26+ Sample HR Checklist Templates


Checklists serve very important functions in each and every major function of the HR department. After recruiting a new employee, you hand them a new employee checklist, so that they know exactly what they need to do during their first days as a part of your organization hr checklist. You can also see HR Survey Forms. Every company as its own procedures, but generally, there is some kind of orientation process, during which the new employee gets their ID card and, of course, a welcome letter, submits paperwork such as payroll information and employment eligibility verification, and generally finds out anything else they need to know. And the reason they remember to get all of this done is because they have that Checklist Templates.

492+ HR Templates in PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Apple Pages, Google Sheets, Apple Keynote, Google Slides - START DOWNLOADING

HR Documents Bundle – in Word, Excel, Google Docs, iPages

hr-documents-bundle-in-word-excel-google-docs-ipages Download

Checklist Pre-Termination Template in Google Docs

checklist-pre-termination-template Download

Checklist Pre-Layoff Template in iPages

checklist-pre-layoff-template Download

Termination Meeting Checklist Template

termination-meeting-checklist-template Download

Checklist Worker’s Compensation Claims Template in Word

checklist-workers-compensation-claims-template Download

Checklist Giving Job Performance Feedback Template in Word

checklist-giving-job-performance-feedback-template Download

Checklist New-Employee Orientation Template in Google Docs

checklist-new-employee-orientation-template Download

New Hire Checklist Template

new-hire-checklist-template Download

Blank Checklist Template

blank-checklist-in-google-docs Download

Checklist Template in Excel

checklist-template-in-ms-word Download

Employee Termination Checklist Template

employee-termination-checklist-template Download

Worker’s Compensation Claims Checklist Template

workers-compensation-claims-checklist-template Download

Checklist Pre Employment Template

checklist-pre-employment-template Download

Checklist Home Based Employee Template

checklist-home-based-employee-template Download

Checklist Hiring Employees Template

checklist-hiring-employees-template Download The same goes for an internal audit, where lots of different records, such as HR payroll forms, are being examined, or for statutory records and returns (though obviously those checklists look very different). Most business concerns rely on internal auditors for reviews, and a checklist, during this process, can be used to determine whether necessary practices are present, if redundant ones are in place and so on.

Sample Recruitment and Selection Checklist

sample recruitment and selection checklist


Sample New Employee Onboarding Checklist

sample new employee onboarding checklist


New Employee Checklist Sample

new employee checklist sample

Sample New Hire Orientation Checklist

sample new hire orientation checklist

New Employee Onboarding Checklist

new employee onboarding checklist


Sample Employment Ending Checklist

employment ending checklist1

Sample Human Resources Employee Separation Checklist

sample human resources employee separation checklist


Sample Supervisor’s Checklist for New Employee Orientation

sample supervisors checklist for new employee orientation

Sample Selection and Hiring Checklist

sample selection and hiring checklist

Sample Performance Management Process Checklist

sample performance management process checklist

Sample New Employee Onboarding Business Center HR Checklist

sample new employee onboarding business center hr checklist


Checklists, during an internal audit, are an excellent way to address any human resource issues within the company.These free checklist templates, available for a variety of different purposes, will give you a better idea of how they should be designed for the best results. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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