50+Best Premium Restaurant Website Templates

Your food must look as delicious as it tastes, and only a dedicated premium restaurant website template can help you do that.

Offer convenient reservations, well presented food menus, attractive image slideshows of the smoking hot delicacies straight from your kitchen, and update content effortlessly, all courtesy the convenient web content management made possible by top class premium restaurant website templates. Here’s a quick run through the best of them all.

Seasons WordPress Website Template

Set the taste buds on fire with this vibrant and colorful theme which showcases a unique layout and custom header schemes.

Barnelli WordPress Website Template

Better designs and a seamless user interface are included in addition to an SEO optimized approach for the professionals and designers alike.

Take a Break WordPress Website Template

Sort out the redundancies on adding this theme into the mix which provides complete responsiveness and an extended admin panel.

CafeHouse WordPress Website Template

A theme which boasts of unlimited color schemes in addition to the Bootstrap framework and cross browser compatibility for the professionals.

Bordeaux HTML Website Template

This theme supports multiple coding schemes like HTML5 and CSS compatibility in addition to the customizable menu and 30 shortcodes.

Ambience WordPress Website Template

With a built-in visual composer and revolution slider at its disposal, this theme comes ahead as a highly resourceful one.

MyCuisine WordPress Website Template

Some eye catching designs are included whereas the customizable menu and the descriptive layout add to the usability of the same.

Umami WordPress Website Template

This theme provides several captivating hues to choose from in addition to the full screen support and a customizable interface for the designers.

Cafecultura WordPress Website Template

An offbeat theme which redefines vibrancy with a minimalistic backdrop in addition to the availability of multiple sliders and font sets!

Igloo WordPress Website Template

Redefine class with this exceptional theme which features multiple color schemes and an interactive layout for the professionals to make use of.

Gourmet WordPress Website Template

Unlimited colors and customized widgets are available whereas the filterable menus make this theme extremely resourceful in addition to the predefined skins.

Resturante WordPress Website Template

Let the customers get hold of seamless online reservations with this exceptional theme which includes display banners and showcase menus.

Foxy WordPress Website Template

Here comes an exceptional theme which provides cross browser support in addition to built-in style editors and colorful design schemes.

Lucullan WordPress Website Template

Make room for some added innovation with this theme which comes along with certain resourceful features like an SEO optimized interface and colorful font sets.

Dine and drink WordPress Website Template

Unlimited shortcodes and a fully responsive layout are featured in addition to the multiple menu styles and layered PSD files.

Bottega Caf

Stay ahead of your times with this responsive theme which complements every single design and guarantees fast and seamless logo uploads followed by an SEO optimized interface.

Verona WordPress Website Template

An exhaustive admin panel and unlimited typographic options are included whereas the simple shortcodes and demo imports make this theme extremely resourceful.

Rezo WordPress Website Template

A theme for the cafes and bars, this one showcases added flexibility with multiple menus and stylized font sets for the designers to choose from!

Coffee Lounge WordPress Website Template

This theme features a creative homepage slider in addition to the multiple shortcodes and a one click auto install feature.

Foodilicious WordPress Website Template

Look into the most vibrant designs with this resourceful theme which features a customized control panel and complete localization support.

Indulgence WordPress Website Template

This theme emanates class whereas the multiple sliders and homepage designs provide the needed flexibility in addition to documented approach.

Lobster WordPress Website Template

Here comes an innovative theme which provides multiple homepage selections in addition to the customizable menu and vibrant color schemes.

Gourmet WordPress Website Template

With multiple color selections and homepage layouts to choose from, this theme provides the needed flexibility in addition to the typographic support.

Cucina WordPress Website Template

Multiple posts for the customers are available in addition to the HTML5 and CSS compatibility followed by vibrant color schemes and font sets.

Dish WordPress Website Template

Adopt a cleaner approach with this theme which also showcases unique styling options and a customizable menu for the designers.

Koyorest WordPress Website Template

Professionals can choose the homepage templates based on their preferences whereas the one ad multipage availability adds to the utility qutient of the same.

California WordPress Website Template

A classy theme which showcases high end flexibility with vibrant color schemes and customizable layouts in addition to the responsive interface!

Tastyfood WordPress Website Template

Thumbnail viewing options are supported whereas the extended admin panel provides the need flexibility followed by the built-in SEO approach.

Milano WordPress Website Template

A charming interface and filterable portfolios are supported whereas the unique navigation support can be well paired up with vibrant hues.

Terramia WordPress Website Template

This is one classy template which includes blog designs and custom widgets for both personal and professional use followed by featured font sets.

Joomla Bootstrap Website Template

Meant for the creative minds, this theme has in store exceptional widgets and multiple homepage layouts besides innovative color schemes.

Italian restaurant WordPress Website Template

Some of the exciting features associated with this theme are the multiple hues and a customizable layout for the creative designers.

Blat WordPress Website Template

This theme comes with a landing page design whereas the multipurpose header and booking forms add to the usability of the same.

Classic restaurant Drupal Website Template

One can make room for some exquisite designs built upon a minimalistic backdrop with this usable theme which also features a responsive layout.

Saltwater HTML Website Template

A 12 column support is rendered to the professionals whereas the grid based viewing schemes make this theme an instant hit among the masses.

European Restaurant HTML Website Template

This theme has no compatibility issues and has a mobile friendly interface at its disposal in addition to the multiple color schemes and vibrant layout options.

Steak Club Drupal Website Template

This theme redefines website designing by allowing the customers to get hold of certain innovative options like customizable menus and featured font sets.

CafeHouse HTML Website Template

Here comes a flexible theme which includes numerous page designs and homepage layouts for the designers followed by a responsive interface.

Cooker Drupal Website Template

An SEO friendly approach is provided by this theme which also guarantees seamless installations in addition to the slider management.

Barnelli HTML Website Template

A minimalistic theme which showcases high end features like booking forms and multipurpose sliders in addition to a customizable layout.

Italian Resturant Drupal Website Template

This theme has in store some of the most unique features ranging from colorful icon sets to the Google Map integration for the hardcore professionals.

Seafood Drupal Website Template

A flexible theme which includes an interactive interface followed by the availability of sliders, menu customizations and multiple home page layouts.

White rock Drupal Website Template

A theme which boasts of a minimalistic backdrop whereas the concept of detailed documentation adds to the usability of the same!

Elegantia HTML Website Template

20 HTML post templates are included in addition to the responsive forms and a Fullscreen image slider which come in real handy for the professionals.

European Restaurant Drupal Website Template

A captivating theme which guarantees extended business with the multiple homepage designs and a customizable layout at its disposal for both personal and organizational use.

European Restaurant HTML Website Template

Get rid of the obsolete techniques with this highly resourceful theme which provides better styling options besides a responsive layout.

PrestaShop Restaurant Responsive PrestaShop Website Template

This theme provides added flexibility in the form of customizable color schemes and homepage variations for the creative minds followed by featured icon sets.

Template Joomla Website Template

This theme enhances the content management schemes whereas the interactive layout comes along as a highly responsive and resourceful one.

Resto HTML website Template

Availability of multiple menus and essential homepage designs add to the usefulness in addition to the vibrant color schemes and featured icon sets.

Lumina Bootstrap Website Template

Twitter Bootstrap and a sticky header are the noteworthy features whereas the smooth image loading and filtering gallery come in real handy.

Indian restaurant Bootstrap Website Template

Add to the websites an ethnic feel with this resourceful theme which includes many vibrant colors and homepage layouts for the professionals to choose from.

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