20+ Best Premium Letterpress Business Cards

Make your impression the old school way using the premium letterpress business cards. Designed to suit a number of occasions and even serve as compact business cards, the card templates offer complete customizability for producing a unique design. Use the numerous preset themes and layout options provided with the card templates to easily set up your personalized business invite. Simple drag and drop the layered text boxes and overwrite on the default text provided within to create your business card in a flash.


Also add brilliant themes, vivid color backgrounds, and impressive logo indentations easily by importing the compatible card templates to editing software. Choose from over hundreds of preset themes for every type of business from the library and apply to the card background even without the need for editing software. The card templates feature the standard 3.5” x 2” size frame and full bleed design options, allowing users to simply edit and print the cards without having to modify the design.

The color hues that can be applied to the cards range from striking dark variations to subtle hues that merge with the card material. Also switch the default logo with yours in an instant by simply dragging the logo onto the screen. Numerous indentation patterns available with the templates can be added and also include your own design and customize it to the size required. The card templates can be customized for double sided printing options and flip-fold style business cards as well.

Premium Gold Card Mock-Up

premium gold card mock up

Letterpress Business Cards Mockup

letterpress business cards mockup

300 Letterpress Business Cards

00 letterpress business cards

Business Card Mockup Pack

business card mockup pack


Custom Letterpress Business Cards

00 custom letterpress business cards

Letterpress Business Card Block

letterpress business card block

Cracked Letterpress Business card

cracked letterpress business

Letterpress Ecruwhite Calling Card

letterpress ecruwhite calling card

Custom Extra-Thick Letterpress Business Card

custom extra thick letterpress business card with edge painting

Letterpress Business Card Mockup

letterpress business card mockup

Letterpress Business Cards – Sample

letterpress business cards sample

Gold Edge Letterpress Bcard Mock-up

gold edge letterpress bcard mock up

Renaissance Moonstone Grey Business Card

renaissance moonstone grey business card

Letterpress Business Cards Mockup

letterpress business cards mockup

Smooth Texture Letterpress Business Card

smooth texture letterpress business card

Letterpress Business Card

letterpress business card template psd format

Custom Designed Letterpress Business Cards

custom designed letterpress business cards

Letterpress Pearl White Business Card

zoom v1 187bc