is again one of those stylish and extremely designed themes. It is totally responsive with the following features with it:

This theme also offers option of customer care service and comments section.

Boutique Multipurpose WooCommerce Website Theme $59

boutique multipurpose woocommerce website theme

The La Boutique – Multi-purpose WooCommerce Theme is based on the bootstraps. This theme is one of the most stylish made and is the best suitable to the merchandize businesses. The following features are the few of the best it has:

This theme is also extremely responsive.

Boutique Personal WordPress Blog Website Theme $36

boutique personal wordpress blog website theme

The theme Hippie Boho is mainly for the designers and business who wish to have a design website. The theme displays style and beauty that can attract a number of people on the site. Some features of the theme are:

Just adding images and content and then changing the color can provide great designs.

Boutique Elegant WordPress Website Theme

boutique elegant wordpress website theme

Boutique is a theme dedicated to people who wish to start up with an online venture. The theme has been integrated well with many ecommerce plugins already so that users can start a venture without much difficulty. Features that the theme offers are:

The style of theme has been kept soft but also professional at the same time.

Rogue is a clean and modern looking theme for your online shopping site with some great features such as editable header and customizable banners. The theme features:

The theme also offers other features too such as social media integration, gallery pages and newsletter sign up.

Clothing Boutique Prestashop Website Theme

clothing boutique prestashop website theme

Leo Boutique Prestashop Theme is an ideal theme for online stores of tools, clothes and also multi-purpose items. The theme supports both HTML5 and CSSS3 and features multiple menu and multiple headers. Other features provided by the theme are:

The theme includes quick start installation and also with various extension packages.

Handbag Boutique Magento Website Theme $179

handbag boutique magento website theme

As the name indicates, the theme Handbad Responsive magneto Theme is meant for online shopping sites for handbags. The simple theme offers a number of features such as:

The theme is compatible with almost all the browsers and also supports Google maps.

Boutique Grid WordPress Website Theme $49

boutique grid wordpress website theme

Boutique Grid by Creative Magazine WordPress Theme has a clean layout and supports both CSS3 and HTML5. Some of the features that the theme has to offer are:

The theme also offers blogging options, translation and short codes.

Fullscreen Wedding Boutique Website Theme $47

fullscreen wedding boutique website theme

Valencia is a theme that can be used by both individuals as well as business persons for their websites. It offers a professional feel with beautiful displays and is compatible with different devices. The theme features various options such as:

Apart from these features, the theme also features contact forms, integration with social media and blog compatibility

Boutique Tumblr Website Theme

boutique tumblr website theme

Boutique can be said perfect for almost any type of content and it consists of combo that has different variations. The theme has a number of features to offer such as:

The theme can be used for a number of contents and is also mobile responsive.

Summer Clothes Store Boutique Magento Website Theme $179

summer clothes store boutique magento website theme

The theme Clothes Store Magneto Theme is designed for online stores dealing with clothing for all. The theme insures proper security, flexibility and offers to run many stores. It features:

The theme also features blogging and newsletter options.

Boutique Blogger Website Template

boutique blogger website template

Boutique Blogger template is a simple to use theme for online stores especially for stationary and similar items. The theme is available with a number of features such as:

The theme is mobile responsive and has other features too such as having slideshows.

Fashionable Women Boutique Website Theme

fashionable women boutique website theme

The theme MNHTN is designed by Christopher Watson and has been dedicate to online stores that are into selling style and fashion related items such as accessories, clothing and others. The theme manages to provide you with a huge list of features among which some can be mentioned here.

The theme is mobile responsive and is also integrated with advanced ecommerce store.

Men’s Clothing Boutique PrestaShop Website Theme $139

mens clothing boutique prestashop website theme

Alikx PrestaShop Theme is an ideal piece for online stores that wish to focus on selling men’s apparels, shoes or other men related collection. With a compatibility with almost various types of devices, the theme offers a number of features.

The theme is easy to install and also provides extensive documentation and wishlist page.

Have you started a boutique of your own? Well then, congratulations! But there are a few things you have to do to make a mark in this highly competitive field. For example, you need to create a fantastic website for your boutique. This website would allow you to display your products and also allow customers to buy them online. To do that, you could use some Boutique Website Templates.

Types of Boutique Website Templates

Given the different types of boutiques, there are several types of free boutique website templates online –
Clothes boutique website templates –

Uses of Boutique Website Templates

Now that you’ve started a boutique, you need to take effective steps to improve the marketing aspect. You need to go all out when it comes to effective marketing strategies. One of these strategies is starting a website of your own. That would certainly be of immense help. You could then use sample boutique website templates. Plus, these are fairly easy to use and edit. You May also See eCommerce PHP Templates.

Tips While Using Boutique Website Templates

While using downloadable boutique website templates, there are few things you should keep in mind-

We Can Help You Out!

At, we have an amazing collection of the best boutique website templates. If you’re planning to download boutique website templates, you must take a look at our amazing collection, you surely will not be disappointed. You May also See eCommerce HTML5 Templates.

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