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67+ Best Premium Scary Zombie Vectors Download Free

With the influence of pop culture within our daily life, zombies have become one of the most commonly used symbols in anything that is meant to appeal to youth. They have attached with them an aura of quirkiness that appeals to a certain kind of people and immediately sets you apart as unique. When it comes to using them yourself, you will find out that there are many zombie vectors available online. According to your need, you should choose only the best and chuck the rest. Zombie motifs from popular games like Plants vs. Zombies are instantly recognizable, and will appeal to a large number of people.

Blue zombie vector

blue zombie vector
The template design depicts the form of a cartoon zombie. The sketch is simple and very easy to download. The color play is also suitable.

Cartoon crawling zombie

cartoon crawling zombie
This is a template theme that has 100% responsive features. The design is fully editable and is retina friendly. The design is also SEO friendly.

Cartoon stalking zombie

cartoon stalking zombie
The cartoon zombie is the most perfect theme for Halloween greetings. The user can get this template easily over the internet.

Zombie Vectors

free zombie vectors
The template has a great resolution range that shall enable the user to get very good quality of printouts. The template has retina friendly images.

Zombie Boy

zombie boy

Zombie vector

zombie vector
The template theme has a unique color play. The user can change this template with utmost ease as per requirement.

Severed zombie hand

severed zombie hand
This is a template format that has a very interesting theme. The color play is very interesting. The template is print ready and can be employed for great Halloween theme.

Zombie heads

zombie heads
The template contains scary zombie vectors that can be used for making great Halloween themes and greeting cards. The template is SEO friendly.

Zombie cartoon

zombie cartoon
This is a template that has a scary zombie vector in the form of a cartoon. The theme is perfect for a kids’ party. The color play is very cool.

Zombie vector

zombie vector
The theme can be downloaded by a user easily from the internet. The design has been professionally made and has 100% responsive features.

Vector zombie girl

vector zombie girl
This is a template format that has a vintage essence. The color play is cool and very elegant. The user can make changes in this editable format.

Zombie Girl Smartphone

vector zombie girl smartphone
This is a template format that has a very interesting theme. The color play that is used is very simple yet very attractive. The theme can be used or the purpose of making very attractive and scary season’s greetings. The user can get this print ready theme with great ease. The theme is also rather SEO friendly. The theme design is compatible with a wide variety of browsers.

Cartoon zombie

cartoon zombie
Who says that a Halloween vector or theme has to be dead scary? This is a template theme that clearly depicts one of the best ideas of a Halloween theme. The image is retina friendly and can also be edited. The template can support extra pages and is also SEO friendly.

Zombie Vector Pack

zombie vector pack
This is a template format that depicts an array of scary zombie vectors. The theme has a colorful theme which is also print ready.

Zombie skull face monster vector

zombie skull face monster vector

Cartoon Zombie face

cartoon zombie face

Cartoon zombie theme

cartoon zombie theme

Zombie vector

zombie approved seal image

Zombie face vector

zombie face vector

Zombie clown head

zombie clown head

Zombie Vector


Cartoon green zombie vector

cartoon green zombie vector

Ninja zombie

ninja zombie

Cartoon zombie hand

cartoon zombie hand

Little zombie girl

little zombie girl

Young zombie

young zombie

Zombie attack vector

zombie attack vector

Zombie thumbs up hand

zombie thumbs up hand

Cartoon zombie

cartoon zombie

Zombie Punk Vector

zombie punk vector

Cartoon Zombie

cartoon zombie

Cartoon funny zombie vector

cartoon funny mummy characters

Vector Zombie Bro

vector zombie bro

Zombie kid vector

zombie kid vector

Zombie Vector

zombie character

Halloween zombie

halloween zombie

Fat Zombie

fat zombie

Girl Zombie

girl zombie

Zombie couple

zombie couple

Zombie Woman

zombie woman

Cartoon Zombie

cartoon zombie

Zombie with flowers

zombie with flowers

Zombie vector

zombie vector

Zombie girl

zombie girl

Skeleton and Tattoo Free Vectors

skeleton and tattoo free vectors

Zombie vectors

zombie vectors

Pumpkin zombie vector

pumpkin zombie vector

Creepy Zombie

creepy zombie

Vector Zombie Bro

vector zombie bro

Cartoon Zombie

cartoon zombie

A female zombie

a female zombie wearing a dress

A scary baby zombie

a scary baby zombie

Zombie Apocalypse Vector

zombie apocalypse vector

Walking Zombie

walking zombie

A scary female zombie

a scary female zombie

Blue zombie

blue zombie

Cartoon Zombie

cartoon zombie

Zombie vector

vector zombie

Zombie Head

zombie head

Detailed zombie head

detailed zombie head

Usually people tend to use zombie or undead faces as their zombie vectors, which is an easier identifier for people who do not understand niche references. Mottled green zombie heads with decayed flesh and worms are perfect motifs, and work well in any situation. To introduce a satirical element, use zombie vectors, which show them laughing or doing normal things. Comic style may be used to offer a less threatening stand, and to be quirky. Less graphic representations would be hands coming out of a grave, or simple black silhouettes. Zombie hoards are a good choice as long as space enough is available, and are more typical of zombie situations that people are familiar with. An easy way to introduce context into the situation is to use the right color palette. Zombie vectors are a dime a dozen, so choose only the best zombie vectors for your project! The scary zombie vectors templates can be used to create some of the most effective templates with the theme of Halloween.

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