6 Sample HR Interview Form Templates


No organization can run without employees, and no employees would ever be recruited if not for the human resources department, which handles every step of the recruitment process, from the acceptance of job applications to the preliminary interviews and feedback on the same. As a member of the HR department, HR Evaluation Form of the candidate will play a role in the final decision, i.e. whether the candidate is truly a good fit for your organization. The interview data form (you can find free samples here, downloads are extra) is used to document your interview from start to finish, as well as the process of selection. The selection criteria and questions from the simple interview must all be attached in the form, in case of an inquiry or if an issue arises with the hiring decision at a later point in time.

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Free HR Interview Form Word

hr interview


Job Interview Form

job interview form


Employee Interview Form

employee interview form


Candidate Interview Form

candidate interview form


Download HR Interview Form



Sample Candidate Interview Form

candidate interview evaluation form


A Few Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Remember not to compare one candidate to another. An interview data form needs to be filled up for each of the new candidates, including the reasons for selection (or non-selection, as the case may be). You need to justify these reasons, i.e. they must relate to the skills, abilities and knowledge of the applicants with respect to the selection criteria for that particular job. Other documents that can help you are offer letters and rejection letters.

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