20+ Coolest and Creative World Map Designs For all Art Lovers

Do you remember world map? Can you locate Sweden, Germany or Pacific Ocean in world map? Wait! I’m not a quiz master to test your knowledge levels. I know for people like me, world map is just a medium to score good marks in exam.But for an artist, there are no stones to left unturned. Even the world map has become a creative tool in the hands of an artist. They create world map designs using some uncommon art materials such as water, a tangerine peel, and even lego. See this also Magical Paintings. Here I would like to present the top coolest and creative world map designs. Have a look:

coolest and creative world map designs for all art lovers

Caricature Map of Europe 1914

caricature map of europe

This is a beautiful caricature of a map depicting the continent of Europe. The countries here are portrayed as giants, trolls, lions, beasts and snakes. This is a fantastic illustration of the Europe map.

Typographic World Night Map Free

typographic world night map free

This is a beautiful and well thought out typographic world map with city lights and night colours. It is a beautiful variation of the world map, were continents are drawn with the name of their countries.

Illustrated Kid’s Playmat World Map

illustrated kid’s playmat world map

This is an illustrated world map for kids that would eventually turn out to be a play mat. The map has various fun illustrations on it. There are different types of animals, trees, buildings, bridges etc.

World Map Illustration Free Download

world map illustration free download

This is a very innovative painting of a word map. The map here is drawn on a pink background. Different objects are used to make this painting. Random objects are used such as teacups, football, camera etc.

Ebstorf World Map for Free

ebstorf world map for free

This is a free interpretation of the 13th century world map. This is a very innovative painting. You can download or print this on a hard printing paper and use it according to your requirement.

Reporters without Borders: The Internet’s “Black Holes”

reporters without borders the internet’s “black holes”

This is a very innovative representation of the World map. Fifteen countries in this world are said to be the black holes of the World Wide Web. These countries are indicated with black while the rest are indicated with green criss-cross lines.

World Map Puzzle Download

world map puzzle download

This is a great representation of the World map. This is a puzzle of the world map where different countries are illustrated by a symbol that represents their country in some way or the other. This is a great gift for your little one.

World Map Designed With Cigarette

world map designed with cigarette

This is an ingenious piece of art. Here the world map is designed by using a number of cigarette butts. Who would have thought of doing that? This is a very innovative and a well thought out painting.

Ayuda en Acción Annual Report World Map

ayuda en acción annual report world map

Artists are quite innovative. They come up with different ideas. This is a cool world map which is actually the annual report of a Spanish NGO called Ayuda en Accion. It is an inventive way to create the world map.

Artistic World Map Art Download

artistic world map art download

This is an artistic version of the world map. The map here is drawn using different colours which makes the whole painting very alluring and catches the eyes immediately. You can download this template.

Vector Dotted World Map Free PSD

vector dotted world map free psd

This is a very different version of the world map. This is a dotted world map on a dull pink background. You can download or print this version and use it according to your requirement.

World Map Abstract Paint Download

world map abstract paint download

Everybody loves maps. This is a mesmerising illustration of a world map made by using different colours on a black background. This painting is perfect for interiors. You can download or print the template.

World Map Metro Style Download

world map metro style download

World Map Illustration in Pink Color

world map illustration in pink color

Fantasy VII Remake Has A World Map

fantasy vii remake has a world map

World Map – Front View Free Download

world map front view free download

World Map for Afisha MIR Magazine

world map for afisha mir magazine

World Flags Inside Candies World Map

world flags inside candies world map

Musical World Map Download

musical world map download

World maps are everyone’s favourite. Here we see the different types in which a world map can be painted. Here, in these paintings, the world map is drawn in different innovative ways. Some used world colours, some used kid’s illustration and some used white vector dots. These paintings are great for interior.

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