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If there is a department in any organization which connects to all the employees, it has to be Human Resources department. These two words essentially convey that human beings, or better still, employees are resources and need to preserved, conserved, addressed and redressed as the need may be. In order to help the human resources support function or department to function better, they need the right metrics and data against those metrics. This part of their job can be simplified and facilitated with the help of HR dashboard templates. You can also check HR Strategy Template.

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Easy-to-Edit HR Templates

easy to edit hr templates
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HR Dashboard Employment Data Template

hr dashboard employment data template

HR Dashboard Performance Template

hr dashboard performance template

HR Dash board Template for Employee Salary

hr dash board template for employee salary

Graphical View of HR Dashboard Template

graphical view of hr dashboard template

Employee Yearly Performance View Dashboard Template

employee yearly performance view dashboard template

HR Attendance Dashboard Template

hr attendance dashboard template

Attrition Analysis HR Dashboard Template

attrition analysis hr dashboard template

Company HR Dashboard Information Template

company hr dashboard information template

HR Dashboard Metrics Template

hr dashboard metrics

edrawsoft.com | This HR dashboard template can easily be built with information about employees and statistics received or collated by the HR department. Like most templates this too can easily be downloaded from the internet and personalized as per the need of the organization, employees and situation. It can also contain information about employee demographics, compensation data, and employee benefits. This might be available online in MS Word, MS Excel or PDF format. As a representative of the HR department, you can use this template as a survey tool even, to measure eleven factors that drive employee productivity and morale. This template can also mirror employee attitudes and behavior and can be linked to business results.

Building Quick and Effective HR Dashboards PDF Download

building quick and effective hr dashboards pdf download

pwc.com | This is one of the HR dashboard templates that are available on the internet in the PDF format, hence, making it easy for you to download it free of cost. By following this template, you can create a dashboard that has the requisite heads of information, doing away with the redundant stuff. Such a dashboard can be used for various purposes. May be to outline the number of employees by year, number of employees by salary and headcount or cover male and female employees band-wise, department-wise, experience- wise, CTC-wise, as per average age etc.

Human Resource Dashboard PDF Download

human resources dashboard


HR Dashboard PDF Free Download

hr dashboard pdf free download


Free HR Metrics Dashboard Download

free hr metrics dashboard


HR Dashboard Sample

hr dash board sample

Of the HR dashboard samples that are available online, most of them are in the MS Excel format, thus making it easier for the HR department of any company to use them after customizing the template to suit their specific needs. It can also be used to focus on the right things that the HR department of an organization should measure. And in order to get to the right things, it’s important that the HR department aligns measurement with the goals, takes the perspective of a business partner into consideration and adds value by strengthening its focus on building capability. It can be a simple looking sample also that can be used to outline the number of employees by year, number of employees by salary and headcount or track attendance or analyses unscheduled absence rate among employees. The HR department can calculate this absence rate by using the formula – unscheduled absence days/workdays * 100.

HR Dashboard Completed Example

hr dashboard example

Sample HR Dashboard Template

sample hr dashboard template

Sample Human Resource Matrics

sample human resource matrics


Human Resource Dashboard Example

human resource dashboard example


Human Resource Dashboard Free

human resource dashboard free


HR Dashboard for Successfull Business

hr dashboard for successfull business


HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics

hr metrics and workforce analytics


What are HR Dashboard Templates?

An HR metrics dashboard is intended to represent crucial information about employees. That information can be about departments, locations, performance etc. of the employees. It also uses charts, pie-charts and pie-graphs to represent this information.

How to Create HR Dashboard Templates?

Such HR metrics dashboard templates can be prepared easily be downloading one of these samples from the internet. They are available free of cost in MS Excel or PDF format. When required, the downloaded HR Complaint Letter Templates can be customized to suit a particular company’s branding and designing aesthetics and also incorporate the logos and other metrics.

Benefits of HR Dashboard Templates

These dashboard templates come with many benefits such as, they can be easily modified with relevant fields and metrics, and they cover a wide range of fields and can be used to tabulate information about the employees. They are also beneficial since these dashboards facilitate in classifying and categorizing employees as per departments, year, performance, locations etc.


These templates make it easier for data to be found by improving data visualization. When you are a part of the HR department in a company or an organization, these dashboard templates facilitate in collating and representing information alongside the metrics that have been laid down by the company. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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