22+ Sample HR Contract Templates

Companies that don’t have their own HR departments typically engage the services of an HR company. As with all business relationships, the best way to go about it is to have a contract in place, specifically a Human Resources Contract. If you don’t know how to draft one of these, or have any questions, then these free templates will probably be able to help you out.

Generally, the contract begins with the date from which the provision of services is to begin, and the names and addresses of both parties. The first section of the contract contains a description of the services that the HR service will provide, such as recruitment, training and so on. These functions should be listed in detail, with nothing omitted. Like HR legal forms, these are invaluable.

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Printable Employment Contract Template


Consulting Contract Word Template


Business Contract in Google Docs


Editable Performance Contract Template


Employment Contract Worksheet Template in Google Docs

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Checklist Software Development Contract Template

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Sample Statement Employment Contract Template

  • sample statement employment contract template


Application for Reclassification

  • application for reclassification2

Casual Academic Employment Agreement

  • casual academic employment agreement2

Sample Fixed Term Employment Agreement

  • sample fixed term employment agreement


Sample Basic Employment Agreement Contract

  • sample basic employment agreement contract


Sample Zero-Hours Employment Contract Template

  • sample zero hours employment contract template


Claims For Use of Private Vehicle

  • claims for use of private vehicle2

Commencement of Appointement

  • commencement of appointement2

Sample Fixed-Term Employment Contract Template

  • sample fixed term employment contract template


Sample Apprentice Agreement Template

  • sample apprentice agreement template


Account Change Agreement Contract

  • account change agreement contract

Sample Fixed Term Contract

  • sample fixed term contract


Sample Contract HR Coordinator

  • sample contract hr coordinator1


Sample Standard Contract of Employment Senior Staff

  • sample standard contract of employment senior staff


Sample Integrated Contract and Staff Handbook

  • sample integrated contract and staff handbook


Other Contract Provisions

The HR contract should also include the obligations of and the promises made by each party, and should cover conflict resolution. Other items are the fees charged by the service provider and the term of the contract. If there is no fixed term, then reasons for the termination of the contract must also be included. As with any contract, the purpose of the HR contract is to safeguard the interests of all parties involved. On a related note, HR job description templates may be able to help you draft the contract better.

We have collected some Sample HR Checklists, hope these templates will help you.

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