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Small Envelope Templates – 9+ Free Printable Word, PDF, PSD Format Download!

Planned for organizing an event but unable to find a suitable invitation card? Don’t worry because these creative templates are been designed just for you. Loaded with attractive designer envelopes this template ensures creativity at its very best. Using these not only increases the décor of your invitation cards but also gives a pleasing gesture to all their guests. With a dimension of 5×7 inch these designer templates are suitable for all types of invitation cards.There are numerous options available from our collection of cool free and premium small, 5X7 envelope templates. With 4×4 dimension and crafty appeal these tiny envelopes are most suitable for birthday invitation. These envelopes are the latest trend in the showbiz, thus creating whole new fancy invitation cards rather than those old school traditional cards. Further these envelopes are handy and effective in general use. You can have design on the inside as well as outside of the envelope. These Free PSD Envelop Templates also provide Japanese antique style designs. If you are the DIY kind, you can also make your own valentine invitation by using best wedding card templates.

Paper Crafting Small Envelope and Card Free Download

Designed and created by experts this designer envelope surely meets all the necessary needs of the clients. With all the necessary details regarding making those crafty envelopes defines a whole new way of presenting invitation cards to the guests. Each card being different in texture further assures a variety to the client.

132+ FREE & Premium Envelope Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

Mini Envelope Para Convite Individual Template -$3

With simpler design and sophisticated attire these small envelope templates allow the user for easy transfer of written messages. Crafted with delicacy these envelopes are handy and yet effective for day-to-day usage. Featuring vibrant color combination and creative design further makes them effective in general usage.

Mini Envelopes, 3″ x 3″, Created out of Book or Newspaper Pges

These initiatives are been designed for a greener environment. Made out from left over waste papers these envelopes ensure a much creative approach towards the traditional envelopes. Further with a smaller design makes them handy for general use. Suited mostly for birthday invitation cards this template provides a whole new way of creativity.

Easy Tiny Envelope Tutorial Template

These tiny pieces of craftsmanship are been designed for creating designer envelopes. Loaded with attractive colors and crafty design make them appropriate for pocket cards. With each envelope slightly different from one another provides a whole new variety of options available to the users.

Printable DIY Play Small Envelopes & Stamps Download

These printable small envelopes are made for the convenience of the clients. With fancy color designs and beautiful symbol present at each envelope make them suitable for kids. These designer envelopes are been crafted for inviting kids over a birthday party.

DIY Persian Cotton Candy Wedding or Party Favour Template

These designer templates are been crafted by experts for creating a sophisticated yet stylish envelopes for official invitations. This designer envelope shows the display of pure class and creativity. With each envelope having different attire than the other makes them unique. Loaded with simple classy white background with beautiful floral texture make them stand apart from the rest.

These templates are a new way of giving cards to the guests. Loaded with crafty design and vibrant color combination makes them creative. With each envelope slightly different from one another provides a whole range of creativity to the customers. These envelopes also contains special message to be send to the recipients. Mostly suitable for wedding invitation, birthday invitations and other general invitation, these small envelope templates are suitable for any occasion. Crafted with delicacy this envelope surely grabs all the attention of its viewers.

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132+ FREE & Premium Envelope - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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