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12+ Certificate of Appreciation for Student Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Humans as we are, we often seek adulation and appreciation for the things that we do, and even with the things we greatly excel in. Some mistake the idea as seeking for attention or for validation when it is completely unnecessary. But, little do they know, sometimes the idea works most beneficial for people like it, in a way, validates the entirety of the effort, which also validates the person. Such a gesture can be done in a more tangible way which is by means of a free certificate, where the act of appreciation is made more concrete and more palpable. You may also see Certificate Templates.

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This is especially most helpful for students who work hard to excel with their academics; with students pouring tons of effort into their academic life not only to pass the prerequisites but to also make their parents proud. With that in mind, if you are someone who works in an academic institution, it is your responsibility to provide your students the certificate of appreciation they deserve. Such way will enable your students to feel motivated knowing all their efforts are not being disregarded. That said, here is a list of certificates of appreciation designs and templates one can use. You may also see student templates.

Simple Certificate of Appreciation for Student Template

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Free Certificate of Appreciation for Student Template

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  • InDesign
  • MS Word
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Modern Certificate Template

Certificate of Appreciation

Corporate & Modern Certificate Word Template

Why is it Important To Hand Out Certificates of Appreciation To Students?

There are various reasons to why giving out a certificate of appreciation is ideal and these reasons are often left unrecognized by most. Some have the tendency to simply think that such gesture only means giving out an accolade to those who deserve, but it could actually mean a whole lot even to those who do not greatly excel like the few others.

Giving out a certificate of recognition or by simply recognizing the individual and the effort also implies validating the success accomplished by the individual. It is ideal since it is in our human nature to crave for recognition, validation, or even appreciation from other people. It simply helps an individual feel like what he or she is doing is simply down the right path. But, aside from that, there are also more reasons to why it is important and here is a list that enumerates the other reasons to why a certificate of appreciation is essentially of great importance to a student:

1. Certificates of appreciation ultimately makes them feel appreciated

Given that the very intent and purpose of why one hands out a certificate of appreciation to a student is to show appreciation to whatever he or she has accomplished. No matter how big or small the accomplishment is, it will most definitely let them feel that they are being appreciated. You may also see certificate of appreciation templates

2. Certificates of appreciation validate the work done by the student

No matter how big or small the work of a student is, certificates of appreciation simply validates it. It can range from a perfect score in an examination to a well done project. Giving out the certificate, simply means that you appreciate the work done by the student.

3. Certificates of appreciation, appreciates the efforts of the student

Aside from the very fact that a certificate of appreciation appreciates a student, it also appreciates the efforts given by the student. By simply handing out a certificate (of any kind for that matter), it magnifies the effort an individual has poured into accomplishing the work done, which highlights how much work was done in order to achieve certain accomplishments.

4. Certificates of appreciation motivates the student to do better

Considering that a certificate of appreciation equally recognizes and appreciates the student and the work done by them, it ultimately makes them feel motivated to perform better at school. Knowing that their efforts are not being obliterated by teachers or professors alike, it gives them the urge to perform more to maintain the level of excellence they have established for themselves or even exceed the expectations people have towards them. A certificate of excellence for students, simply motivates the student to do better and to maybe get consistently recognized by the entirety.

5. Certificates of appreciation boosts a student’s confidence

Being that a printable certificate of appreciation notices the student and their efforts altogether, it has the capacity to boost a student’s morale and confidence. With students knowing that their gallant efforts are not being put to waste, it invigorates them and their confidence because it implies that all the work that they put through is worth it. It also implies that the students are down the right path and should continue what they are doing to continue being recognized and appreciated for the things they are putting out.

Appreciation Certificates

Customizable and Editable Certificate of Appreciation

Easy Simple Multipurpose Certificate

Appreciation Certificate Templates

What Should You Put on a Certificate of Appreciation?

A certificate of appreciation or any certificate for that matter is only as effective with the necessary pieces of information on it. These pieces of information altogether help create the design elements and help put context to the certificate.

Since the very intent of handing out a certificate is to recognize the recipient, more so appreciate (if the certificate is meant to do so), it is ideal to have these pieces of information to help with its effectivity in doing so, with that said, here is a list of different pieces of information that you can put on a certificate.

1. Name of the recipient

Considering that the very intent of a certificate is to recognize and appreciate an individual, having the name of the person will effectively do so. Names are especially special and meaningful to an individual, so having such on a certificate will not only distinguish and differentiate the certificate, but it will also make it more meaningful and special. You may also see funny certificate templates.

2. The kind of certificate

Certificates are very rampant and are used for various reasons, that is why there is a need to specify what kind of certificate you are handing out to an individual to avoid confusion. Doing so will simply differentiate the specific certificate you are giving out from the many others out there. For this instance, put the certificate of appreciation on the certificate to help people know that it is meant to appreciate the person and their efforts, as there are many certificates in Microsoft Word that serve different purposes.

3. Names and signatures of people in a higher position

These pieces of information could come from the president of the school, the dean, the adviser, or even the professor. Having these two pieces of information will make the certificate more credible and legitimate since it is being acknowledged by those in a higher position. You may also see preschool certificate.

It will also make the certificate more valid as it has the signatures of the people who get to choose those who receive the certificate.

4. Name of the school

In line with the names and signatures of different people in a higher position making the certificate more credible and legitimate, the name of the school will also help in doing so. It will simply imply that the certificate comes from an institution of legitimate nature.

Also, by putting in the name of the school certificate will get to promote the institution to other people who get to see it.

5. A short text

This piece of information will simply put context to the certificate. In order to do so, the short text can simply answer the question “why the individual deserves the certificate?”, “what the certificate is meant to do?” or “what the individual did to deserve the certificate?”. You can maybe put in “a certificate that appreciates and recognizes the gallant efforts” or anything you wish to put in. You may also see winner certificate template.

Fully Editable Certificate of Appreciation

Corporate Multipurpose Certificate Word Template

Minimal Certificate

Abstract Certificates

How to Best Acquire Your Very Own Certificate?

The best way to acquire your very own certificate is by simply buying one that is premade and readily available online. This is because premade certificate designs and templates are priced affordably which are packed with advantages that help flourish the creativity in you.

The main reason why premade certificate designs and templates are affordable is that they are made according to the designer’s preference and taste. Unlike with going for a made custom certificate design, where certain factors are being taken into account which inevitably leads to the price to skyrocket. Such factors are the intensive labor and expensive resources used to fully materialize your certificate.

Also, a premade certificate design and template is very easy to use and create. This is because it comes in a file that is easy to do so. Not only that, but these premade certificates are fully editable and customizable to your preference which means you can edit the text, the colors, fonts, sizes, and even a few of the other elements in the certificate design and template. At times, it comes with a smart object layer that enables you to move around elements in the design that creates a more unique-looking and personalized certificate. You may also see certificate of appreciation templates.

And finally, contrary to the notion that premade certificate designs and templates come in an almost uniform-like design, these certificates come in various design options. There are printable certificates design template, minimal certificates design, there are also fun certificate designs or even modern designs, and elaborate designs. Whichever you opt, there is definitely one for every preference.

If you find this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other individuals seeking the best premade certificate of recognition designs and templates.

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