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When two people come together in a matrimonial ceremony to get married, a marriage certificate is a must. It acts as evidence that the alliance has been solemnified by a recognized authority of the community or country where it took place. If you need to see or know what a marriage certificate looks like or contains, take a look at some readymade templates available. They are available in different formats, downloadable and customizable.

Marriage Certificate Template

marriage certificate template3
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Certify the marriage of a couple by providing them with this marriage certificate that looks royal and grand. It is perfect for a church wedding as you can enter the names of the bride and groom along with the church venue details. It has a beautiful border that encloses the marriage details so when you look back it in the future, the memories will still remain fresh.

Marriage Certificate PSD Template

attractive marriage certificate template
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Here’s a simple yet adorable marriage certificate template that can be edited in PSD. The template has a floral design which looks pleasing on the marriage certificate. The marriage details can be entered in an organized and neat manner, and once that’s done, you can print and get it framed.

Classic Marriage Certificate Template

classic marriage certificate template
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Check out this real classic marriage certificate template that can be easily edited on MS Word as well as Photoshop. You can enter the marriage details such as the name of the bride and groom, the venue at which the marriage took place, date, and time. It is also print ready so you can edit and use it anytime, anywhere!

Why are Marriage Certificates Important?

  1. The certificate of marriage acts a proof of marriage between two people. It is also useful for personal documentation.
  2. Women who are planning to change their names need to present their marriage certificate to the social security office. We have many other free certificate templates that you can check out!
  3. Interestingly, this certificate is useful in obtaining joint health benefits for couples by health insurance settings.
  4. Apart from the above reasons, this certificate also plays an important role in the payment of taxes if the couple decides to opt for joint taxes.

Simple Marriage Certificate Agreement Template

simple marriage certificate agreement template
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Present this good looking certificate of marriage to the newly married couple with the help of the above-shown template. It is simple yet beautiful in design elements and has all the essential details pertaining to the marriage present. Edit the details and get it printed instantly at any given time!

Formal Marriage Certificate Template

formal marriage certificate template
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Here’s a blue themed marriage certificate that has a formal outlook to it. This certificate has eye-catching titles and makes use of beautiful fonts. It also has a cute design of two engagement rings at the bottom center of the certificate. Framing this certificate will make it look all the more attractive.

Vintage Arranged Marriage Certificate Template

vintage arranged marriage certificate template
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Are you in search of an elegant and vintage marriage certificate template? Well then, look no more because we present to you this beautifully designed template that has a cute silhouette design of a man proposing to his love apart from the all the essential details of a marriage certificate included. It is indeed an adorable certificate and one shouldn’t miss out on this one!

Antique Marriage Certificate Design Template

beautiful antique marriage certificate template1
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This antique marriage certificate template honestly has to be one of the cutest designs you’ll ever come across. It is pink and floral themed and consists of pictures of an animated couple who are in love. You can customize this high-quality template however you want to and get it printed.

Editable Marriage Certificate Template

marriage certificate template2
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If elegant, floral, pleasant and simple are the four things you have in mind while looking for a marriage certificate template, then you stumbled across just the right template. The main highlight of this template is the floral border along with the beautifully written title. Become a proud owner of this editable marriage certificate template by hitting that download button.

Keepsake Marriage Certificate Format Download

keepsake marriage certificate format download1
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Download this keepsake marriage certificate design that has stood the test of time. It is handmade with love by graphic artists so that the couples can cherish this everlasting memory forever. You can make changes to this classic template by customizing and editing it as per your requirements. We also have plenty of printable certificate templates available.

Elegant Marriage Certificate Template

elegant marriage certificate template
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Be different from the rest by making use of this elegant marriage certificate template that can be edited using MS word and Photoshop. It has a pink watercolor design that falls faintly and elegantly at the borders of the certificate. Two really adorable animated design showing a couple are placed in this certificate that makes it all the more charming.

Christian Marriage Certificate Recognition Template

christian marriage certificate recognition template
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Get your hands on this perfect Christian marriage certificate template that serves as evidence of the relationship between the couple apart from also acting as social security. It is quite unique from the rest of the templates and can be edited to suit your preferences.

Watercolor Wedding Certificate PSD Template

watercolor wedding certificate psd template

Here’s another marriage certificate template from our list of collections that can be downloaded and edited just the way you want it to in MS Word or Photoshop. It has a beautiful watercolor floral design and makes up for a perfect church wedding certificate. Check it out now!

One way of keeping your family genealogy information is through marriage certificates. Marriage certificate templates are presented to you so that we can help make your dreams come through by allowing you to create an important document that is essential for making a marriage certificate.

It gives you an opportunity to design an official certificate and in a professional manner with all the necessary details. Designing your legal document from scratch is hard. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to use a certificate template design that is available for download from the internet. This will act as a guideline to help you design it in a proper manner.

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