18+ Teachers Website Themes & Templates

In need to portray your skills in the field of teaching and make people believe that you are the one to go to in need for tuitions and academic advice? Then you ought to make use of premium Website Templates for teachers to create the best website which will attract students on the merit of their striking and dazzling appearance.

teachers website themes

Make sure that you sign up for the premium version of the templates since you get a number of features with them such as drop down menus, customizable color schemes and editable text patterns. These templates are the best in their league and make the appearance of the website simply awesome. You may also see Gaming Website Templates.

University Teacher WordPress Website Theme $59

university teacher wordpress website theme

This is a teacher website theme that is fully editable. The user can easily make changes in the template. The user can change the content matter and also the background theme of the template. This is a template that is print ready.

Language Teaching Center Website Template

language teaching center website template


This is a template theme that has a very simple and neat format. The design is professionally done and is one of the most perfect and suitable themes for creating a website for a teacher.

Learning Education Teacher WordPress Website Theme $59

learning education teacher wordpress website theme

This is a template format that can be used for the purpose of making a great website for your teacher. This is a theme that is fully editable. It has an array of great and retina friendly images. The template is responsive.

Kindergarten Teacher Website Theme $19

kindergarten teacher website theme

This is a website format that can be just perfect for the purpose of creating a knowledge bank for a kindergarten school and the specialties to be found there. The template has a colorful essence and look.

Management Courses Teacher Website Template $48

management courses teacher website template

This is a template format that has a host of responsive features. The template is SEO friendly and can support very elaborate websites. The template has a very well arranged and an organized Slide Show.

Teaching Language Center Responsive Website

teaching language center responsive website


This is a theme that has a series of technically excellent features. The template is compatible with a wide array of browsers. The websites made with the help of this teacher website theme can be accessed with a wide array of devices.

This is a template format that has an array of retina friendly images that are of 3D quality. The template can prove to be one of the most important and effective supports for the modern web designers.

University Teacher WP Website Theme $39

university teacher wp website theme

This theme has a very simple and formal look. The color play is both sober and bright. The look of this template is very minimalistic. The organized slide show can help to create a very elaborate website.

Babysitter Preschool Teacher Education Website Theme $12

babysitter preschool teacher education website theme

This is a design layout that is compatible with a wide array of browsers. The template is highly SEO friendly. The user can download this design in the form of word document and PDF.

Music School Teacher WP Website Theme $75

music school teacher wp website theme

This is a template format that can support extra pages. The user can easily insert extra pages that can be helpful to support elaborate and detailed websites. The template is super responsive and also highly navigable.

Online Dance Classes Teacher WP Website Theme $75

online dance classes teacher wp website theme

This is a template format that can hold a huge gamut of information and can also serve a very well structured website.

The Website Templates which are available for free are also great with preset pages and customizable images. Get your business to the heights with the help of these templates which enables one to create stunning and mesmerizing websites.

The websites are also regarded as being of top class since they are based on responsive layouts which means that one can access this websites from a number of devices be it mobile or tablet or personal computers. So go ahead and check out these templates and select the best one for yourself. You can also see Teacher WordPress Templates.

The teacher website themes and templates can be trusted to create some of the most creative and impressive websites for teachers and their services.