10+ Sample Rejection Letter Templates & Examples

Many requests are made of the HR department on a daily basis, as employees are hardly without grievances. Moreover, it is the company’s HR department that must also respond to those seeking a job at the company.

Thus, the department is often found writing a large number of rejection letters to several people, which these templates make easier. As the letters no longer must be written from scratch, the department is free to concentrate on other more important matters

Sample Application Rejection Letter

Rejection Letter Template Sample


Example Candidate Rejection Letter

Source: scribendi.com

Sample Applicant Rejection Letter

Sample Rejection Letter Candidates Interviewed


Change The Tone and Style as Per The Need

These are also a kind of Acknowledgment Letter that can be used to address several situations, such as the rejection of the grievances of certain employees the department deems too petty or turning down an application seeking work at the company. Since it is also uncomfortable to write such letters, the templates are a ready solution.

  • Change the body of the template or select a template dealing with the issue that is being handled.
  • Layout and wording can be changed easily with different rejections requiring different tones, such as writing Termination Letters where the services of certain employees are no longer needed.

Applicant Rejection Letter Sample


Rejection Letter Sample Following Interview

Candidate Rejection Letter Sample


Interview Rejection Letter – Position Filled

Resource: shrm.org

Sample Rejection Letter Template

Source: hr.iu.edu

Edit Various Other Aspects

Choose whether the letter would appear in Times New Roman, Arial or some other font, determine the size of the fonts, etc., thereby tailoring the letter to the personalized needs of the department. The department can download the templates for free and keep them as samples, not accruing any additional costs.

We have collected some Sample of Rejection Letters, hope these templates will help you.

Candidate Rejection Letters

Rejection letters Under Scrutiny

Job Candidate Rejection Letter

How to Write a Rejection Letter

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