Have you ever wondered what those strips of paper on the tables are for? You know what we're talking about—the one with rows and columns beside a pen where people write down their name, contact number, etc.? When hosting an event, tracking tournament participants, or simply checking attendance, a sign-up sheet is a simple and easy solution you can make even better with the help of our high-quality, time-saving, printable, professionally made, beautifully designed, and 100% customizable templates. Not only are our Sheet Templates one of the best, but they also come in various layouts—from potluck sign-up sheets and volunteer sign-up sheets, to event planning sign-up sheets, tournament sign-up sheets, appointment sign-up sheets, and even email and orientation sign-up sheets in A4 & US letter sizes and all formats. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe today for maximum convenience and efficiency!

How to Make a Sign-up Sheet

sign-up sheet template

When it comes to big events, tournaments, or even something small like class attendance, a sign-up sheet is a very simple but very easy tool to use. Provided you can get everyone present to write on the sheet, it gives you a solid number on how many people there are as well as details if needed be such as addresses and contact numbers, the purpose of attending the event, and even how old they are if really needed. Even though a sign-up sheet is easy to do, here are a few tips for you to help improve your sign-up sheet:

1. Determine the Purpose of the Sheet

There are different sheets for different occasions, and each one contains specific details or headers that relay particular information. For example, a potluck sign-up sheet can't be used as an attendance sheet for a class because of the headers needing data involving food orders and prices. There is a specific layout for each sheet, and if you want your sheet to be effective, it needs to be the right layout for the job.

2. Create a Spreadsheet

When you know what kind of sign-up sheet you need, create a spreadsheet or table for it. You can easily do this with any format like MS Excel or Google Sheets. Do make sure to first draft your table on a sheet of paper so that you have an estimate on how many rows and columns you'll need. Take note, it's better to have more rows or columns than what you need instead of having less as you can easily find a way to use excess tiles or delete them altogether.

3. Put in the Headers

The top row of your table is where you'll put your headers in. They will contain valuable information like name, address, contact number, and for some event-oriented log sheets, ID number or team name is viable. This is the part of the spreadsheet that needs extra attention because you want to have as much important data about each person in the event such as contact number and address should anything unplanned occur.

4. Include the Row Numbers

This could be optional, but it does help. Having a row of numbers on your simple sheet allows you to track the exact number of people attending as well as inform the participant of how many others have come before them.

5. Be Creative

Now that you have what needs to be on the sample sheet, you can put a bit of design in it. You can add your company name using fancy text and place the logo in creative ways. For volunteer or tournament sign-up sheets, you can create wonderful designs around the edges by using images related to your event. The best thing about a sign-up sheet is that because it's a simple design, you can make it unique in any way you want. Go crazy and have with it if you can.

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