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12+ Bad is the New good, Be a Little Vulgar with Middle Finger Emojis

Most operating systems took long to support the much talked about Emoji- the Middle Finger Emoji. Why the wait? Showing the middle finger is considered a rude or insulting gesture. The companies were worried about these Emoji coming across as vulgar. You can also see Heart Emoji. Emojis are a part of the online chat slang culture. They are a huge rage amongst the youth and elders alike. So when the middle finger emoji came about, operating systems, including Apple, grew apprehensive and had reservations because flashing the middle finger is seen a rude and obscene gesture

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Olive Toned Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Extended


Middle FingerEmoji for Google Android


Black Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Download


Middle Finger Emoji Download for Microsoft Windows 10


Up Yours Nacho Middle Finger Emoji Download


Free Download Middle Finger Emoji for LG G5


Download Middle Finger Extended on Samsung Galaxy S7

Emoji of Middle Finger use on Twitter


Hand With Middle Finger Extended on Emoji One Download


> The Variations of Middle Finger Emoji available

The Middle Finger Emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow skin tone is shown by default, but can be changed by applying an Emoji modifier.

  • Middle Finger Emoji+ Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2: displayed as a Pale Skin Tone.
  • Middle Finger Emoji+ Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3: displayed as a Cream White Skin Tone.
  • Middle Finger Emoji+ Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4: displayed as a Moderate Brown Skin Tone.
  • Middle Finger Emoji+ Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5: displayed as a Dark Brown Skin Tone.
  • Middle Finger Emoji+ Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6 displayed as a Black Skin Tone.

> How to get access to the much Awaited Emoji?

After the long wait, the Middle Finger Emoji is now coming at a fast and steady pace to our finger tips. But we need to know how and where to get this Emoji from. All one needs to do in order to get these new Emoji, is update to iOS 9.1. There are two ways of doing so:

  • Go to Settings ? General? Software Update on iPhone, choose download and install.
  • Connect your phone to a PC and update via iTunes. Once you agree to Apple’s Terms and Conditions of Service, the download will begin.

> Tips to use the Tricky Middle Finger Emoji

Earlier the middle finger was one of those lost-in-translation Emoji. If you wanted to send the middle finger to someone, you had to take a picture of your extended finger, crop it, make adjustments, and finally send it. Now that the middle finger Emoji is supported by almost all operating systems, do not go crazy in using it. Treat this like your last resort and send to only those who truly deserve it or to close friends who will not perceive it in a wrong sense.

> Why should you re-think before posting the Middle Finger Emoji?

Most people are aware that showing the middle finger to someone in the UAE is punishable by law. However, one should also know that sending the Middle Finger Emoji in a message or on social media in the UAE is illegal and can lead to fines up to Dhs500, 000 or even jail. However, in order to take action, the police will have to receive a complaint from the receiver of the image. Therefore, the Middle Finger Emoji shared among friends for fun, will not automatically land anyone in trouble.

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