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16+ Best Product Packaging Designs for Inspiration

With so many businesses growing and booming left and right, great marketing and advertising strategies are usually what sets one business apart from the other. Aside from the usual digital and print ads, there are other subtle forms of advertising that consumers are unaware of but that are highly influential and effective. These are the products’ packaging.

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Product packaging does so much more than just contain a product. They serve an even bigger purpose: they carry the brand. The packaging design of a certain product is telling of the kind of product it holds and the company that produced it. Thus, thorough planning is a must in designing packaging. Which is why we’ve prepared a list of the all the best and most creative product packaging designs to inspire you.

Take a look at these beautifully-made and strategic designs that are not only functional, but are stylish as well.

Woodlot Candle Packaging Design

The Woodlot Candle Packaging is simple and minimal to keep the serenity and symbolic meaning of the product. However, there is some unique twist to the design, that gives it just enough edge and character to stand out.

Spongie Product Packaging

This plastic packaging for Spongie is simple and comical to add life to what is usually an easily-discarded product. Its designs are composed of silhouette illustrations with blue color accents to subtly showcase their brand.

Taiwan Local Farmer

The Taiwan Local Farmer packaging is very unique and eye-catching because of its brilliant fusion of traditional designs and modern packaging layout. It’s a food product packaging that effectively shows off its own unique culture for people to have a piece of Taiwan wherever they go.

The Ren Skin Care Packaging makes use of lovely bold prints to create a fun and light atmosphere for its users. Be inspired to take bold risks for your own beauty product packaging with these patterns and colors.

Wölffer Estate “Pink” Gin

Stellar Cosmetics Packaging

Stellar Cosmetics is a high-end makeup brand that took its visual inspiration from the cosmos. The name itself, being an allude to starry constellations, is branded by sensual textures and colors that reflect the nature of the name and image. Its simple and subtle colors and patterns represent the flowing transition from day to night, and to showcase the full spectrum of light through opalescent colors. An amazing packaging design, indeed.

Palermo Body Product Packaging

The unique product packaging design for Palermo takes much of its inspiration from the brand’s ethos itself: mindfulness and simplicity. Every design is created with purpose and are beautifully presented in clean and simple arrangements. The pastel color scheme keeps the mood calm and refreshing, much like the nature of the products themselves.

Aphrodite’s Food Packaging

If you’re looking for cool packaging design ideas, then this Aphrodite’s Food Packaging is one that can take you to the next level. Its unique and graphic illustrations make their products seem worthy only for the Gods. It’s simple, elegant, and utterly sophisticated; a branding strategy done right.

Niche Tea Packaging

This health packaging design for Niche Tea takes a unique turn from the traditional. Because most tea product packaging designs are more inclined towards natural colors and designs. With this particular product packaging, it makes use of bold patterns and textures to be spontaneous and light.

Soul Spice Packaging Designs

Jola Honey Mix Packaging Set

The Jola Honey Mix Packaging Set is designed in fresh and vibrant colors that can entice any buyer. It’s presented simply with a balance of complex and minimalist designs. There is a smart use of fluid patterns that are refreshing to the eyes, and are not entirely dominant in the designs so as not to be too distracting.

SAIKAI Cookies Packaging

Take inspiration from this one of a kind cookie packaging design. It is crafted creatively to present the product in the most unique way possible. This SAIKAI Cookies Packaging definitely tops the list of the most presentable and functional product packaging designs.

Frasier Fir Northwood Products Packaging

FLOAT Soap Packaging Design

Abstract shapes and pastels usually make for a good retro packaging design. They’re quirky and charming, just like this FLOAT Soap Packaging Design. With this particular design, the nature and purpose of the product is very much embedded in the packaging: calm and uplifting. Thus, effective packaging are those that speak well about the brand and product through design alone.

The Bijou Factory Packaging Design

CARPOS Olive Oil Packaging

The CARPOS Extra Virgin Olive Oil Packaging is the embodiment of pure and organic from head to foot. The actual bottle itself is an eco-sustainable packaging. The packaging, although clean and minimal, has gone through a meticulous design process for its unique form and distinct look.

Make this list your main source of inspiration for your own product packaging. With diversity in designs, you’re sure to formulate your own unique ideas. You can download packaging design templates to get started. Browse and download as many design elements you believe can best represent your brand.

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