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Notice period letter templates along with Complaint Letters and Disciplinary Letters, easily available for download on the internet, save the department the trouble of having to write a letter of termination every time they need to lay off an employee. They are easily customizable and contain what the department may require in order to draft a letter as per the usual labor laws when it comes to termination of services.

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Notice period letters may also put the employee on leave which might be temporary. In that case there are specific templates that are worded in such a manner. Whatever the reason, the department is bound to find a template that fits the reason it wishes to either suspend or fire the employee. See this Appointment Letter Templates.

Professional Notice Period Templates For Your Notice Period Letters

A notice period is handed to an employee of a particular company if he is being dismissed due to a specific reason. It may also be submitted by an employee who wishes to resign from the company. Whatever the reason, the notice period states the last working day of the employee, thus giving the company ample time to find a replacement.

The Various Types of Notice Period Letters

A notice period is actually the time from the moment an employee is handed a letter of dismissal to his last working day at that company. The notice period letter is usually handed by an employer to his employee, and there could be various reasons behind the dismissal. On the other hand, it can also be submitted by an employee who wishes to resign. Contrary to popular belief, there could be a number of types of job notice period letter. One for example, simply states that the employee is to be dismissed and his last working date. Another kind exists where all the details of the dismissal are stated; this particular kind is helpful as far as legal issues are concerned. Some notice period letters are also used as letters of dismissal, thus omitting the need for separate notices. You may also see Transfer Letter Templates

Why Is A Notice Period Letter Important?

In the corporate world, there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration while terminating an employee. Simply a verbal dismissal will not do. HR notice period letters are official documents that go into the company’s record, and are binding on all those involved. Also if an employee is being terminated, he or she deserves to know the reason why. All this is usually clearly mentioned in the notice period letter. Also, this notice period letter serves as proof of the employees dismissal, to avoid any questions or confusion later on.

Creating a notice period letter is complicated, and that is why you should simply look up notice period letter templates online for format of notice and save both time and energy!

The Purpose Behind a Notice Period Letter Template

Now that you know about the uses of a notice period letter, you need to understand why notice period letter templates are used and how they are helpful. Writing a notice period letter takes a lot of time and patience, since one has to be especially cautious while writing. In order to avoid any chances of mistakes or errors, you should take the help of templates designed specifically for this purpose. These templates have been created to suit your demands, moreover, these are easy to edit. All you really have to do is download them! You may also see Promotion Letter Templates

So what are you waiting for? If you have been given the responsibility of creating a notice period letter and are not particularly sure about the format, just look up some great notice period letter formats online!

Sample Resignation Letter Notice Period Known PDF

youthcentral.vic.gov.au | If you have been looking for the format for resignation letter with notice period, then you can rest assured. This would a great way to resign from your company. You can state your notice period and conditions of your resignation in the template itself.

2 Weeks Notice Period Letter Template PDF Format

careerplus.shine.com | Some employees get a 2 weeks notice period while resigning from a company or while being dismissed. In that case, this is the perfect template for you. If you are resigning from from your company, then you can take the help of this resignation letter with two week notice.

Simple Resignation Notice Letter Template Word Doc Download

resignationletterformat.in | Nowadays, emails have made our lives much easier. Resigning from your place of work can be an awkward experience, and facing senior colleagues can be intimidating. You can avoid all that if you simply download this resignation email with notice period. It has been designed specifically for this!

Resignation Shorten Notice Letter Sample Free Download

career-advice.monster.co.uk | A resignation letter should be kept simple and short. It should be compact and have brevity. If that's what you're looking for, look no further. This simple resignation letter is perfect for you. Just download it and edit the details.

Leave Disciplinary Termination Notice Period Letter Word Format

compactlaw.co.uk | Disregard for work ethics can lead to immediate termination. However, you still must hand over a letter of notice period. To do that, you can take the help of this notice period letter template. You can state the reasons for dismissal in the letter as well.

Serving Shorter Notice Period Letter Template Free Printable

forums.learnist.org | If you are resigning from your company, you must provide a notice period so that your company can look for a replacement. In order to do so, you can simply download this resignation letter with two four notice. It would make your job much easier!

Free Notice Period Resignation Letter Example Download

icover.org.uk | This is the perfect example of a resignation letter sample with notice period. If you are planning on resigning from your company, you could download this template and just edit the details. All you have to do is insert your own details and you'll be good to go.

Editable Waiver of Notice Period Resignation Letter Template

cvtips.com | This intimation letter for resignation is perfect if you are looking for a notice period letter that states your message accurately in a smart and professional way. So what are you waiting for? Just click on the download button!

Sample Notice Period Resignation Letter

Looking for an intimation letter format? Then you must take a look at this amazing template. You can download this template and edit to fill in your details. You can state your reasons for resigning, and also include a short, polite message at the end of the letter.

Resignation Letter With Notice Period

Writing a resignation letetr with notice period can be tough and tiresome. Instead, you can just download this template and make your job much easier for you. After all, what could be better than getting a notice period format, all ready to edit!

Sample Retirement Notice Letter

You can use this template for a number of reasons. If you're retiring, you could use it state that in the letter. Or, if you want to extend your retirement, you can use this as a retirement extension letter format as well. Just download and customize!

Sample Resignation Letter Format With Notice Period

Looking for ways to pen down your resignation letetr format with notice period? No need to worry, just download this template. It contains all the details you could possibly require in your resignation letter.

Resignation Withdrawal Letter Example

Writing a resignation withdrawal letter? Well then, you have found the perfect template. It conveys your message in very simple and exact terms and thus avoids any chances of confusions. Isn't that precisely what you want?

Sample Notice of Staff Resignation Letter

The best part about this notice period letter sample is that it states the most important details at the top. The date of approval and the notice period are stated at the beginning, and there is sufficient space below for a short explanation as well.

Notice Period Extension Letter Format

Sample Notice Period Disciplinary Termination Letter


Letter of Resignation Example – Two Weeks Notice

Source: jobsearch.about.com

Beginning from the fonts to the individual paragraphs, you can be sure that most elements of such templates can be modified.. If, for example, the department does not feel the font looks professional or that it does not suit their tastes, then it can be formatted very easily. The Letter Templates are available as free – samples that the company can store for further use.

Tips While Writing a Notice Period Letter

A notice period letter is no matter of joke, it is something that is grave and serious and must be written with care. The next time you write a notice period format for employee, you might want to keep the following tips in mind-

  • While writing the notice period letter to employee, be precise and exact. Do not beat around the bush; a notice period letter is all about brevity. You must keep it simple and short, and make sure that the message is conveyed.
  • The date is the most important part of a notice period letter. The last working day must be mentioned in the very beginning. Different employees get different notice periods, based on their time at the company. Keep that in mind while writing.
  • A short explanation will be appreciated in a notice period letter to boss. It is just a formality, and you can resort to the templates for this. If you aren’t being able to find the right words, a sample could help you out.
  • You must keep the contracts and legal issues in mind while writing. Each employee has a unique contract, and your notice period letter must be written only after thorough research.

Dos and Don’ts


do be precise while writing the letter
include a short descriptive passage


don’t write ambiguous phrases that could be confusing
don’t miss out important points

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