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Pens for Pointillism – 18+ Best Pointillism Art Examples!

Pointillism is a specialized branch of art & painting where little distinct color dots are used strategically to create stunning paintings. The Pointillism art requires a special set of pens to create the desired finer texture. Are you interested in Pointillism art and looking for the right pens? Well, we are here with our great list of pens for pointillism.

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Morgan Freeman Pen Pointillism Drawing

Girl with Restraints Pointillism Art

The fact that this picture is pure pointillism is amazing. This is a distinct art where little dots are used strategically to create beautiful painting. This picture looks like a stunning black and white photograph.

Amazing Bridge Pointillism Art Example

This is a beautiful painting of a bridge over a water body created by using different coloured pens. The ripples in the water are presented so tactfully and with such precision. This is an amazing example of pointillism. This is a gorgeous work of art. Pointillism is a form of art and painting which requires a lot of dedication, hard work, precision and patience. And that is clearly visible in this beautiful art.

Pointillism Art of Wolf

This is a painting of a wolf that made up entirely of tiny dots. A sharpie pen was used to make this. The basic sketch just includes the outline of the wolf’s head and neck because the artist worked from the outside in. No, this is not a photograph. It is a painting of a beautiful girl made by using pointillism as an art. You can see in the picture, the outlines of the pillars and the artist on his way to creating this stunning art.

Ferocious Tiger Pointillism Art

This painting looks eerily realistic because of the superbly toned, graced with lavish, details. The artist used a pen called a pigment pen which spits out ink instead of rolling it out like ball point.

Creative Pointillism Art For You

This is a great pointillism art of skulls and bones by the artist. It is a very solid and a very clean artwork. It looks like a well-drawn black and white painting with beautiful finesse.

Old Women Portrait of Pointillism Art

Who would say this is not a sketch but an artwork made of some million dots. The artist captured someone’s soul with dots. The attention given to details like shadows and wrinkles are beyond words could describe.

Nordic Pointillism Art For You

This is a beautiful example of pointillism artwork. The dots are so closely put, that the entire drawing appears to be shaded. This picture looks like a black and white sketch. The design is incredibly intricate.

Rhinoceros Pointillism Art

The patience to draw in points is astounding. Especially paintings requiring intricate work like this one. The artist used a Sakura Pigma pen with 005 Micron size. Detailing like this requires a lot of persistence and perseverance.

Octopus Pointillism Art For Free

This picture of an Octopus is filled with minute details. The artist has paid a lot of attention to the specifics in this picture, like the shadows, the eye of the Octopus and its tentacles.

Audrey Hepburn Pointillism Art For You

This pointillism art of Audrey Hepburn is pure genius. The artist captured the soul of this legendry film and fashion icon by a multitude of dots on paper. Varied colour pens were used to create this beautiful artwork.

Dragon Pointillism Art For Free

This picture is a glorious and mind blowing rendition of Deathwing. The artist drew this for one year on and off and that fact is so clearly evident by the attention paid to the minute details.

Beautiful Aloidia Pointillism Art

A great job is done with this picture by the artist. Attention paid on the details in the eyes is really admirable. This drawing looks almost lifelike which is quite an achievement for an artist.

Artistic Pointillism Art For You

Winter Landscape Pointillism Art For You

John Lennon Pointillism Art

Hunter Pointillism Art For Free

Wooden Stave Church Pointillism Art

Pointillism Art of Sunflower For You

Our vast and versatile list of special fine-tip pens (free-flowing ink) will help you at various stages of the Pointillism art. The list is based on the suggestions of seasoned Pointillism artists and hence you can expect a premium selection here. Pointillism is a technique of art and painting which uses tiny distinct dots of colour to form an image. Pointillism shading technique requires quite a lot of effort and patience from the artists. They also need to use technical pens. These are a few examples of some very creative artwork done using Pointillism. This technique requires a lot of practice.

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