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15+ Certificate of Appreciation for Training Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Appreciating one’s dedication and hard work is one way of boosting their confidence with their skills and performance. In the certificate of appreciation for training, you give value to the person who has undergone training. You appreciate the time and effort they’ve poured into the training to improve their skills to perform better in whatever task that is given to them. You may also see Certificate Templates.

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If you are a business owner, a boss, or a manager, you need to prepare the design of the certificates since this is a special kind of certificate. You can go for different styles, like a modern but sleek type, or one that’s vintage or traditional. In this article, we can show you more options for your certificate. We have prepared more than a handful of  training designs and templates for your certificate of appreciation for training. Check them out below!

Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

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Modern Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

Minimalist Certificate of Appreciation for Training

Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

Reasons to Give an Appreciation Certificate for Training

A certificate may seem like a special paper of acknowledgment to some people, but it may mean more to others. To know more about the different impacts it gives to the recipients of the certificate, read the following reasons below. You may also see free printable certificates.

1. Happier employees

If you own a company and you conduct a training, it is of utmost importance that you give out certificates to your employees who have passed the training. If you put yourself in the employee’s shoes, you will feel great satisfaction and pride in your achievement. Not only did you survive the possibly rigorous training but you also gained knowledge and experience that will help you develop your skills. As the company owner, your employees will feel extremely grateful for your support in improving their skills and preparing them for the next steps of their career. You may also see certificate templates.

2. Improves confidence

Sometimes, when we know less about the task that we are assigned to do, we get intimidated by it and would lose a bit of confidence in doing it. But, when one goes to training, they can perform the assigned tasks with utmost confidence because their skills have improved. With this, they are more likely to also improve their performance from then on and will aim for a higher and more consistent quality of their work. If you are a business owner and your employee has undergone training, give their confidence a boost by giving them a certificate of appreciation for their hard work and dedication to improving their skills. You may also see participation certificate templates.

3. Adds credentials

As a person continues to improve oneself, they also make their list of credentials longer. This means that not only are they confident in their skills and capabilities but their future clients will also have confidence in them. Clients look for the best of the best to grant their request to do something for them. When they hire someone, they look at someone’s skill sets and more often than not, they also look at a section of their resumé for the training that a person has undergone to improve their skills. And, sometimes, they ask for copies of the certificates for authentication. This is how important certificates are. A certificate of appreciation for training will help clients verify a person’s claim that they have undergone training. The more the certificates, the more confident the client becomes of someone’s skills.

4. Boosts productivity

A person will feel more confident and motivated to finish the daily tasks when they undergo training. This is because they are more exposed to new methods and technologies that will make their work faster and easier. Also, they are confident that these methods uphold the standards needed for a certain task, thus producing a high-quality output. For example, if they are certified for a training in scuba diving, they would be able to know the methods in how to properly dive using the scuba gear. Also, they would know also know the standard procedures during before, during, and after diving and the steps to take if there are complications along the way. You may also see printable certification templates.

Gaining a certificate of appreciation for training boosts your productivity as you get more confident with your work and you get motivated since you now have ideas on how to properly do the tasks. You may also see volunteer certificate of appreciation template.

Simple Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

Creative Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

Clean Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

Cool Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

Minimalist Certificate of Appreciation for Training

Information to be Included in a Certificate of Appreciation for Training

When you think of creating a certificate, the information in it is prioritized more than the design. This is because a certificate contains important information about a person’s achievement, which in this case is finishing a certain training. If you are still new to this craft, you should take note of the necessary information to include in the certificate. You may also see PSD certificate templates.

1. Name of the Company/Institute/Organization

This information is usually located at the top of the certificate and is formatted in a way that it’s noticeable enough. You can format the name of the company, institute, or organization into bold, italic, or an entirely different font style and weight. Or, you can style it using a classic typeface to stick with the traditional or vintage look. You may also see internship certificate templates.

2. Presentation Line

In this part of the certificate, you can use “Certificate of Appreciation for Training” as the first line. Usually, this line of text is formatted to stand out. The text is formatted in a classic or stylish font style, like the ones that are commonly seen in diplomas. But, you can still opt for a modern touch and make sure that the name of the recipient stands out from the rest. You may also see sample certificates.

These are the most commonly used phrases for the presentation line that you might want to follow:

  • is awarded to
  • is presented to
  • is hereby awarded to
  • is given to

3. Recipient Section

The first thing that one notices in a certificate is the name of the recipient. This is because people are more focused on knowing who is the recipient of the certificate and probably it’s because the name of the recipient is the biggest or the one that stands out the most. This is the section where the name of the recipient is immortalized. Seeing their name gives them the pride that they have done well in surviving the training and that they are being appreciated and acknowledged for it. The name of the recipient is commonly given a different font style and size from the rest of the text in the certificate. Use a classic font style to give it a stylish and regal look or use a modern one to give it a simple yet pleasing look. You may also see professional certificate templates.

As you may have noticed, the name of the recipient is sometimes placed over a line and sometimes not. You can choose to do either of them as there are no standards in doing so. What’s important is the name is there and that it’s bigger than any other text in the certificate.  And, as is the case with the rest of the details in the certificate, this section must be positioned in the center, horizontally and sometimes vertically. You may also see certificate templates in PDF.

Vintage Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

Stylish Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

Traditional Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

A4 Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

Geometric Appreciation Training Certificate

Flat Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

Colorful Certificate of Appreciation for Training Template

4. Description

This section contains the description that elaborates what the certificate is for. You can write a detailed description of the certificate, but you don’t have to over-the-top with it. When you write, be concise with it. Only include the important and relevant information so it won’t take up too much space in the layout of the certificate and so it won’t bore anyone who reads it.  This is an important part of the certificate as it explains what the recipient has accomplished, so make you sure that you write it professionally and, of course, proofread it just like the other parts of the certificate’s content. You may also see free security training certificate.

5. Date

Sometimes, people overlook this part of the certificate and often make mistakes. When you place the date, make sure that it’s the date that the certificate is given to, not when it was made. This section can come before or after the description, so it depends on your personal preference on how you want to be formatted. You may also see training excellence award certificate.

6. Signatories

The signature of the officials or authorities is as important, if not the most important element in the certificate. The name of the signatories are placed at the bottom of the certificate and they arranged in a specific manner and their signatures must be affixed above their names. The number of signatories depends on how many officials or authorities are needed. The usual signatories for a training certificate are the head of the training, head of the department, and manager, CEO, or president of the organization. In this section, their names have a position in a way that you indicate their position in the company’s hierarchy and you should also include their positions below their names.

Prepare your certificates!

After you have chosen a template, make sure to customize it a bit to give it a distinct look. Also, list all the necessary information to be included in the certificate so you won’t be wasting your resources in case you make mistakes. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and your business. Good luck! You may also see training excellence award templates.

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