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The major use of free certificates is for artists to have a record of the work as their own. It can also be used by exhibitions, sellers and other institutions that display the artwork to prove the authenticity of the work on display. Additional details about the creation of the work and its attributes, such as title, artist’s name, dimensions, time and date of creation, can be added to the certificate to make it more complete, both for the artist’s own records as well as for display and showcasing purposes.

Certificate Bundle Template

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The above bundle is the ultimate template package for all your business needs! All these printable certificates templates are an amazing product that is designed while having the customers needs and essentials in mind. All these templates are professionally designed.

Certificate of Authenticity Template

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Some products, especially those that are very expensive or hard to acquire, need a certificate of authenticity. That is why we are offering this elegant certificate of authenticity for you, which is easy to edit and customize in the best possible way for you. The layout and design can all be modified in the way you like best.

Printable Authenticity Certificate Template

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The above certificate is a certificate of authenticity of an art studio. It means that it is proof whether or not the artwork is original, and also, it gives basic details of it briefly. This simple, black and white certificate come with standard fonts and license. It also shows that the artist has all the copyrights of the artwork he/she made and anyone who tries to copy it without consent can be punished severely.

Authenticity Certificate Template in IPages

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Create a Certificate of Authenticity in 4 Steps

Step 1: Name and Title

The first step in creating a certificate of authenticity is to know why you are creating it and who is it for. It should be placed within the headline of the document. Certificate of excellence will help you make the best excellence certificate for the one who deserves it. The name of the person and the title of the work should be mentioned. The full name of the company/individual and also, why are they being given this, that is, the title of their work should be mentioned.

Step 2: Details

Details like the year of completion, the name, and type of product, etc. should be mentioned briefly. A certificate of authenticity can be given for a product, jewelry, artwork, or any services, etc. These details should be mentioned in the certificate so that people will know who is it for and for what as well. People generally use certificates of authenticity for their work, so that they can determine its originality and confirm their rights over the work as its creator.

Step 3: Statement of Authenticity

The statement of authenticity should consist of a one to two sentence statement declaring that the authenticity of your work, and also a statement that your work is copyrighted only by you unless you declare otherwise. You can also check out well-designed certificate templates for more. Archiving the document is very important, so make sure that it is done right for both you and the buyer.

Step 4: Signature and Stamp

The last and the final step would be to sign the certificate and give it a seal or a stamp. This signature should be either of the individual/company who is selling the product, artwork, etc. and the stamp should be of the organization he/she is working for. If it is an individual, then it should be from a confirmed government source.

Certificate of Authenticity Template in Photoshop

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This certificate of authenticity is to show that a certain product has been found by an individual/company and they have all the rights for the copyrights and no one else can use them unless certified. Use the above simple template, which is also a certificate of authenticity. This easy to edit certificate is complete with standard fonts and licenses. Being completely customizable in the way that suits you best, you can also print it anytime, anywhere wherever needed.

Printable Brand Authenticity Certificate Template

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Developing trust in your customers is a very tough job. That is only possible when you know what your business is and you are completely confident about it. Develop trust in your customers with this jewelry authenticity certificate template. This black and white certificate in shades of teal comes complete with standard fonts and licenses. It gives it an authentic look and it is very easy to edit, customize and print anytime, anywhere.

Simple Certificate of Authenticity Template

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This simple certificate of authenticity shows that the product is totally authentic and that the company guarantees it completely. It is perfect for use with any product or material. Also, you can check out certificates of achievement. Apply changes and edit with your chosen software program, so that you get the one you have in mind.

Simple Product Authenticity Certificate Template

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A product authentic certificate can be defined as something that shows that a product is 100% authentic and is very safe to use. Also, check certificate designs for creating the best design for the certificate of your choice. It also declares that the product is not a copied work of any other company/individual, but it is of a unique type. Use this cool blue certificate template for every product delivered to generate pride of ownership of your product.

Artwork Authenticity Certificate

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Therefore, certificate templates for these certificates should lay emphasis on the user providing a lot of factual information that can be verified. Several websites offer free and easily downloadable templates for the creation of these certificates and they can be easily used by a lot of people for their convenience.

So, if you are thinking about presenting any certificate of authentication to anyone then it would be your right choice. There are plenty of templates that are designed for meeting various needs. Confident enough that, any one of these can serve your requirements also. There are many other certificates available on our website. You can check them out.

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