23+ Static Website Themes & Templates

The web is going dynamic and things are moving fast. The revolution is great, especially the fancy sliders and animations. The web has undergone some new richness that has landed on website Templates technology thanks to website developers and experts in design. So why would I need a static website when the web is past that stage? You May also visit 3D Website Templates.


A static page is useful if you want to communicate ideas or make a point quicklyIf you are not going to have any actions to be taken on your site by visitors, a static page would be a worthwhile investment.They are good for short messages, long text and images combination. You may also visit Directory Website Templates.

Think Muse Static Website Template

think muse template 788x

Static Fashionable Website Template $10

static fashionable website template

Creative Static Website Template $11

creative static website template

Statice Product Marketplace PSD Template

statice product marketplace psd template

Static WordPress Website Theme $44

static wordpress website theme

Static Responsive Fashion Magento Website Theme $89

static responsive fashion magento theme

Static HTML Website Template $14

static html website template

Static Full Website Template $14

static full website template

A static website template is the most basic premade tool known in the web history. Having undergone gradual improvements overtime, they have become quite common in the sense that people still find them useful. Many thought that with the web going dynamic, the static concept of design would disappear forever. The opposite is true. It looks like Best static website approach is a feature that will love with humankind for a long time.

There are thousands of templates available. You can download these free, customize and then use them to set up a static website. Keep in mind that these templates are 100% static, so do not expect some image movements really. However, they are great for learning purposes, more so if you are new to web design and development.