20+ Online Magazine for the Web Designers

Are you looking for a magazine exclusively for web designers? Are you looking for the magazines which focus on the latest trends? Are you looking for the magazines which inspire you for your designs? To answer all these query and enthusiast, we bring you the 20+ online magazine for the web designers. These magazines carry inspiration, information, trending art and fashion, pictures and everything you need for inspiration. Browse down to know more. You can also see Brand New Magazine Templates.

online magazine for the web designers

Dapper Esq


Dapper Esq is an online magazine for men. It consists of the best posts handpicked including blogs and products. It covers style and everything which caters to men. It is a curated blog with full of entertainment. Visit this amazing website to know more.

A List Apart


A list apart is a website exclusively for web designers and developers. They share the best of the web standards and practices. The website was launched in 1998 and has a rich content on the website. The content is copyrighted and you may also contribute to the website if you wish.



Bak is an online magazine which will serve you with the daily dose of inspiration. It has featured some of the best of interviews, curated visual content, it started in 2005 and have been a platform for the young artists, it is a bilingual website having the languages English and Turkish. This website has a major traffic and downloads. Bookmark it for all the info you need in the world of the designs.

PDF Mags

pdf mags

Pdf Mags is an information base for the fresh pdf magazines. The magazines are inspirational and new. It curates the content from all over the world. Click on the link below to reach the website.



Destructed has a list of list of magazines at the website. You can download any magazine with the pdf. It also has an option for the audio. Click on the link below to check the website.


komma magazine

It is a university magazine from the University of applied sciences, Mannheim. The entire magazine is managed by the students and the editors. It is an aid for the students who want to showcase their work, they feature students from Bachelors and Masters. The issue is sent to mega-giants of the designing field.

Delve Magazine


Delve Magazine had the vision to explore the visual culture. It does experiments on designs. Illustrations, photography, and another type of visual arts. Click on the link to know more.



Root is the another magazine which brings out the issue. You can download the magazine from the website. Click on the link below to reach the website.

Revolution Magazine


Revolution is a wonderful magazine featuring the best of art, videos, music and illustrations in pdf format. It has got a huge number of subscribers and the magazine is being read by many. It serves as an inspiration to artist, models, photographers, advertisers and designers. It is one of the respected publication globally. Subscribe nad visit them now!

Castle Magazine


This is the another beautiful magazine which you must check out. It has got an attractive homepage filled with a lot of information you need today. Click on the link below to experience yourself.

Blanket Magazine


The blanket magazine has released a lot of print and online issues related to the artist, designers and photographers globally. It has everything in it related to the world of designing and art.

Bio Fuel

bitfuul magazine

Biofuel is a pdf publication which is free. This has covered art and photography. Various artists are associated with this publication. Click on the link below to know more.

Breed Magazine

breedmag magazine

Breed Magazine

is the another magazine which can be downloaded and read. Click on the link below to reach the website.

Ruby Magazine

ruby mag

Ruby is an online art magazine which gives the platform to various artists and promotes their work. It shares their work and it is run by an artist herself named Irana Douer. Have a look at this beautiful magazine.

NLF Magazine

nlf magazine

This is the another NLF magazine which has a vibrant issue. You can download this amazing magazine by clicking on the link below.



TXT is an art magazine. It is contributed by the different artist around the world. It is exclusively for web designers, photographers and another type of artist. Click on the link to reach to the website.

Proteus Magazine


Proteus magazine is published by the Dustin Parker arts. It is an online magazine and art blog. It features all kind of content related to designing, photography and art.

Beast Magazine

inspitration beast

Beast magazine is also called the bible of the inspirations. It is available in the pdf format. It focuses on content and designs and has no ads to distract you. It focuses on art, photography, designs and other creative stuff.

File Magazine

file magazine

File magazine is exclusively for photographers and it is a photo related magazine. It features those pictures which are taken in unexpected ways and are way different from the mainstream. Click on the link and keep visiting this website.

Aren’t these magazine worth a read? Keep reading them all and be updated about the dynamic world of designs. These were the 20+ online magazine for the web designers. For more exciting stuff on design, keep visiting this space.

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