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20+ Valentine’s Nail Designs!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, you decided on a look and chosen an outfit for the special date yet? Include your nails in your makeup routine for the soft romantic look for the important day! Look cute and sexy with dressed up nails and impress that special person!

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Cute Valentine Nail Design

If you have chosen a pink outfit for the upcoming Valentine’s party, then this valentine nail designs pictures is perfect for you. It has a simple light pink solid base on all four nails and a single nail on both hands are painted with polka dots and small hearts.

Easy Valentine Nail Design

This hot valentine’s day nail design is very simple and you can do it without any professional help. Colour four nails with white gel nail paints and the other nail with red glossy paint. Add heart shaped sequences on one, draw horizontal lines with red paints on the other nails.

Lovely Valentine Nail Design

This valentines day acrylic nails will be very difficult to paint yourself and it is better to get a professional help in case you want the exact design. Every single nails is separately designed with distinct images and love quotes like ‘I love you’ , ‘be mine’ and heart shaped patterns.

Nail Art Design for Valentines Day

This Valentine’s day acrylic nails is very cute and easy. You can draw it yourself with a few nail colours or heart-shaped sequences. Simply colour your nails with pearl pink base coat and then draw heart shapes with various colours or paste the heart-shaped sequences on it.

Nail Design for Valentine


Nail Design for Valentines

Are you looking for some out of the box nail art design for this Valentine? Then this one is perfect for you. It has a solid white base coat and beautiful heart shaped patterns with orange nail polish.

Nail Design for Valentines Day

This valentine’s day acrylic nails is very cute and adorable look. Pick up any light shade and a black nail paint. Apply the light shade all over the nails and let it dry. Then create criss-cross pin tuck patterns and small hearts on the nail.

Nails Design for Valentines Day

Though this hot valentine’s day nail design looks a bit complicated but it is not very difficult. All you need is a base colour and a few other contrasting nail paints. Paint your nails with the base coat and after it dries, take another shade and draw lines in a crown pattern.

Red Valentine Nail Design

This classic valentine’s day acrylic nails has a scarlet red base coat over which leafy patterns are drawn. In case you want the exact design on your nails you can either go for fake nails or ask a professional stylist to create this lovely design on your nails.

Simple Valentine Nail Art Design

This valentines day nail designs is so simple and elegant that you can make it even if you have never done a nail art. Simply apply two coats of vermillion red paints on your nails and let it dry. Then draw tiny polka dots in a linear pattern with a heart mid way along the dots.

Valentine Design Nails

This one is yet another hot valentine’s day nail design which requires no expertise or drawing skills. Simply pick up any light shade nail paint and a nude glossy shade. Cover your nails with the nude shade and divide the nails in a heart shape on the lower end. Colour the upper portion with some other colour and your design is ready.

Valentine Heart Nails

This hot valentine’s day nail design is very pretty. Colour your nails with a pale nail paint like teal or sky blue. Then draw heart shaped patterns with silver, pink, red or any other colours. Fill in a few hearts and keep some hollow to create a different look.

Valentine Nail Art

This is a very pretty valentine’s day acrylic nails design. You can make this on your own nails by painting them with solid white base coat. Then draw polka dots of various sizes in each of your nails and place a small pink heart on the upper right corner.

Valentine Nail Art Design

This valentine nail designs pictures is very elementary and straightforward. Paint all your nails with a white base coat and let it dry. Then draw different heart shaped patterns on each of your nails with a bright red colour nail paint.

Valentine Nail Designs Picture

This valentine’s day acrylic nails has a black solid gel paint on the base. Then white swirls are drawn on the nails over which small hearts in different colours are added. This fake nail design is very unique and has all the pretty colours loaded in it.

Valentine Nails Design


Valentines Day Nail Art Design


Valentines Day Nail Design


Valentines Nail Art Design


Valentines Nail Design


Valentines Nails Design


Some of the Cutest Romantic Nail Art Ideas –

  • Go for colors of the red, pink and purple family for this day. Amp it up with a single nail accented with a stamped white rose, or a collection of stick-on pearls or rhinestones in the shape of a bow.
  • You can also draw a small heart at the corner of every nail. Or paint the nails a light shade of ink and draw hearts on with a Pink Nail Designs. Another way to add hearts on your nails is to paint your nails nude, the tips white, and draw colorful small hearts on the white tips only.
  • You can write X-s and O-s with white polish on dark pink nails for hugs and kisses nail art!
  • For a clean chic look, paint your nails with clear polish and draw small hearts with red on them!

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