18+ HR Rules & Regulations – Free Samples & Examples

Whether you’re trying to set up the HR machinery at a startup, or need to fine tune the policy booklet for the new financial year, HR Rules and HR guidelines templates are all you will need to set things in place. Right from rules about compensation and leave to Human Resource policies governing the work practices in the organization, this collection of HR Rules templates has documents for all your needs.

Check out medical leave rules templates, overtime compensation rules and regulations, workplace injury and travel compensation rules, and of course, insurance rules – all this and more, with the comprehensive collection of HR rules templates available here.

HR Templates Package – in Word, Excel, Google Docs, iPages


Notice of Termination Work Rules Violation Template in Word


HR Rules Template Regarding Lunch Breaks

Rules of Excellence for HR Managers

Rules Excellence for HR Managers

Rules to Remember with HR Metrics

Rule Book on Internal Organization HR Rule Template


Office of Human Resource RulesTemplate

Source: denvergov.org

Important HR Rules & Laws

Administrative Development HR Rule Template

Source: portlandonline.com

The Rules of HR Template Club

Separation Other Than Dismissal HR Rule Template

HR Business Rules and Regulations Template

Source: .das.ct.gov

Why use HR Rules Templates after all?

  • You can provide thorough information about the rules governing recruitment methods, interviews and tests, and required skill sets. You can even go further and provide information about retirement and severance rules.
  • You can highlight parts to show applicants the transparency with which rules and policy statements are shared.
  • These templates provide basic structures or samples which need only be modified slightly to fit the specifics of your company to create the ideal job descriptions laden with information.

Career Service HR Rules Template

Source: denvergov.org

HR Top Ten – Rules for Supervisor

Recruitment Rules For HR Template

Golden Rules For The HR Manager

HR Business Rules and Regulations

Public Records Information HR Rule Template

Source: portlandonline.com

Human Resource Model Rules of Procedure

We have collected wide range of Sample HR Rules Templates, hope these templates will help you.

Human Resources Administrative Rules

HR Business Rules and Regulations

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