5+ Athletic Certificate Templates

When you speak of athletics, you are basically referring to various kinds of games and sport activities. There are various kind of athletic events taking place all over the world. What do these events and activities require? A certificate, of course! As you can see here, there are different kinds of certificate templates for different athletic events. All you have to do is browse through the collection and select the one that goes with your purpose.

athletic certificate template

Athletic Excellence Certificate Template

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This certificate template comes in a standard size with allowance for bleed, a print ready format, word and psd formats, a CMYK colour mode, a fairly high resolution of 300 dpi and easy customization of text and colour.

Athletic Excellence Certificate Template

athletic excellence certificate template

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This athletic certificate template comes in a beautiful layout and with a stunning design. The colour scheme used on the template has been kept subdued yet it does not become boring.

Certificate of Athletic Template

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This athletic certificate template comes with a blue and white theme. Also, the template is fully editable. That means, you will be able to download the template and then edit the details as per your needs.

Certificate of Athletic Achievement Template

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This certificate template comes in a word or psd format. It makes them exceptionally easy to use. You would be able to open the template in word and then add or edit the details.

Certificate of Athletic Award Template

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This athletic certificate template comes in a beautiful green theme. That makes the template look unique and spectacular as well. Plus, the template is fully customizable and editable as well.

> What Makes the Athletic Certificates so Special?

In case you are planning to organise an athletic event, you are surely going to appreciate the athletic certificates here. This is why these certificates are so special:

  • The certificate templates have been designed by professionals who are perfectly aware of the various kinds of athletic events. Based on that, there are numerous kinds of certificates here.
  • The sports certificates you see here come in a format that is already set to print. That means, once you download it, you can start printing your athletic certificates if you are satisfied with the layout.
  • The certificates are fully editable and customizable.

> Tips while Designing Athletic Certificates

If you are creating the certificates on your own, you have an arduous task ahead of you. However, these tips and pointers can help make the task much easier for you.

  • Keep the athletic event you’re designing the certificate for in mind. You will have to design the certificate based on the kind of event.
  • Do not make mistakes with the spellings, grammar, sentence construction designing the certificates.
  • Check and re-check your certificates before you print them. That helps reduce chances of errors.
  • Use these athletic certificate templates for a very chic yet trouble-free design.

By now you already know why you should use the athletic certificates or the tips you should keep in mind while using them. The certificate templates provided here would be of great help if you are planning an event. It will reduce your work and save you a whole lot of time and money.