20+ Funny & Witty Billboard Ads which will Surprise you for Good!

Advertising is one of the major tools which is adopted by the private companies to gain popularity. It adds a brand value to the product you are advertising. It is generally done using Newspapers, Televisions, Radio and online Websites. The advertisement persuades the consumers to buy the product through their advertisement. A good advertising creates demand in the market. Although advertising adds cost to the original product but it helps in increasing the sale of the product directly. You can also see this Ad Templates.

funny and bitty billboard ads

Anando Milk Funny Billboard Ads.

anando milk funny billboard ads


Anando milk has used an incredible billboard advertisement to reach to the audience. Their billboard advertisement is extremely creative. It depicts a boy moving the floor of the building from the middle. Although advertising is unrealistic but it conveys the meaning at its best way possible.

Swimming Pool Biilboard Ads

swimming pool biilboard ads


This swimming pool billboard advertisement has a creative tagline which conveys the purpose of the advertisement at the best place possible. It portrays about the global warming inside the swimming pool with an eye-opening content.

Red Cross Transparent Billboard Ads

red cross transparent billboard ads


The red cross is giving a visual treat with its advertisement. The billboard has distorted structure placing the original one with the billboard advertisement. It is placed on a truck.

Transplantation Real Hip Hop Billboard Ads

transplantation real hip hop billboard ads


This hair transplantation advertisement is breaking the creative barriers with its advertisement. The Billboard is simple but when a human is placed under it, it conveys its meaning. This is an apt advertisement targeting hair transplant consumer and the place it has been put up, couldn’t have been better than this.

Adidas: Petr Cech Funny Billboard Ad

adidas petr cech funny billboard ad


Adidas is a global brand and have been known for their innovative advertisement. This is one of the creative billboards. It couldn’t have been better than this. Isn’t pleasing?

Barge Resistance Funny Billboard Ad

barge resistance funny billboard ad


Nestle Bill boards out of the World

nestle bill boards out of the world

Nestle is the brand we all love to get treated with but what makes it more pleasing are their advertisement creative ideas which keep popping out. Here is one of the example.

Martor Razor Blade Bill Boards Ad

martor razor blade bill boards ad


Billboards Ad of Mars Chilled Tongue

billboards ad of mars chilled tongue


Maker’s Mark Liquor Billboard Ads

maker%e2%80%99s mark liquor billboard ads


Law & Order Outdoor Lamp Billboard Ad

law order outdoor lamp billboard ad


Kolestron Naturals Billboards Ad Change

kolestron naturals billboards ad change


Hot Wheels: Curl Bill Board Ad

hot wheels curl bill board ad


Heineken: Awesome 3D Billboard Ad

heineken awesome 3d billboard ad


Formula Toothcare: Bite Funny Billboards Ad

formula toothcare bite funny billboards ad


Ford Mustang: Fast Funny Billboards Ad

ford mustang fast funny billboards ad


Donatos: Model Pizza Billboards Ads

donatos model pizza billboards ads


Best Dairy Milk Chocolate Billboards Ad

best dairy milk chocolate billboards ad


Coca-Cola Straw Funny Billboards Ad Posters

coca cola straw funny billboards ad posters


Billboards ads are used as an advertising tool. They are generally placed in the populated area, highways and traffic signals. Those are the targeted areas to gain maximum attention from the people. We see so many billboards in our routine life but only a few get successful in gaining our attention.

The billboard costs a bomb for the advertising. Merely having a billboard advertisement is not enough. Posting a right content and images is a must. Many advertisers companies have gained attention by posting their advertisement in the funny and witty ways. The tricks have worked in the right manner and has gained the popularity of their brand.

If you are planning to make a billboard these examples can inspire you and they will surprise you how funny and witty a billboard can be. Have a look at these billboards which might make your day.

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