17+ Inspirational Examples of Chalk Art Design & Paintings

> The centuries-old history of Chalk Art

Chalk has been used for centuries as a medium to create art, dating back to the Stone Age. This art gave rise to another art- a street painting that originated in 16th century Renaissance Italy. World War II had an adverse effect on street painting art and reduced the number of artists significantly. In 1972 a small town of Grazie di Curtatone in Italy organized the first International Street Painting Competition, reviving the lost art form. Traditionally, white chalk and sometimes black and red chalk was used for creating Drawing and art. Today, chalk is available in a variety of colors.

chalk art

> Modern day form and practices of Chalk Art

Present-day street painting art is a modern twist of an ancient tradition. The Grazie di Curtatone competition, once held to revive the art, now attracts more than 200,000 visitors each year. Numerous annual chalk festivals like Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida are being organized worldwide. Formerly used simple chalks have been replaced by Handmade French pastels. At present times, digital technology is slowly but steadily replacing street painting altogether and Graphic Designers are replacing street chalk artists. The chalk art created digitally is more modern, complicated and multifaceted.

> Chalk Art Ideas represented in digital form

  • Chalk look in Photoshop: design is hand drawn, scanned at high resolution and then edited in Photoshop to include smudges, chalk dust and everything else to give it a realistic appeal.
  • Vector art- it enables enlargement or reduction of an image without losing resolution. However, there is a chance of losing texture. It also lacks gradients and shades options. It is an ideal tool when one desires for a chalk-type look but needs to scale the art across several applications.

Horse Chalk Art

horse chalk art

Father & Son Chalk Art

father son chalk art

Baby Tiger Chalk Art

baby tiger chalk art

Beautiful School Chalk Art

beautiful school chalk art

Beautiful Chalk Horse

beautiful chalk horse

Legendary Chalk Art

legendary chalk art

Bear Chalk Art

bear chalk art

Effects Chalk Art

effects chalk art

Eagle Chalk Art

eagle chalk art

Stylishmen Chalk Art

stylishmen chalk art

Boxing Chalk Art

boxing chalk art

Parrot Chalk Art

parrot chalk art

Designed Chalk Art

designed chalk art

Simple Chalk Art

simple chalk art

Butterfly Chalk Art

butterfly chalk art

School Chalk Art

school chalk art

> Graphic Designers offer Chalk Art in template form

Earlier Chalk Art used to be a time consuming and complicated task. With the advancement in technology, artists can today design Chalk Art in their studios, create templates and deliver them to the clients online, at a fast pace. Artists also often create their own Chalk Art library, where the artworks are usually available in PDF and PSD formats with transparent backgrounds, that allows them to combine different images, designs, fonts, and backgrounds to create a new unique template. These are often available for free download.

> Tips to create a Chalkboard Effect in Illustrator

  • Use Pencil Tool to sketch out the word

Draw a rectangle covering the Artboard using Rectangle Tool. Use the Pen Tool to trace the outline of the word. Unite the shapes in the Pathfinder panel.

  • Apply Texture in Appearance Panel

Introduce a new fill and draw it just underneath the effect fill. Next, reduce the opacity levels. With the help of the paintbrush tool, use it to sketch-draw small rectangular lines and then just roughly scribble around the edge of the pattern’s bounding box. You can also see Rectangular shape

  • Texture the Background

Use the Gradient Tool and Gradient panel to apply subtle Radial Gradient fill in Appearance panel to the rectangular background.