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25+ Crazy and Creative Nail Designs

Tired of plain old French manicures and single colors on your nails? Maybe it is time you tried getting creative to up your nail game! Here are some of the most creative nails art Designs to get your creative muscles working! Check out the following fun, colorful and cute ideas and show your nails some love.

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Acrylic Creative Nail Design

If you are looking for an innovative idea to decorate your nails, this creative nail design idea may inspire you. Small hearts with different colours are painted on white swirls which is placed on a solid black base coat.

Blue Creative Nail Design

Blue colour has a certain elegance about itself. You can simply paint your nails with any blue shade gel nail paint and sprinkle some silver sparkles on the lower end of the nail to create a unique look.

Candy Creative Nail Design

For this creative nail design ideas, you will have to paint your nails alternately with golden and rose gold base coat. Then add rhombus shaped sequences, polka dots on one nail and leopard like patterns on the other nail. Alternate this design for a posh look.

Creative Animal Print Nail Art

For this stylish nail design idea, you will first have to colour all your nails with black solid base. On your third and fourth finger, you will have to divide the nails diagonally and fill up each small triangular portions in separate designs with glittery nail paints.

Creative Double Coated Colors Nail Art

For this creative nail design idea, you will have to paint your nails with a solid white base coat. Then separate out a curved portion and fill it with any colour of your choice. Add small dots with the same colour on the white part with the pointed end of a toothpick.

Creative Nail Art Design

This nail design is a mix of simplicity and intricacy. Three nails are painted in solid red colour with a blue horizontal line passing midway along it. The other two has a blue base colour and the most complex part: a tiny scorpion painted on it.

Creative Nail Design Acrylic

This beautiful yet simple fake nail design will make you go bananas over it. Each nail has a separate design where one has a dual colour, another a solid glittery paint, beads are attached on one and the other has a half-on- half design.

Creative Nail Design Australia

You will require no skills to paint this classic pattern on your nails. Simply coat your nails with a white gel nail paint and let it dry. After that form small petals on any corner of the nail with different nail paints to give a floral effect.

Creative Nail Design Lotion

If you want your nails to exactly look like this creative nail design, then you may have to visit a nearby salon. Each nail has a distinct design. One has a checkerboard while there is an eye on the other, curved patterns on one nail and funky wavy designs on the other.

Creative Nail Design Picture

For this lovely nail design idea, you will have to choose two base coats and cover your nails alternately with them. Then form two consecutive triangular patterns on the upper end and fill up the upper most triangle in black and the one below it with white.

Creative Nail Design Shellac Colors

This shellac nail polish colours have a curvy design on all nails. Then each curve is filled with different gel nail paints like orange, turquoise, yellow, red etc. You may add colours of your choice and design the pattern as per your choice.

Creative Nail Design Stickey Base Coat

For this cute and creative nail design shellac you will first have to cover all your nails with a baby pink gel nail paint. Then divide the nail midway with a glossy blue line. Then draw small flowers with different gel colours and add leaves to them as well.

Creative Nail Design Vinylux

For this creative nail design shellac, you shall have to seek the help of a professional nail stylist. It has various geometrical patterns, lines and shapes in black colour which is painted on a pale base coat like teal, peach and pale yellow.

Creative Nails Design


Creative Nail Art Design

This creative nail design inspiration has a similar pattern on three nails while the other two are left in solid nail paint. For the pattern, you can make small squares, flowers and small dots with any contrasting nail paint colour.

Funky and Creative Nail Art


Maze Type Creative Nail Art


Peacock Nail Art Design


Pink Creative Nail Art Design


Pretty Creative Nail Design


Shellac Creative Nail Art Design


Simple and Creative Nail Art Design


Smileys Creative Nail Art


Summer Creative Nail Design


Unique and Creative Nail Design


Creative Nail Art Idea


>  Some Nail Art Designs to Give you Inspiration for Ideas of Your Own-

  • You can amp up your pale pink nails with a few dull gold polka-dots and Pink Nail Designs. Or glittery purple dots on a lavender base. You can use bobby pins to make the polka dots.
  • How about some hip ombre nails that are all the rage now? You can use this effect on any of your favorite colors. Try black to pale grey, hot pink to peach, green to blue, orange to yellow!
  • Are you an animal lover? Show it on your nails! Coat your nails with a base color and paint small paw-prints on them – simply make one big dot and make four smaller dots on top of it!
  • You can paint your nails nude and stick colorful rhinestones on the tips for a gemstone-y French manicure effect!

Sources: chalkboardnails, nailartdaily, paulinaspassions, dressedupnails, sonailicious If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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