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Lookbook? That is probably the most common reaction from people when they hear the term, but it shouldn’t be that surprising since not everyone actually uses the term “lookbook”. In fact, many people are so unfamiliar with it, they are unaware that they’ve already been looking into one when it comes to gathering ideas on what to wear or how to mix and match clothing pieces. When people see a booklet or a magazine-like instrument which features fashion-related topics, the first thing that comes into their minds is a catalog. This is exactly the reason why people are unfamiliar with what lookbooks are because they often mistake it for catalogs or fashion magazines, but we will get into that later on.

For now, let us discuss on what we have gathered here for you, which is a collection of different fashion lookbook designs and templates that you can download and use for yourself. These templates come in different shapes and colors, which make it very likely that you’ll be able to find what you need in this article. We have gathered these lookbook templates from various websites which also offer other fashion-related products ranging from magazines layouts to brochure designs. So why bother looking for fashion lookbook templates someplace else when you’ve already found them right here? If you’re all set, then go ahead and start scrolling down to see the templates yourself.

If you want your design to look organized even with so many elements added to it, then you might want to use different layers. Take for example the lookbook template above, the bottom-most layer shows a background of leaf illustrations. On top of that is a layer that shows a framed image of a fashion model. For the top-most layer, a solid-colored text box is added where the text is being written. You may also see fashion PSD templates.

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Lookbook  Fashion Magazine Design

lookbook fashion magazine design

Clean Fashion Lookbook

lookbook fashion magazine design1

Studio Lookbook Template

studio lookbook template

InDesign Fashion Lookbook Template

indesign fashion lookbook template

Simple Fashion Lookbook Template

simple fashion lookbook template

What Is a Lookbook?

A lookbook is a book which compiles various photographs of models wearing different types of outfits. A lookbook is intended to show off the model herself, the clothing that they are wearing, the fashion or style that the model is trying to pull off, the stylist responsible in creating the model’s look, or the photographer who took the picture. Also, the purpose why readers enjoy scanning through lookbooks is because it gives them ideas on how to properly style outfits—usually according to the season—or what the recent trend is in the world of fashion. You may also see fashion Magento themes.

While there are printed lookbooks such as the ones shown in this article, there are also lookbooks that are published on the internet, and these fashion websites could either be in the form of a collection of photographs in a website, or in video form which is uploaded on video streaming websites. And lastly, while there are lookbooks which are made by actual professionals, there are also lookbooks which are made by individuals trying to emulate the styles of famous celebrities and public figures.

Minimalist Spring Fashion Lookbook Template

minimalist spring fashion lookbook template

Just in time for the bright spring and summer seasons, go for a bright color scheme on your lookbook. Aside from just being bright, this lookbook template heavily uses white space which helps to create a minimalist and clean appearance.

Summer Spring Fashion Lookbook Template

summer spring fashion lookbook template

Monochrome Fashion Lookbook Template

monochrome fashion lookbook template

Minimalist Fashion Lookbook Template

minimalist fashion lookbook template

Creative Design Fashion Lookbook Template

creative design fashion lookbook template

If full-paged images are too much for you, then have them inside frames and use the white space for the textual elements. Check out the lookbook template above for an idea as to how this theme can be pulled off and how it might end up looking. You may also see fashion zen cart templates.

Professional Fashion Lookbook Example

professional fashion lookbook example

What Is the Purpose for Using a Lookbook?

Are lookbooks still relevant in our generation today? Where do they fit in when it comes to conveying information to people? Here, we will educate you with regards to the purpose of lookbooks and why people still choose to use them nowadays. You may also see fashion design sketches.

1. A lookbook showcases the products that are being offered by fashion designers or clothing lines. However, instead of showing only the clothing piece, these are actually worn by an actual person and is properly matched with another clothing piece or some accessories.

2. A lookbook expresses the theme of a brand and gives its viewers an idea as to where the style might probably lead to, and it also helps in engaging viewers in a story which makes it more effective in creating a good impression. You may also see fashion business cards.

3. Just like simple fashion magazines, a lookbook can also be beneficial to consumers since it gives them a fully assembled style from headgears to footwear, and from clothing to accessories.

Grunge Themed Fashion Lookbook Template

grunge themed fashion lookbook template

To add enhancement to your lookbook’s design, apply a noise filter on the design for a grunge-like appearance similar to the one used on the lookbook template above. Just make sure not to exaggerate the use of the filter as it may end up ruining the quality of the images.

Multipurpose Booklet Fashion Lookbook Example

multipurpose booklet fashion lookbook example

Horizontal Fashion Lookbook Template

horizontal orientation fashion lookbook template

Square Fashion Lookbook Design

square fashion lookbook design

You don’t necessarily have to go for a portrait or vertical orientation on your lookbooks, you may be allowed to go with something unconventional to make your lookbook stand out. Take for example the lookbook template above, which utilizes a 1:1 aspect ratio, or in other words, a square shape. you may also see fashion flyer templates.

What Is the Difference Between a Lookbook and a Catalog?

A fashion lookbook is defined as simply a tool that exhibits people wearing different clothing pieces, mixing and matching the tops and bottoms, showcasing a clothing line’s most popular pieces or the latest additions to their brand, etc. The only thing with fashion lookbooks is that they are meant to only show off styles and trends and not to sell them—thus the name “look book”—it is up to the reader to look for these clothing pieces themselves in an attempt to copy the style that is being featured. You may also see fashion flyer PSD templates.

With fashion catalogs, their contents are very similar to lookbooks but with one minor difference, catalogs indicate the price for each clothing piece worn by the model. Sometimes, catalogs simply feature images of just the clothing pieces or the fashion accessories themselves and not being worn by a model. With catalogs, they would usually include business or contact details somewhere at the backmost page for those consumers who wish to purchase something that is being featured on the catalog.

Simple PSD Fashion Lookbook Template

simple layered fashion lookbook template

Show people the content that they are expecting with this lookbook template. Each page of this template is intended to feature specific styles and clothing pieces, which is actually a good thing since this is what lookbooks are about in the first place. You may also see lookbook magazines.

Photoshop Fashion Lookbook Template

smart photoshop fashion lookbook template

Modern Themed Fashion Lookbook Template

modern themed fashion lookbook template

Tips on How to Design a Lookbook?

1. A lookbook is a book that is mainly for “looking”, and it is used by people to gather inspiration on what to wear or how to wear certain clothing pieces. Because of this purpose, lookbooks should stray away from distracting its readers by including a lot of text or unnecessary graphical elements. Go for a more subtle or simpler theme since it helps in emphasizing the necessary content of the lookbook.

2. Use high-quality images on the lookbook, not only will it help readers clearly see every detail on the image and every accessory worn by the model, but it can also provide you with a positive impression from the public since it goes to show that you did not neglect on the quality of your lookbook. You may also see studio lookbook magazines.

3. Don’t just use fashion photographs of models standing over a white background. While this may seem like a safe choice since it allows you to emphasize on the model’s clothing and accessories, but you can actually take advantage of the environment. Depending on the type of clothing, you can actually have the photo taken at an appropriate location to give viewers an idea as to where this type of clothing can be worn. But in other instances, you may also choose to add the background during post-processing.

4. Use a glossy type of paper when printing, and you may even want to use an ink toner that can create a glossy finish for an even more stunning lookbook. When doing this, just make sure that the images used are also high-resolution so as to make the lookbook worth “looking”. And also, since you are going to be working with glossy materials, allow the print to dry off completely before handling it to avoid smudges. You may also see minimal magazine templates.

Square Clean Fashion Lookbook Template

square clean fashion lookbook template

Minimalist Horizontal Fashion Lookbook Template

minimalist horizontal fashion lookbook template

Check out the creative yet minimalist lookbook template above which is something that even those who are not into minimalism may be interested in. Why do we say so? Because regardless of this template’s simplicity, it is able to showcase its contents very effectively by utilizing negative spaces and equally-split pages.

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