21+ Sample HR Notice Templates & Examples

As a part of the department of human resources, you are in charge of various functions critical to the functioning of any business concern, from the recruitment of new employees to the training and development of existing ones, not to mention terminations and redundancies. And integral to the functioning of any efficient HR department is the formal notice. When there is information that needs to be given out hr policies, there is always a protocol to follow and a form to fill up.

HR Documents Package – in Word, Excel, Google Docs, iPages


Notice of Job Opening Template in Google Docs


Notice to Employees of New Vacation Policy Template in iPages


Notice of Termination Template in Google Docs


Notice to Employees of Unsatisfactory Behavior Template in Word


Notice of Intent to Terminate Template



  • self funded leave program notice

Sample Registered Nurse Unit Employees Notice

  • sample registered nurse unit employees notice


Vacation Travel Assistance Update Notice

  • vacation travel assistance update notice

Source: tbs-sct.gc.ca

Sample Police Officer Unit Employees Notice

  • sample police officer unit employees notice2


Change to Membership Dues Notice

  • change to membership dues notice

Source: tbs-sct.gc.ca

Sample Not Represented Notice

  • sample not represented notice


Sample Health Care Professional Unit Employees Notice

  • sample health care professional unit employees notice


Sample Clerical Unit Employees Notice

  • sample clerical unit employees notice

Sample Disciplinary Memo Notice

  • sample disciplinary memo notice

Sample Warning Letter Notice

  • sample warning letter notice

Sample Great Hospital Hr Notices

  • sample great hospital hr notices

Source: eirmc.com

Disciplinary Decision of Dismissal Notice

  • disciplinary decision of dismissal notice


Hour Towing Notice Example

  • hour towing notice example


Notice of Workers Compensation Carrier and Coverage

  • notice of workers compensation carrier and coverage


Sample Written Notice Form

  • sample written notice form


Templates for Different Kinds of HR Notices

Among HR notices that you can find free templates for are notice of intent to terminate, for a specific employee, which precedes the actual letter of termination. On the other hand, you may need to circulate a more general notice for a large number of people, or maybe even everyone in the office, maybe instituting a new set of HR guidelines. There are templates for that too.

Efficient Means of HR Communication

Whether it’s the declaration of a holiday or a revision of shifts or even the unfortunate decrease in overtime rates in hr jobs, you can find all the resources that you may need right here. Remember that these sample notices are meant to serve as guidelines, there to help you draft your own notices if you have any questions or need some extra help but not to be used word for word.

We have collected wide range of Sample HR Notices Templates, hope these templates will help you.

Human Resources Information Notices

HR Notice Forms & Documents

HR News & Notices

HR Annual Notices

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