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35+ Non Profit Website Themes & Templates

Gone are the days when non profit organizations would go from door to door looking for donations or inviting people to charity events. Things have become a lot more easier and more convenient with the arrival of internet. People are more likely to use the world wide web to proceed with any kind of non profit event. Most non profit bodies now have official websites of their own. You May also See Non Profit WordPress Templates.

For example, if a church or another institution is organizing an event for the charity or orphaned children, they will simply send out an invite online, and that will be it. People can even respond to the invitations online, or make donations online. It couldn’t be easier than that! You May also See Non Profit Bootstrap Templates.

Non Profit Charity Responsive Moto CMS 3 Website Template $199

non profit charity responsive moto cms 3 website template

This is a highly responsive theme that can be used for web portals representing NGOs and charitable organizations.

The theme proves to be highly SEO-friendly and assures regular updates.

Nonprofit Charity WordPress Website Theme $44

nonprofit charity wordpress website theme

This template has been developed using CSS3 and HTML5. It comes with retina resay HD display.

The presence of advanced theme options panel allows the option to design and develop your own layout.

Non Profit Sponcer Chairty WordPress Website Theme $29

non profit sponcer chairty wordpress website theme

This template has been developed using the latest twitter bootstrap 3 framework. It has an elegant and clean layout.

The template also comes with single click demo content installation, custom post types, and Google web fonts.

Perfect Non Profit For Organizations Website Theme $69

perfect non profit for organizations website theme

This theme is ideal for any business website. It is responsive, cross-browser compatible, and features a simple layout to work with.

With WooCommerce plugin include, it becomes easy enough to sell products.

Charity Non Profit Moto CMS HTML Website Template $139

charity non profit moto cms html website template

A truly responsive template, Charity Moto is targeted to the business segment and NGO sectors. It comes with a responsive layout and promises to be SEO friendly.

The theme comes well documented and promises to be simple and easy to install.

Multipurpose Nonprofit Website Theme $44

multipurpose nonprofit website theme

Multipurpose nonprofit charitable websites can be created with Act theme which has jaor features like:

NonProfit Optimized WordPress Website Theme $69

nonprofit optimized wordpress website theme

Create versatile designs for non-profit organizations, churches, education institutes with NonProfit theme which offers –

Candidate Political & Nonprofit WordPress Website Theme

candidate political nonprofit wordpress website theme

A modern and professional political style design for political figure, charity, non profit and other campaign, Premium WordPress Themes has been widely used. It has:

Creative Non Profit WordPress Website Theme $55

creative non profit wordpress website theme

Very customizable and easy to use theme for charities, educational institutes, NGOs, political campaigning, Philanthropy gives the scope to create out-of-the-box designs. It features:

Non Profit Charity Responsive WordPress Website Theme $75

non profit charity responsive wordpress website theme

With the Charity theme, you can create the attractive and informative designs for religious organisations, NGOs, etc. Its features include:

Advocate – A Nonprofit Responsive HTML Template $18

advocate a nonprofit responsive html template

Non Profit Volunteer WordPress Website Theme $39

non profit volunteer wordpress website theme

Non-profit organization, environmental, recycling, community etc. websites can use Blessing theme to make the online presence wider. It has features like –

Political Nonprofit Church HTML Theme $19

political nonprofit church html theme

Non Profit And Religious site WordPress Website Theme

non profit and religious site wordpress website theme

Non-Profit sites, charities, churches and other religious sites use NativeChurch theme as their preferred theme as it has:

Non Profit Kindness Charity Drupal Website Template $75

non profit kindness charity drupal website template

Non profit organisations, political campaigns, NOGs, use the Charity Drupal Template to create smart and empathetic designs which has:

Non Profit Donation WordPress Website Theme $49

non profit donation wordpress website theme

Non-profit organization, community or nature business websites can trust on Philanthropy to make the best of their designs as it has responsive layouts along with:-

Church Non Profit Fundraising Website Theme $99

church non profit fundraising website theme

Modern and professional charity style premium designs can be created with Benevolence theme. Churches, Basilica, Non-Profit Organisations, Non-Profit Associations love it for:

Premium Charity Nonprofit WordPress Website Theme

premium charity nonprofit wordpress website theme

Perfect for promoting charity, nonprofit or other campaigns, try Charity Quick Edit theme. a great resource for any nonprofit, here goes its major features:

Non Profit , Organization WordPress Website Theme $54

non profit organization wordpress website theme

With Advocator theme, you can be sure to create some of the most executive designs for on-profit, charity, or NGO organizations. Here’s what it also offers:

Open Heart Non Profit Website Template $69

open heart non profit website template

ry Open Heart to make your cause reach a larger audience. Widely used by political organisations, NGOs, churches, here is what it features:

Charity Nonprofit Foundation WordPress Website Theme $59

charity nonprofit foundation wordpress website theme

For non-profit organisations, churches, voluntary camps etc. Peak theme can be used to crowd source as well as raise awareness among the visitors. Have a look at its features:

Non Profit Charitas Foundation WordPress Website Theme $99

non profit charitas foundation wordpress website theme

With Charitas/Foundation theme, it is easy to attract as well as inform the visitors with the latest updates on your awareness campaigns. It is popularly used by NGOs, charitable institutions, political camps etc. It has:

For running a nonprofit organization website, Muse is the most trendy yet touching design template. The major features are;

Foundation Non Profit WordPress Website Theme

foundation non profit wordpress website theme

Designed for non-profit organizations, religious camps, Foundation includes a feature slideshow with plenty of colour shades. The other features are:

Orphanage Non Profit Donations Joomla Website Template $75

orphanage non profit donations joomla website template

This theme is such created as the solution to Non-Profit Organizations who seek a site to attract potential donors. The simple layout is such designed that the eyes are drawn directly to the images and thumbnails.


Political Nonprofit WordPress Website Theme $59

political nonprofit wordpress website theme

This theme is ideally designed for political or social personages seeking a website. The wide layout presented with boxed sections for providing information.

Features include:

Multipurpose Non Profit WordPress Website Theme

multipurpose non profit wordpress website theme

Non-Profit is an airy design where instead of being overwhelmed by visual aspects the focus is instantly drawn to the important aspects. This design is easily customizable and packed rich with features. Some of Which are:

Environmental Non Profit WordPress Website Theme

environmental non profit wordpress website theme

Green Earth is created by WordPress for organizations which look and work toward a greener earth. The theme is so easy to install it can be used by anyone, Environmental Law Firms;

Non-profit Organizations and even eco-friendly Blogs.


Non Profit Responsive Website Template $75

non profit responsive website template

This theme is gentle on the eyes as the message it is designed to convey is gentle on the soul. Ideally designed for Churches or clerical members who wish to spread the holy name of Jesus Christ. This rustic theme encompasses the elements of light and dark. Features:

Non profit WordPress Website Theme $49

non profit wordpress website theme

This is one of the most well designed and popular of WordPress Themes. The ChurchHope Theme allows full access to present mixed media, manage a bulletin board and even create events. Specifically designed for churches this theme pulls off its duty superbly.


Church Non Profit Religious WordPress Website Theme

church non profit religious wordpress website theme

Another well designed church or nonprofit organization based theme from WordPress. Church Suite brings with it a custom support for all religious and calendar events and a well detailed and responsive notice board to ensure that items can be swiftly put up.


Non Profit Modern Church Religious WordPress Website Theme $75

non profit modern church religious wordpress website theme

As the name suggests this is a postmodern style designed website for any respectable church or clerical member. The minimalistic design is centered around a home page image and bottomed by links to various sections, each with thumbnails.


Have you been placed in charge of the public events of a non profit organization? Then your first step should be to create a website for yourself. The website would contain all the details of your organization, and that of the upcoming events. If you want to create a website, you need to look up non profit website templates now.

Types Of Non Profit Website Templates

If you thought that there was only one type of non profit website template, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are several types of free Non Profit Website Templates online –

Uses of Non Profit Website Templates

A non profit body needs to put up an appearance for the donors, they need to make their presence felt. Donors will not donate their money unless they’re assured that it will do somebody good. That is why you need to get your hands on sample non profit website templates. These would allow you to incorporate your details in the website, so that donors can verify if the need arises. So what are you waiting for? You May also See Non Profit Blog Templates.

Tips While Using Non Profit Website Templates

While using downloadable non profit website templates, there are few things you should keep in mind-
Make sure you keep in mind the purpose while selecting the template. If you’re using a template for a charity event, you need to narrow down your search based on that. You May also See Non Profit PSD Templates.

Excessive design never looks good. It should be subdued and subtle, especially since the template is for a charity.
Only choose customizable non profit website templates. These templates are really easy to edit and customize, which allows you to get exactly what you wanted. You May also See Non Profit HTML5 Templates.

We Can Help You Out!

At, we have an amazing collection of the best non profit website templates. So if you’re planning to download non profit website templates, you cannot afford to miss out on our collection. You May also See Non Profit Joomla Templates.

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