26+ Famous Paintings for your Inspiration


Art collectors and fans around the world are now having a rare chance to admire the most famous paintings and other incredible oil paintings that are shown in the museums and art galleries. Here are a total of 10 paintings by the likes of Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci etc. They simply don’t need any introduction. Here you can get ready for the copy cat-competition. Are you frustrated with the pirated products? Let’s see how well do you know about them?

The Birth Of Venus by Sandro Botticelli


This painting of Sandro Botticelli is thought to have been painted in the mid-1480s. Though the nudity is groundbreaking, this fine art painting can be hung in your bedroom.

Vector Painting of Declaration of Independence


What do you know about Declaration of Independence? This Baroque Period Painting of Declaration of Independence comes with old exhibition labels. Throw that clickbait garbage away and get this one. It costs around $40.

The Battle Of Cedar Creek Virginia


This Battle of Cedar Creek Virginia painting by Thure de Thulstrup has been uploaded four years ago. 152 years ago, in the month of October, Captain Henry Dupont successfully led the 8th Army Corps at the battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia. His actions during this turning point battle in the Shenandoah Valley won him the Medal of Honor.

Painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci


Have you ever wondered what makes the painting of Mona Lisa so popular? We are hereby giving you a chance to break the code and solve the mystery. Have a careful look at this Fine art painting. Isn’t it an optical illusion?

Girl with Pearl Earring By Jan Vermeer


Do you want to embark on Glass painting? Then this Girl with Pearl Earring by the famous Dutch Artist Jan Vermeer will be a great inspiration. You can try this on other mediums as well.

Ancient Painting of Sunset Over Ponte Vecchio


For this artist, taking a visitation to Florence was a long-held dream. His dream became true when he took a saunter through the “gates” of the city and to his surprise, it was as wonderful as he had thought of.

Christ in the House of Mary


The Painting of Christ in the House of Martha and Mary by Jan Vermeer costs $39.99. This is the second work of Jan in this article. Have a copy of this on your kitchen wall.

Comic Painting of Charlie Chaplin


This Comic Painting of Comedy King Charlie Chaplin by Paul Meijering is an iconic artwork that was uploaded three years ago. Charlie ruled the roost for more than 75 years and his posters are always in demand.

Famous Painting of Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein was famed for his theory of relativity. This German-born scientist is hailed as the father of modern physics in human history. This caricature of him albeit looks funny, can be used for comics.

Painting of George Washington Taking Salute at Trenton


This Oil painting has been done with millions of color droplets spraying on the surface of the paper. The beautiful color accuracy on a high-quality paper creates natural color transitions.

American Historical Painting of William Henry Harrison


Most Famous Painting of Sistine Chapel Ceiling


American Famous Painting of John Quincy Adams


Art of Washington Crossing The Delaware River


Art of Madonna of the Meadow


Pygmalion And Galatea by Jean-Leon Gerome


Vatican Painting of Mural


Painting of Winston Churchill


Painting of Angels Flying Under the Sky


Canvas of The Birth Of Venus


War of Mural in Vatican


Painting Describing The Death Of Cleopatra


Old Fresco with Beautiful Woman in Florence


Famous Digital Painting by Alicexz


Painting of Game of Thrones


Wall Painting at Rila Monastery Church



Painting of Botticelli’s Venus


The above samples are nothing short of museum-worthy. You definitely feel like you should be interested in this. Many of you might be totally clueless about where these paintings are actually located at. Still, you can draw the attention with these. Also, they will help you to recreate the magic.

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