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13+ Sample Reward Chart Templates

Reward charts are great tools to motivate little ones in doing the right things which further helps them in improving their social skills. These Behavior Chart Templates come up with cute stickers in the form of stars or candies etc. which can be exchanged by the kids for gifts on completing a desired chore. The reward factor makes the dos and don’ts even more interesting for the little ones.

Kids Reward Chart Example Word Template Downlaod

The kids reward chart tracks the overall activities for a week and either rewards them for good behaviour, or punishes them for bad. The chart can hold up to 5 activities per day.

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Teddy Reward Chart Sample PDF Free Download | The teddy reward chart is for kids who like to play with teddy bears. The kid has to be well mannered and complete all the activities. Only then, he/ she will be rewarded with a teddy.

Basic Reward Chart Template PDF Format Download | The basic reward chart template is a table with two column marked as chores and allowance. If the kids complete the said chores, then only he/she will be getting allowance or not. A chart which strictly monitors the kids.

Example of Prince Reward Chart Free Download | Similar to the teddy bear chart, the prince reward chart is for kids who love to dress up like princess. The kid has to be well mannered and complete all the activities throughout the week. Only then, she will be rewarded with a princess dress.

Sample Advent Reward Chart Free PDF Template | The sample advent reward chart is a simple chart which shows the number of days a month the child was good. If he/she was good for maximum days, then he/she is rewarded.

Angle Reward Chart Free PDF Format Downlaod | Similar to the teddy bear chart and princess chart, the angel reward chart is for kids who love angels. The kid has to be well mannered and complete all the activities throughout the week. Only then, she will be rewarded with an angel dress.

Format of Class Room Reward Chart Free Download | The format of class room reward chart free download template features you the reward chart for classroom. It has a table to make it easy for you to track the points earned by children along with date and current total. It also some information on top like group reward, class and more which has designated spaces for filling details about them.

Butterfly Reward Chart Free PDF Example Template | The butterfly reward chart free PDF example template is a very interesting template to be used amongst children for motivating them to be good in class by telling them that they will be rewarded with stars then. When all these stars are coloured then a special treat is to be given to them which you can write in the designated space in the template.

Weekly Reward Chart Free PDF Format Downlaod | This template is specially designed for helping you in drafting the weekly reward chart as it provides you with a format in which you just need write the details you are asked like name of tasks and if the star was provided on a particular day.

Free Bedtime Reward Chart Sample PDF Download | This template provides you with a bedtime checklist which helps you in rewarding your kids for their behaviour at bed time. The tasks to be checked include pack school bag, bath, put on pyjamas, brush teeth bedtime story and more.

Example Toilet Training Reward Chart PDF Download

Fun Things to do Sticker Reward Chart Free PDF Format

Five Star Reward Chart Sample PDF Download

A reward chart template format is mostly meant for kids between 3-8 years. Added to encouraging them for rightful behavior, it also helps to discourage them from undesired attitudes like fighting or punching or hitting friends at school and so on. Chart Templates

Why is the Reward Chart Template Needed?

The reward chart template is needed for motivating kids for good behavior. These templates are needed for drafting effective reward charts which include all the required information in them. Rewards charts act as reinforcement for children and are needed to reinforce them with the rewards. With the help of this reward chart, children become attracted or interested in getting the rewards or even praises from you so they try to behave even better than before in order to get the reward. Also, these templates are needed for drafting attractive reward charts which may easily grab children’s attention.

When is the Reward Chart Template Needed?

The reward chart template is needed when you need to draft the reward chart for your children or for your students i.e. it may be needed at school as well as at home. This chart helps children to get motivated for behaving in a good way and according to you say so that they may get the reward. Also, rewards must be tempting enough so that they may actually get reinforced by it. This template is also needed when you want to conduct good behavior of them in class or to transform their behavior from bad to good as when they see that they are getting appreciating and rewarded for their good behavior then they will definitely maintain it.

Benefits of the Reward Chart Template

You get various benefits of downloading reward chart template like it helps you in conducting good behavior in class and at home by reinforcing children and presenting rewards to them for it. These reward charts are extremely helpful in developing good habits in children like completing their home work at home, brushing their teeth before sleeping, reading bedtime story and more as reward charts can be made for literally anything. These templates provide you with reward chart which is also presentable and organised which makes it easy to record everything in it. The reward chart template is hassle free to download and use. You can easily just print them for use without even making alterations in it unless you want to change something. There are also various options available for you in reward chart template so that you find and download the one that is most suitable for you.

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