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Music, Bands & Singer WordPress Website Theme Are you a musician or have formed your own band? Well, you must be looking forward to as many listeners possible worldwide- and if such a massive reach is your goal, you must immediately come up with your music website. Yes, now, you can mention about your social media page but a website is still important as it assures a professional look to your overall band and to your image as well. You can list your latest albums on your website so that your fans can check them anytime they want to. You May also See Music Bootstrap Templates.

Music Band WordPress Theme/Template

music band wordpress themetemplate

Music Production WordPress Theme/Template

music production wordpress themetemplate

Music Festival WordPress Theme

music festival wordpress themetemplate

Best Music Band Website Template $69

best music band website template

As the name indicates, the theme Music band website template is designed for music bands. It is a rare theme that is offered and hence provides some of the best features.

The theme is not only compatible with various devices but also with various browsers.

Music Band & eCommerce WordPress Website Theme $59

music band ecommerce wordpress website theme

Use your creativity and talent to have your own band website using this amazing Trio band WordPress theme. The theme has been offering a number of features to its users such as:

The theme offers a quick demo of the files and also supports in creating ecommerce website.

Music Player & Band WordPress Website Theme $60

music player band wordpress website theme 60

Tuned balloon WordPress Theme is an easy to go website theme that is mainly for the beginners, but can be also used by many experts at times. Some of the features offered by the theme are:

Child theme has been added in the new update that allows you to add and modify features of the parent theme.

Design Band & Musician Website Theme $18

design band musician website theme

The theme Decibel has been designed in order to help and motivate the upcoming musicians and bands who wish to work independently. The theme offers features like:

The theme also offers various icons and 2 models along with instagram feed.

Superstar is a music band theme that is created for anyone from the music industry such as musicians, band and artists. The main features of the theme are continuous playback, soundcloud and ecommerce. Also the theme has many other features such as:

The theme is compatible with different browsers and has a 24 hours and 7 days customer support.

Music Gear Music OpenCart Website Template $89

music gear opencart website template

If you are searching for a theme just perfect for your music online store, then Music Gear Open Cart Template is the best option that you can have. Along with 24/7 support system, stock photos and guarantee, the theme also offers a number of other features such as:

The theme is available in 3 languages and has 2 layouts.

Musicians, Bands WordPress Theme

musicians bands wordpress theme

The theme Musicflow is not like a general music band theme. It has been designed for people like DJs, radio events and entertainment sites. Some of the features that the theme offers are:

Of course the theme supports ecommerce and is mobile responsive.

WordPress Music Band & DJ Website Theme $69

wordpress music band dj website theme

Beats is a modern website theme designed for musicians, DJs and also for websites of events and entertainment. The theme comes handy with a number of features.

Customization is easy with the theme with a variety of fonts, colors and backgrounds available.

Elegant Music Band Website Theme

elegant music band website theme

Promenade is for the musicians who wish to create a whole of album online. There options to add albums, videos along with highlighting various gigs and featured contents. The theme offers a number of features.

The theme also features ecommerce plugins, translation and also is highly mobile responsive.

Music & Events Band WordPress Website Theme

music events band wordpress website theme

The theme Music and Events Parallex has been designed by Themify and is perfect not only for bands and musicians but also for song writers and event managers. There are a number of features that the theme offers.

The theme is compatible of WooCommerce and is available for varied devices and varied browser.

DJ & Music Responsive Website Template $75

dj music responsive website template

If you are a DJ or have a similar business, this can be the perfect website theme for you. To support and help you in your DJ venture, theme offers you with a number of features.

The theme assures quality guarantee and also provides a customer support of 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Melody Music And Band Muse Website Theme $19

melody music and band muse website theme

Adobe Muse came up with this amazing theme Melody for musicians and bands. The theme comprises of some of the most amazing features such as

The theme comes along with demo so that it is easier to use it without any complications.

Rocking Event & Music Band WordPress Website Theme $49

rocking event music band wordpress website theme

Rocky is a theme for band and music event website. It is not only easy to be modified but also is equally easy showcase. A few features that the theme offers are:

Rockstar Music Band WordPress Website Theme $59

rockstar music band wordpress website theme

Perfect Premium Band Music WordPress Website Theme

perfect premium band music wordpress website theme

Modern Minimal Music Band Website Theme

modern minimal music band website theme

Creative Music Band Joomla Website Template $75

creative music band joomla website template

Music Band & Musicians WordPress Website Theme $59

music band musicians wordpress website theme

Event & Music Band WordPress Website Theme $39

event music band wordpress website theme

Music Band, Culture Website Theme $12

music band culture website theme

Music Band Tumblr Website Theme

music band tumblr theme

Recording Music Studio Moto Website Template $199

recording music studio moto cms 3 website template

Minimal Music & Bands PSD Website Theme $10

minimal music bands psd website theme 10

Music Band & Party Multipage Website Template $20

music band party multipage website template 20

Music by Moonhunters is an amazingly creative, high quality template for music lovers. The template is fantastic and supports all devices.

Night Club Party & Music Band WordPress Website Theme

night club party music band wordpress website theme

StereoClub is an amazing theme for WordPRess that lets you showcase your favourite DJs, upload beautiful photos and listen to music with a custom audio player.

Music Band & Artist WordPress Website Theme

music band artist wordpress website theme

The Artist of the Year is an all round classic WordPress theme that has been designed by professionals. This theme is compatible with kind of music style or band.

Music Store Magento Website Theme $179

music store magento website theme

Music Store Magneto theme ranks among the best music themes for WordPress and is sure to help you make a lasting mark on the internet. It can handle any music style, artist or band.

Music Band & Events WordPress Website Theme $59

music band events wordpress website theme

Spikes is an amazing theme that has been designed especially for bands and music websites. Spikes is an easy to use and highly modifiable theme.

Special Music Band Website Theme

special music band website theme

Our Band is a very specific template for very specific clientele. This is perfect for bands, be it a high school band or a professional one, this template will meet all your needs.

Band Music & Party WordPress Website Theme

band music party wordpress website theme

Ironband is one of the boldest WordPress themes available on the net. This rocking theme is wel suited for musicians, DJs, bands and venues.

DJ Responsive & Music WordPress Website Theme $75

dj responsive music wordpress website theme

DJ Responsive theme is among the most popular themes available for WordPress. The theme is perfectly suited to handle any band or music content website. Fully editable, gives you complete freedom to customize

Modern Music WordPress Website

modern music wordpress website

Jukebox is the best modern music theme for WordPress. This theme has been created by professionals especially for bands and music websites.

Beautiful Music Band Website Theme

beautiful music band website theme

The most suitable template for music lovers, individual artists and bands is here and it is called Twotone. This is an amazing theme built by professionals that takes care of all your needs.

Indiefest is a big, epic, visual theme that has been created especially for indie rockers, artists, folk musicians, pop stars and music festivals. It is highly customizable.

Music Singer’s Portfolio Website Template $69

music singers portfolio website template

Singers is an amazing template is perfect for creating your portfolio as a singer. This template is one of the most popular portfolio makers available on the web and is the top choice for many singers all over the globe.

The Night is an amazing dark WordPress theme that looks gorgeous and is perfectly suited for producers, musicians and DJs who stay up later than the last call. It is truly a theme for all night owls.

Music Band WordPress Website Theme $69

music band wordpress website theme

Musictheme is the ultimate WordPress theme for artists, bands and musicians. You can play, sell or even distribute your music. It lets you list tour dates, performance dates and lots more. This theme lets you do it all.

Online Music Sales OpenCart Website Template $89

online music sales opencart website template

Online Music sales OpenCart template is a theme that has been designed to help you sell your music online. It helps you boost your sales with the help of online marketing. It is quite useful for not only musicians but also small entrepreneurs.

Moreover, fans are always eager to know in details about their favorite music artist or band. Your website will offer you the needed space to share your bio and that of your band members. Then, your website can also inform your fans about the upcoming events or concerts that you are about to attend. Besides, your website will also help you to note about your awards or great reviews received from experts in the industry. These days, it’s easier and simpler to build music websites with Music Website Templates.

Types Of Music Websites

Music websites cover a wide variety of range. First of all, it could mean website for a music artist or a music band. Then, a music website is also good if you are running a shop on music albums and CDs and want to come up online for the ease of listeners and also to reach a global audience worldwide. A music website would be needed as well if you sell music instruments. Besides, if you have your own music academy, a music website would do much to spread the world about you to your potential students. You May also See Music Blog Templates.

Why To Use Music Website Templates

Creating a music website is an elaborate affair. You have to have knowledge on web development technicalities and if you don’t have such know-how, you have to depend on expensive services from web development professionals. But Music HTML5 Templates are a savior here as they come up with readymade frameworks on a music website, so that- neither you have to know advance technical skills nor you have to depend on web development professionals. In some cases, you will also find free music website templates. Besides, these are easily customizable; you would just have to download the theme and pep it up with your details. Thus, these band website templates are great money, time and energy savers. You May also See Music PHP Templates.

Tips With Music Websites

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If you have been in search of best music website templates online, is the site for you with its vast & versatile collection of expert-designed music site templates. You May also See Music PSD Templates.

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