66+ Brand New Magazine Templates


Whether you wish to connect with the local markets by clubbing relevant news and content about specific industries and areas of interest or just wish to explore the colorful world of magazines for fun, you will need feature rich top quality print magazine templates to make the first impression right. With features such as easily modifiable cover pages, color schemes, high-quality images – these print magazine templates get you quickly started like nothing else. Here’s a list of the top-rated print magazine templates that can help you present killer content in a visually delightful manner.

Real Estate Magazine Template

real estate magazine template

Make use of this simple and modern real estate magazine template that lets you come up with a stunning magazine. Be able to incorporate building designs, graphic text, and images that will easily attract people’s attention using this easy-to-edit template. Customizable in all versions of Photoshop, InDesign, MS Word, and Publisher, one shouldn’t overlook the possibilities of this template. After editing, feel free to print or share digitally it through email and other online platforms.

Professional Business Plan Magazine Template

professional business plan magazine template

You can now get to create a business plan magazine with the help of this affordable and professional template. It is a well-formatted template that makes use of high-quality layout, photos, and graphics files which are very easy to edit and fully customizable in all versions of Photoshop, InDesign, MS Word, and Publisher.

Minimal Corporate Business Magazine Template

id and psd minimal corporate business magazine template

Here’s a modern business magazine template that you can instantly download for an affordable price. This high-quality template includes first-rate layout, photos, and graphic files that are easy to edit. It is also fully customizable in the available file formats so don’t waste your time any further, give your readers the quality content they deserve, with this eye-catching magazine.

How to Create a Magazine Layout

While there is no specific or mandatory layout to follow for a magazine, the following steps will help you come up with an impressive one.

1. Choose a Template

It is very essential that you select the right template while designing a magazine layout as this will play a major role in pleasing the readers. Create mockup designs of magazines so that come up with an appropriate design for your magazine. The deal about picking the right template is that it helps in showcasing all the necessary details.

2. Focus on The Cover Page

The cover page is literally the face of the magazine, which is why make sure you design it in such a way that it is eye-catching to the reader. We have an interesting collection of magazine cover templates that will help you create the best cover page for your magazine. Keep it as detailed and attractive as you possibly can.

3. Insert Images

The next step would be to add all the relevant images pertaining to different topics in the magazine. Ensure that these images are of high quality and high-resolution so that they are clear enough and effective for the reader to understand.

4. Layout and Body Text

The last step for you would be to check the layout i.e., place the images, texts, and graphics in all the right places. After that, place the text of the article accordingly with a suitable background and border. You can check out the creative exchange magazine design for more inspiration!

Advertising Magazine Template

advertising magazine template

Do not miss out on this advertising magazine template that will just perfect in fulfilling your magazine requirements. Available to use at an affordable price, one can download this advertising template instantly anytime, anywhere. Themed in blue, you can incorporate texts, graphs, diagrams, or any necessary visuals by fully customizing this magazine template in all versions of Photoshop, InDesign, MS Word, and Publisher.

Stylish News Magazine Template in Word

stylish news magazine template for microsoft word

Are you in need of a magazine template that will help you frame the latest news and affairs in an eye-catching way? Then, try this modern and stylish news magazine template that will surely leave you and the readers impressed! This 24-page document can be instantly downloaded for an affordable price, so you can easily edit and customize your news content using favorite software.

Editable Travel Magazine Template

editable travel magazine template

Did you know you can make your very own fashionable travel magazine by downloading this editable magazine template that has everything you’ll ever need? We highly recommend you try this versatile magazine template that has easy-to-edit and customizable features. The available formats include Photoshop, InDesign, MS Word, and Publisher.

Sports Magazine Template in MS Word

sports magazine template in ms word

Make your very own independent and eye-catching editorial illustrations of sports magazine by using this editable magazine template that comes at an affordable price. It has all essentials one would require in a sports magazine. Simply enter latest news and gripping images by customizing and editing this template.

Fabulous Fashion Magazine Template

fabulous fashion magazine template

Keep the readers engaged with your content by using this fabulous fashion magazine template that stands out with its black-and-white concept and designs. It consists of 12 pages of highly customizable layouts as well as designs that use quality photos, artworks, and fonts. Open them for editing using MS Word or Publisher.

Modern Lifestyle Magazine

modern lifestyle magazine in psd format

Perfect A4 Photography Magazine in Word

perfect a4 photography magazine in word

Travel Magazine Template in Indesign

travel brand new magazine template

Fashion Magazine Template

fashion magazine template in indesign format

Editable Interior Magazine Template

interior magazine template in psd

Daily News Magazine Template

daily news magazine design including ms office

Printable Lifestyle Magazine Template

lifestyle magazine template in psd and indesign format

Digital Photography Magazine Template

digital photography magazine template

Multipurpose Magazine

78020679 Download

This print template provides added flexibility to the professionals with 23 pages and DPI optimized layout. Varying bleeds are available in addition to the paragraph styling options and automatic page numbering.

Indesign Magazine

53053436 Download

This template features 20 A4 pages in addition to the paragraph styling schemes and a customizable interface. Other specs include the help file and the automatic page number option for the professionals.


4762452 Download

Multiple mockups are included with this template whereas the sizes for each can vary based on user requirements. The ready to print interface provides the additional support whereas the customizable layout also comes in handy.

Megapack Mockup

85093168 Download

6 mockups are supported whereas the fully editable interface makes designing fun and rewarding. A higher resolution is supported in addition to the fully layered approach and CMYK color profile for the professionals.

Worldly Magazine

86242862 Download

With the 38 stunning pages and a PDF-based instruction manual, this template surely packs a punch besides the print ready interface. One can make use of the free fonts and CYMK compatibility for customizing the outlook.

Magazine Template

19520646 Download

50 pages are supported whereas the ready bleed margins are embedded within this usable template. Paragraph styles and free fonts are used in addition to the CS4 compatibility and a print ready interface.

Indesign Magazine Template

59458519 Download

This is a feature packed template which includes 34 pages and effective paragraph styling options. 300 DPI optimized layout also comes in handy in addition to the varying bleeds and a print ready interface.

Indesign Magazine Template

8282821 Download

This is a feature packed template which includes multiple characters and paragraph styling options in addition to the customizable layers. Help files are included for refurbishing the layout besides the automatic page numbering option.

Indesign Magazine Template


7 master pages are included whereas the page numbering schemes make designing seamlessly easy. Free fonts are also available besides the template modifications and a print-ready interface for the professionals.

A4 Letter

40654767 Download

This template includes 40 pages and a print ready interface for the professionals to make use of. Paragraph styles are included whereas the file information paves way for a seamless installation.

Indesign Magazine Template

2024248 Download

Multiple paragraph styles are supported with this template which also makes customizations seamlessly easy. Free fonts and a print-ready interface come in handy for the professionals besides the automatic page numbering option.

Magazine Template

68720679 Download

Cleaner designs are included whereas this template emanates class and supports a modern layout. Layered templates and custom posts are also available besides the changeable colors and varied textual elements.

Magazine Editorial Template

55979748 Download

Indesign compatibility and featured font sets make this template exceptionally useful whereas the print ready interface also comes in handy. Editable designs and multiple color schemes provide the needed boost.


56617153 Download

This template features a print ready interface in addition to the editable layout and varying bleed margins. 20 master pages are also supported besides the separate layers and smart imagery.

Indesign Magazine Template

65475438 Download

Built-in typographic support and automatic page numbering schemes are embedded within this template which also features a customizable interface. Office support and paragraph styling options are provided in addition to the layered interface.

Simple Magazine

78654713 Download

This template has a 300 DPI optimized layout in addition to the Adobe empowered images and textual support. Automatic page numbering schemes are included besides the 22 A4 pages and letters.

Indesign Magazine Template

83231018 Download

Free fonts are included in this Indesign magazine template which supports office compatibility. Custom posts are also available whereas more pages can be seamlessly added into the scheme of things.

Editorial Template

59547887 Download

40 pages and the lettered format make this template an instant hit besides the included photos and font sets. Bleed designs come in plenty whereas the paragraph oriented styles provide the needed boost.

24 Page

21052998 Download

System fonts like Tahoma can be used whereas the customizable colors and text-based options provide the added edge. Layered images and varying dimensions are included for the professionals to make use of.

Magazine Editorial

61126362 Download

Accentuate the professional outlook with this template featuring 40 pages selections besides similar page letters and featured fonts. Paragraph styling breathes life into the pages whereas the InDesign compatibility comes in handy.

Catalog Mockup

16577106 Download

Multiple features like 9 photorealistic presentations and better pixel resolution make this template a worthy inclusion. Organized layers and folders provide the added spunk besides the field depth automation and changeable background.

Save 27%

97343465 Download

A help file is included with this template which also showcases 24 A4 pages and US letters. Page numbers can be automatically sorted besides the free font sets and a customizable interface.

Indesign Magazine Template

80958564 Download

This is a DPI optimized template which includes vibrant templates and multiple color selections. 28 page designs are available besides the CMYK compatibility and a print ready interface for the professionals.

Indesign Magazine Template

90704585 Download

40 A4 pages are included with this template besides the print ready interface and a customizable layout. Multiple page letters are up for grabs whereas the automatic page number comes in handy.

Modern Magazine

58190123 Download

This template supports all the technologically inspired magazines and provides customizable photos and color selections. High-quality page layouts render additional flexibility whereas the well-organized folders make designing seamlessly easy.

Save 35%

84493545 Download

Make the websites come to life with this exciting template showcasing an extended image gallery and character styling options. Customizable interfaces render added support whereas more pages can be added with seamless ease.


67820062 Download

This template sports a modern outlook with 24 A4 pages and multiple paragraph styles. Automatic page numbering is another feature which is highly useful besides the print ready interface and CMYK compatibility.

Save 27%

33731636 Download

An exceptional look is imparted by this template as the character styling options and more page additions come in handy. Free font sets are included whereas the existing help file makes customization easier.

Multipurpose World Magazine

File Format



This template includes free font sets and vibrant colors based on the myriad user preferences. Other features range from a DPI optimized interface to the option for numbering the pages automatically.


85626091 Download

This is one feature packed template with 16 master pages and other page additions for the customers. Cover and editorial support are rendered besides the baseline grid for the texts and sizeable advertising spaces.

Magazine Cover

4596579 Download

4 PSD files are included whereas the simple organization provides the needed flexibility and boost. One can include multiple colors based on the CMYK color profile besides the print ready interface which complements the same really well.

Stylish InDesign

94887663 Download

Huge selection of page layouts is up for grabs whereas the contents page can be seamlessly modified. Interview layout and option for contact details is provided besides the automatic page numbering option.


38679528 Download

Newsletter inclusions are supported in addition to the scalable dimensions and a print-ready interface. Multiple folds are also ascertained whereas the customizable layout enhances the page outlook considerably for the designers.

36 Page

9359030 Download

Multiple page layouts are supported whereas the PDF supported previews provide the required support. Simplistic designs are sported besides the fully customizable and a print-ready interface meant for the professionals.

Modern Magazine

79980832 Download

This template has in store some essential features like interview and review styling schemes followed by the print AD layout. Content styles can be well modified whereas the print ready interface serves a greater purpose.

Professional Business

24922391 Download

3 Brochure

28879675 Download

Magazine mockups are supported whereas the higher resolutions are supported via the DPI compatibility. Unique templates are featured in addition to the layered PSD files and scalable image sizes and patterns.

Mega Pack

30637032 Download

This template supports a 56 page layout which can be customized to the core besides the supported CS4 indesign. Automatic page numbering is supported whereas the paragraph styling options come in handy.

Magazine Template

84380909 Download

Seamlessly styled pages are included which can be included with any given design and complements mostly every magazine based outlook. Multiple formats and elegant layouts are supported besides the paragraph styling scheme.

Universal Design

37162495 Download

The sleek interface and 20 master pages make this template an instant hit among the professionals. Other specs include highlighted text effects and automatic page numbering system besides the print ready interface.

Professional Magazine

23994006 Download

Professional cover templates are provided by this template which makes designing fun and extremely rewarding. Texts and colors can be modified whereas the 3 PSD files surely pack a punch besides the varying bleed margins.

Advanced Magazine

25035677 Download

24 unique page layouts are supported whereas the event calendars and movie pages increase the popularity. Multiple formats are also up for grabs in addition to the customizable page templates and paragraph styles.

Ultimate Magazine

39186743 Download

This is a feature packed template which includes multiple magazine designs and unique mockups for the professionals. A higher resolution is supported besides the CMYK colors and a print-ready interface.

Modern Magazine

58190123 Download

This template supports all the technologically inspired magazines and provides customizable photos and color selections. High-quality page layouts render additional flexibility whereas the well-organized folders make designing seamlessly easy.

Tech Reviews

59670138 Download

This template illustrates an extensive template set in addition to the seamless textures and designer tools. Widened catalogs are included whereas the print ready interface surely packs a punch besides the CMYK color schemes.

Wide Magazine

79034914 Download

Meant for the topmost business houses, this template includes a seamless interface with extraordinary layouts. A fully editable design is available in addition to the free font sets and a paragraph styled setup.

Aren’t the above templates attractive? They come with layouts that can enhance the look of your magazine and make it worth the read. Try these templates with your designs and flaunt your magazine in an awesome way! In case you require more web designs for magazines, you can look them up on our website!

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