How to Create a Certificate in MS Word [10+ Templates]


Certificates are papers that show authenticity or can help a person advance in their chosen profession. Certificates are also very helpful in the employment industry. It helps human resource management to evaluate a new hire’s skills and capabilities. It can also motivate employees to enhance their skills and to educate themselves more about it. This article has the goal of teaching you how you can create a certificate using Microsoft Word, and will also show you sample templates.

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5 Steps on How to Create a Certificate

Step 1: Figure out texts you want to include

Before heading off to the designing process, figure out the contents of your certificate. Some important details that should be found are the name of business or institution, a name of receiver, date, and place where it was given, the achievement or objective of the certificate, and signatures of important people.

Step 2: Choose an online template

Starting from nothing can be time consuming and exhaustive. If you want an effective and professionally-made certificate, look through a hundred of certificate templates available online. These templates have zero room for error as they were already meticulously done. These templates are also pre-designed so they’re easier to edit.

Step 3: If you don’t want to use a template, use MS Word

However, if you don’t want to take advantage of these templates online, you can always create a template in MS Word. Open MS Word and click on gift certificate templates if you want to use they are built-in templates, then click create, edit it, then save. You can also not use any templates at all and strategically work your way through the tools in MS Word.

Step 4: Edit the template

Either you are using an online template or creating one on MS Word, the editing is always the fun part. If you didn’t use the template, there are many texts and designing to do, you can always look up for examples online. As for templates, you can just input the texts, and tweak the designs a little bit till you get contented with the overall output.

Step 5: Finalize and print

Do a print preview of the entire certificate sample template and check the final layout. See to it that the texts are legible, if not, change the font type or adjust the size. Show your template to close friends and print a mockup before printing multiple copies of it. Print your certificate template preferably on a thick stock paper.

10+ Certificate Templates

1. Best Performance Certificate Template

best performance certificate template 440x570 1 Download

Celebrate an employee’s best performance by handing them this Best Performance Certificate Template from our website. This template can be edited using MS Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Publisher, and Pages. This certificate template is professionally-made and has an effective layout.

2. Leadership Award Certificate Template

leadership award certificate template 440x570 1 Download

Looking for the perfect certificate to honor every leader’s best performance? Download our Leadership Award Certificate Template. It features a minimal design which is the key to making it look professional. With its very effective layout and high-quality graphics, it’ll be very memorable for anyone who receives it.

3. Employee of the Month Certificate Template

employee of the month certificate template 440x570 1 Download

The best employees ought to receive a reward for their monthly efforts. Download this Employee of the Month Certificate and see the benefits this template brings. It features a fun-looking layout that is perfect for every employee that is on fire with their work. Grab this template today!

4. Academic Certificate Template

academic certificate template Download

This Academic Certificate Template is the most fitting certificate template for every student who has been working hard to excel in their studies. This template is editable using various design software such as Microsoft Word. This template is the first rate and uses high-quality graphics to be able to give you the best template for academe.

5. Baseball Award Certificate Template

baseball award certificate template 440x570 1 Download

This printable Baseball Award Certificate Template can be given to any outstanding player or team for your season. You can add pictures also to make this certificate more personalize. This uses high-quality graphics and scalable vectors to give you a first-rate type of certificate.

6. Simple Appreciation Certificate for Employee

simple appreciation certificate template for employee 440x570 1 Download

Deliver a more sincere and special thank you by giving out this Simple Appreciation Certificate for Employees Template. Make every employee feel more appreciated by handing them out this certificate. This certificate is simple in layout but features an artistic border. Download now!

7. Training Completion Certificate Sample

training certificate of completion Download

Looking for the best certificate template to give out to seminars and workshops? Look no more and download this Training Completion Certificate Template. This template has very editable and customizable layouts. It is perfect for any institute that is wanting to hand out a memorable certificate.

8. Certificate Template of Attendance

certificate of attendance mockup1 Download

Every sessions, seminars, and workshop ought to be able to hand out certificates to authenticate a person’s attendance. This Certificate of Attendance Template is perfect for every occasion. This versatile template can be edited and customized using various programs such as Illustrator and Indesign.

9. Free Church Certificate of Appreciation

free church certificate of appreciation template 440x570 1 Download

Check out this Free Church Certificate of Appreciation Template which can be downloaded using different devices for free! This printable template is most useful for church organizations that are wanting to hand out certificates to their members. This template is subtle and elegant in design. Download now.

10. Unique Certificate Template

unique certificate template2 Download

If you want a unique and eye-catching template that can be used for any occasion, then download this template today. This Unique Certificate Template is very versatile, with a unique layout format and colorful design that will surely make this stand out among other certificates. Download this template and edit it using various design softwares.

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