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How To Make A DJ Business Card?

A business card is an important element of the branding strategy and is a professional type of marketing that you can offer at any time to anyone. An intelligent, professional-looking business card talks volume about you; often it's your first access point with promoters, event organizers, or anyone, including supporters, who could get you gigs. It is better than merely trading phone numbers. But how are you going to make a DJ business card? Here's how

1. Determine the Information of your Business Card

First things first, you have to put basic information like name, location, address, company or business affiliation, phone number, email, and official website. Make sure to not cram your information, your clients will be bored and eventually lose interest. Don't forget to check all the details on your card. It is a great idea if you have a friend to look at your business card to capture any spelling errors you may have overlooked.

2. Add Color

Some colors and palettes of color are also connected with being cool and funky. You can use these colors to improve the class of your business cards. If you want your business card to appear jazzy and at the same time professional, you may use gray, silver, blue, or black as your theme color. Your design components, background color, company logo colors, images, and so on are some things you could modify.

3. Use a Typeface

The best business card font isn't the same for every business. You should pick a font representing your brand image and resonating with your crowd. Many business card makers are adhering to typical business card fonts like Arial and Times New Roman. These are excellent conventional fonts because they are simple to read, but they are so omnipresent, doing little to distinguish your brand from competitors. You may use playful fonts like Baby Kruffy, Musicals, or even Hawaiian Punk.

4. Add Suitable Photo

The picture you want to depict should be reflected in your card. Look for a clean, classic, or playful and enjoyable design. It relies on the nature of your company. On your DJ business card, you can have a simple background or you can have an artistic picture that embeds your card's history. Thus, disc jockeys are professional performers. So you should entertain your clients by at least serving them funky and cool business cards. For sure, it will grab their attention.

5. Add your Logo and Graphics

When you take into account all the variables involved in constructing a business, this may not seem like a priority to create a logo. But it ought to be. Your logo must be in the middle of your business card, although sometimes other motifs and secondary graphics may also be helpful. You can fill additional graphics in your design like discs and music box doodles. You may ask for ideas from a professional fashion designer if necessary.

6. Get Them Printed

If you want your cards produced at a printing shop professionally, you are more probable to publish your business cards on 14-point and 16-point card stocks. Some businesses will offer you only one choice, as they only have one of the two in inventory. Print out your business card in your own high technology color printer. If you're not satisfied with the result, try printing again until you think it's perfect enough to be distributed to your clients. Take note to use the finest kinds of paper for printing pays. No matter what you print or how good your design is, your investment will be lost if you have a poor print job.

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