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21+ Add Fun to your Chat with these Emoji Pictures!

The word emoji is meant by pictographic character. Emojis are ideograms used in electronic messaging and social networks. These are much like ASCII emoticons. The concept of emoji originated from Japanese mobiles in late 90s. It became famous in 2010. You can also see Emoji Story. The emoji pictures connote various types of things. The emojis include various facial expressions, animals, common objects, flags, building, musical instruments, dresses, and foods. They even include various symbols of religion, mathematics, Greek. Each and every emoji hold a particular meaning.  The emojis denoting the facial expressions are the most famous funny emojis among all.

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> Types of Emoji Pictures Used

There are various types of Emoji Pictures. They are as follows:-

  • Happy faces
  • Flirty Faces
  • Negative faces
  • Hand Symbols
  • Hearts

The emojis representing the facial expressions are the widely used emojis. One can use different types of emojis for expressing different moods. Each and every emojis have a specific significance for its use. For instance, the smiley emoji is used to express happiness. The face with tears of joy signifies huge laughter, the face with smiling devil thorns signifies naughtiness.

Happy Face Emoji With Smiling Eyes

Emoji Romantic & Kissing Face

Funny Emoji Face of Joy Download

Angry Emoji Pouting Face Download

Shocking Emoji Hushed Face Download

Download Emoji Different Man

iOS Emoji Woman Free Download

Download Hand Emoji Fisted

Man & Women Emoji Pictures Download

Pointing Finger Emoji Picture for IPhone

Women Emoji Picture with Actions Download

Heart Emoji Pictures Download for Android

Emoji Small Animal Face Picture Download

Animal Emoji Pictures Download

Water Animal emoji Pictures to Download

Flower Emoji Pictures for Phone

Android N Drops Gender-Neutral Emoji Picture

Ninja Cat: The Windows-only Emoji Pictures

New Zealand Changed Its Flag Emoji Picture

Adds and Removes Diversity Horse Racing Emojis

Giraffe Emoji Petition Picture Download

> What are the uses the Emoji Pictures ?

The use of emoji pictures has been popularized due to the rise of smartphones. Smartphones have brought these emojis into mainstream. From text messages to Instagram hash tags, the use of emoji pictures have become tremendous. The use of the emoji pictures have spread through facebook, whatsapp, hike, twitter and other social networking sites and messengers.

> The use of the emoji pictures do the following :-

  • Highlights a text message or a post.
  • Attract the attention of friends and readers to go through one’s messages or posts.
  • Helps to express one’s feeling through texts.
  • Helps in better understanding for the readers.
  • Expresses one’s mood.
  • Used in advertising purpose with fonts

> How to use Emoji Pictures

Emoji pictures are readily provided in the keyboards of messengers like Whatsapp, Hike and Viber. These are also widely used in facebook and twitter. One can use the emoji pictures in writing text messages or to post statuses in social networks. The emojis make the writings attractive. They express the feelings of the writer and make it easy for the readers to understand the writer.Using the emojis in text messages can turn conversations into much more fun. One should not use these emojis in official purpose. They can affect the formality of the writing and may not be liked by the other person. One should not use these emojis in headlines of their writings however using the emojis in headlines of advertisements can bring a lot of benefit.

> Why use Emoji Pictures in Texts?

Nowadays Emojis are severe part of text messages. The use of emojis in texts is the way to express how one feels. Use of emoji pictures in text messages are a way to exchange feelings between two persons. People use these types of emojis according to their necessity expressing their respective feelings in their texts. Emojis are very valuable for advertisements as well. They attract attention of the people promoting the name of the company.

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