31+ Appointment Letter Templates

Appointment letter templates are perfect for producing appointment communication letters in great numbers. The general layout of the free appointment letters sent out by the HR departments of most corporations is generic in its basic structure. These templates are freely available for download. Trust them to serve your purpose with their well thought out layouts and wordings. Of course, you have the option of making modifications to fine tune the template for your requirement. You can also see Sample HR Notices.

The templates for these appointment letters example, which fall under the category of Acknowledgment Letters, are available in a number of tasteful fonts, in varying sizes, with different content. This allows the HR department to choose the perfect appointment letter to suit the occasion, whether it be welcoming the company’s newest CEO or ushering in the new batch of interns.

Temporary Appointment Letter Template


Teacher Appointment Letter Template


School Appointment Letter Template


Director Appointment Letter Template


Doctor Appointment Letter Template



Free Appointment Letter Format


Appointment Letter Template for Teacher


Appointment Letter Template for Employee


HR Bundle for All Human Resources Management


Adjunct Academic Staff Appointment Letter Template Word Doc

hrs.ualberta.ca | Today academicians and teaching staff members are also hired in quite large numbers. This will solve your purpose completely as you can customize the joining letter format according to your needs.

Faculty Member Administrative Appointment Letter Template

ncsu.edu | This type of appointment template can usually be used by different educational institutions for recruiting teachers and faculty members. The template is in Microsoft Word and can be easily edited.

Clinical Academic Staff Appointment Letter Word Format


Download General Manager Appointment Letter Template Sample

livecareer.com | This type of letter is usually issued some senior official of the company because the designation is of a prestigious post. It can be designed/ written in MS word or PDF format. The salary structure and other conditions may be mentioned separately.

Relevant Collective Agreement Appointment Letter Example

employment.govt.nz | This letter of appointment can prove to be very handy in case you have reached out an agreement with some employee whom you are appointing in your company collectively together.

Download Member of a Union Appointment Letter Template

employment.govt.nz | This appointment needs to be issued to someone who has been selected as the member of any union or council especially in government or in any other organization. The employee can also be given a meeting appointment letter in the beginning.

HR Manager Appointment Letter Format Template for Free

indiafilings.com | If a company is appointing someone as a HR Manager, this letter template is an ideal example. Here you give all the details including terms and conditions plus the salary details as well.

ASE Initial Appointment Notification Letter Template Free Download

hrweb.berkeley.edu | The appointment letter template is for the post of Academic Student Employee and is again is useful for the academic institutions and colleges who appoint these staff.

Printable Sample Graduate Assistant Appointment Letter PDF

umces.edu | This sample appointment letter template is given to employees who have been issued appointment letter as graduate assistant or the junior employees. You can get it in PDF format and it is easily printable.

Sample Staff Memeber Appointment Letter

gvsu.edu This is a very simple appointment letter template which is given to the staff member who is appointment on different posts appointed by any company. This is available in word and PDF format.

Sample Appointment Letter

Adjunct AP Appointment Letter


Sample Offer Letter Administrative Professional

  • sample-offer-letter-administrative-professional1


Faculty Appointment Letter


Sample Offer Letter

Sample Affiliate Faculty Appointment Letter


Appointment Letter Format

Sample Guest Scholar Appointment Letter


Letter of Appointment Example

Sample Copy Appointment letter

Sample System Administrator Appointment Letter

Sample Secretary Offer Letter

Sample Letter of Appointment

> Some Vital Features of an Attractive looking Appointment Letter Template

The offer letter or the appointment letter is usually printed on the official letter-head of the company. It must have the following important features-

  • First, the HR of the company congratulates the candidate for getting selected and welcomes him to the organization
  • The job appointment letter should mention that the candidate is selected for the said post and the date of appointment. Furthermore, it should inform the candidate whether he/she is being hired on permanent, temporary or contract basis. You can see also Letter templates.
  • Next it also needs to mention whom the appointed candidate will be reporting to on the date of joining. It can also inform about the job responsibilities and his role in the company. However, some companies mention all these facts separately in an offer letter which also informs him about the salary and payment procedure.
  • Easy to use font styles of many kinds provide choices with regard to the visual appearance of the letters.
  • There are a number of appointment letter templates available, varying by content. These variations are to accommodate for the many different appointments that are made, since the department cannot use a single format to address all newcomers. See this Sample HR Survey Forms.
  • The major structure of the letter is provided in the template. Modifications as per the requirements are fully possible, but it removes the need to write the entire letter over and over.
  • It is tedious to type out an appointment letter for the numerous occasions when someone joins the company as is the case with Promotion Letters. It is useful to have a sample stored locally.

A letter of appointment can be regarded as one of the most official documents which confirm the recruitment of a candidate to a said post. You would usually receive it in a form of a soft or hard copy from the concerned HR of the company or the proprietor of the company.

If it is a government undertaking, the letter is generally issued by the recruitment cell. However, before you get the good news you have to qualify the screening test and also clear the interview. Every company follows a procedure to hire candidate which the eligible candidates are selected. You can see also HR letter templates.

> Benefits of Appointment Letter Templates

You can find a number of sample templates on the internet. So, it helps in reducing your workload. If the HR has to issue appointment letters in bulk it can download free appointment letter format and then type the matter to send accordingly. The templates present all the information regarding appointment in a sequential manner so that no necessary information is missed out. Moreover, a well designed and eye-grabbing company appointment letter can make a lasting impression on the selected candidates. You can see also promotion letter templates.

> Tips on Making your Appointment Letter Attractive

When you ask for resumes of the candidates for the said post, you expect them to send or email it in an impressive manner. So, now it is your turn to send them a good looking letter of appointment. Here are a few tips on how to write appointment letter that is chic and attractive.

  • The name of the candidate should be clearly mentioned so that no one can misuse the letter. It is also important to mention the date of joining.
  • The designation of the post should be highlighted along with other important facts such as the job responsibilities of the candidate. You can also keep a duplicate copy of the letter to keep a record in the company.
  • You can issue a simple appointment letter on and type the details to send/email letter to the candidate.
  • The hr appointment letter for job does not comprise of any fancy pattern unlike other letter templates which are used for promotional purpose. You can see also rejection letter templates.
  • If the company wants the candidate to sign a bond, then the terms and conditions should be clearly mentioned
  • Lastly, a good joining letter for job should end with wishing good luck to the candidate and expecting him to perform his role to the best of his abilities

> Types of Appointment Letter Templates

You will be in fact, surprised to note that there are different kinds of employment letters of appointment templates which are designed for different types of posts. Some of them include appointment of academic staff, faculty members, general manager, director, medical officers, and recruitment to various posts in IT industry, HR Manager, Assistant Managers, various engineers, accountants, back office executives receptionists, secretary and much more.

> Purpose or Usage of an appointment letter template

The main use or purpose of an appointment request letter is to offer the job to the selected candidate and give the entire information regarding the job; plus the terms and conditions in a written format which makes it more authentic. It is confirmation in writing that the candidate has been chosen for the job and he has to deliver his services according to the expectations of the company.

> Some Dos and Don’ts

The appointment letter should contain all the details and should be written in a well presentable way. You can check out a few example of appointment letter before typing and printing such a letter. Do not miss out any vital information or give the facts in a clumsy manner. No need to use any stylish fonts(Best free fonts) or colorful patterns because it will go in the company letter head. Do not forget to sign the letter in the end.

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