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There’s no reason for the ‘project nightmares’ anymore! Very often students are observed panicking about their homework to design some poster-like stuffs and there are reasons for these reactions. But academic poster designs bring forth an aura of confidence so that no such assignments can be able to unnerve your kids. Many elder researchers also hate the tedious process of developing academic posters. But these free downloadable academic poster templates can save all your time and worry for sure.You may also see Poster Templates.


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You may also see Concert Poster Templates & Designs. Design academic poster template with InDesign and make the task hassle-free and joyful as well! InDesign provides wonderful poster design templates and easy-to-use tools that are smarter than your hands to be honest. So why not exploit the power? There are a plethora of available academic poster templates in Photoshop as well.

Graduation Ceremony Poster Template

graduation ceremony poster template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • PSD


Editable Academic Celebration Poster Template

editable academic celebration poster template
File Format
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Illustrator
  • PSD
  • Publisher


Seminar Poster Template to Edit

seminar poster template to edit
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • PSD
  • Publisher


SCAD Academic Poster Design Template

scad academic poster design
This poster presentation example is great for any online or PowerPoint presentation. This file comprises of three academic calendars designed for academic projects. If you are looking for a readymade template design to showcase your ideas, then you may give this a try.

Domestic Academic Poster Design Download

domestic academic poster design
In case you have to prepare an online presentation on any given topic, you can use this amazing scientific poster template for the purpose. You can place images and texts in various fonts and colours and turn a simple project into an outstanding piece of work.

Academic Event Poster Design Format

academic event poster design
This poster presentation example is 100 percent scalable vector and layered PSD. It is highly organised which makes it easy to edit. No photo is included in the poster so that you can add pictures of your choice in any sizes.

Ai Academic Poster Design Download

ai academic poster design download
This scientific poster template can be used in powerpoint presentations as well as offline templates. Use it for any academic project as it is available in A5 size which is a common size for charts and projects and other scientific presentations.

Printable Europium Academic Research Poster Design

europion academic poster design
This academic poster in timber green colour can be used for publishing articles, information brochures, scientific research evidences, academic presentations and many more. Suitable for both online and offline usage, this scientific poster size can be rescaled to any preferable size.

Graduate Academic Design Poster Layout

graduate academic design poster
This distinctive college poster has a graduation cap in red colour with an orange bubble above it saying “Graduate time”. You can use it for any academic presentation or place it in your texts. This vector file has bright colours and a very high resolution which makes it easy to edit.

Academic Poster Design Template Download

academic poster design template download
This scientific poster template is great for promoting a school or college, advertising a fest or any upcoming event or as an invitation for a quiz competition or for any extra curricular activities. It is available in three various designs, in a high resolution layered format.

Cool Academic Poster Design Example

cool academic poster design
This scientific poster example has a brown graduate cap aptly placed on a beige background. This is a high resolution PSD file at 300dpi and CMYK format. You can also get colour variations or add any preferable texts or colours in the image to tinge it with your personal touch.

Education Academic Poster Design Template

education academic poster design
Have you been looking for a unique and clean scientific poster example that can be used to promote your coaching classes, school or college? This poster template is ideal for such kind of use and its professional design makes it perfect for using this template in business flyers or banners.

Helping Hands Academic Poster Design

helping hands academic poster design
This poster presentation example has an appealing academic hand design with an open book on a beige setting. You can edit the image without incurring any charges and scale it without any loss of its original look.

School Academic Poster Design Template

school academic poste design
This cute scientific poster template has a small girl who is putting in text books into her school bag. The colour combination is very pretty with blues, oranges and whites. You can edit this EPS as per your requirements and render it in JPG format.

Fantastic Academic Poster Design

fentastic academic poster design
This scientific poster template is a useful flyer and brochure mock up set in vector illustration. You can add images and texts as per your needs and make your project stand out. It can be rescaled to any size before download.

Symbolic Academic Poster Design Template

symbolic academic poster design
This brilliant scientific presentation example is ideal for academic presentation and scientific projects. You can scale this ready templates in any size before download and since it is of high resolution, the images would not be pixelated even a bit.

Best Sample Academic Science Poster Design

best academic poster design
This is a poster presentation example which can be used for advertising a kids’ play school or extra curricular activities playgroup. It is totally editable with Photoshop PSDs and you can bring about an unlimited number of changes using Adobe Photoshop CS4+.

Best Academic Brochure Poster Template Download

seamless academic poster template

All you need is fill up the vacant places with your contents and images. The rest is already provided by the template developers. Big size posters are often required to be hung at schools or to be demonstrated before general public. But don’t worry the least! When A3-sized academic poster templates are ready at you hand, what more do you want? Just insert the important contents, and you’re done! Your kids will actually realize how much fun they were missing just being panic-stricken through this whole while.

> Conclusion

Students and academic professionals are often seem to run out of distinctive ideas when it comes to designing their own projects. These academic poster designs will assist you in your venture and you can be confident of your success. Scientific poster templates are needed by academicians and school goers everyday and these practical collection of poster presentation examples are great for all your study-oriented purposes.